Tracking The Goddess, Notes From The Venus Transit And Archetypal Manipulation

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Isis unveiled

Well, sometimes I wish I could make some of these things up. Even if I could, I would often simply would fall short of the high strangeness that the universe dials up on a consistent basis. Since there’s so much retrograde action going down (Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune and Chiron on Tuesday) let’s go back and review the Venus transit. The goal here is to uncover the luminous meaning, while eschewing the synthetic program that’s inserted over the top of a collective or planetary event.

In the weeks and days of the run-up to the Venus Transit, I had been making notes of the feminine archetypes that were emerging through various media outlets. The most obvious symbols were the “Blonde Mom” lactating her not-so-baby boy on the cover of “Time.” The next goddess imprint were the two army moms breastfeeding their babes. Keep in mind that this was happening in the run up to the transit, with Venus retro. Notice the connection with the fatigues in the two photos. Also note that mom on the left is sucklings twins. The two army moms are named “Terran” Echegoyen-McCabe the twin mom and Christina “Luna,” the other mom. Between Terran and Luna we have the terrestrial and lunar manifestations of the goddess.

The symbolism in both photos is loaded. You have the connection between the fatigues which exists on two levels. The word “fatigue” communicates a state of being tired. And quite frankly, who isn’t tired? How many people are working multiple jobs or dealing with a mortgage going south, or a child engaged in some sort of programmed and deviant behavior? If its not you, you likely know someone who is. People are FATIGUED. And what would most people like to do right now? (Metaphorically speaking of course) They’d like to snuggle up to a nice round teat and suckle on some of the goddesses feel good juice, some of that creamy oxytocin rich milk shake. Just open wide and say, “Maaaaaaah.”

The other connection with the fatigues in both photos is of course the armed forces. And guess what time of year this is? Its when kids graduate from high school, many of whom have to choose between taking on crushing student loans to go away to school, remaining home in a town with not much future or joining the armed forces. You know, the same armed forces that will nurture and take care of you, much like your own mom that you are about to leave. From one mother-to-another, the nurturing continues and the circle is unbroken. Timing as they say is everything.

So we had the rather confused and cognitively dissonant images of the mother goddess in play, for a number of reasons. When we look at the pantheon of goddess archetypes, one stands out now more than any other and that goddess is Isis. Isis is a fertility goddess (Mother of Horus and wife of Osiris).

On February 5th the Giants squared off against the Patriots at Lucas Field, in Super Bowl XLVI. The halftime show was unlike any we had witnessed. it was a full blown Isis ritual performed Madonna. I described this in great detail and related it to Prince William, who was in the Falklands at the time with the RAF, getting his “Falcon Wings” which of course are symbols of Horus. Well guess who kicked off her “MDNA” tour in Tel Aviv just as the Venus Transit and the partial eclipse was about to take place? Yes, it was “Ms. Give Me All Your Love.” And what else was taking place? It was the Queen’s “Diamond Jubilee.” “Ouros” and “Horus.” Brazil will be the next stop for the summer olympics after London.

All of these images, archetypes and personae were swirling around in the pre-buzz of Venus crossing over the crown of the Sun. Facebook was humming with pro-goddess mantras, prayers and sloganeering. One of my FB friends even posted a youtube vid of Helen Reddy singing, “I Am Woman.”

Now don’t get me wrong. I am all about women being respected and equal as men, but I’ll always defer to and defend out differences. We’re not the same and if anything, the Venus Transit was about bringing the male/female dynamic back into greater balance. It was about the hemi-sync of the collective mind and the breakdown of the bi-cameralization of consciousness. The gap between men and women has deeply widened over the past fifty years, since Betty Friedan released “The Feminine Mystique.” The Venus Transit has the symbolic import to change and shift the over-identification of women as dis-empowered victims of a leering patriarchy or the hyper-reverence of woman as mytho-poetic ideation. In essence, it can bring both sexes closer together, warts and all. Yes, we can see each other as aspects of God in archetypal form. And yes, we can honor the qualities of the feminine in the here and now; compassion, kindness, nurturing, patience and let’s nor forget devotion. Its important. But don’t be hoodwinked. Over identifying with these aspects at times can be a real suckers bet, if you don’t see the larger picture in action.

As we saw the run-up of the goddess on the way to the Venus transit, what happened afterwards? Well, did you see what went down with the “Equal Pay Bil”? It didn’t pass. Nope. And guess what? It failed on the heels of the Venus Transit, when women were primed by militarized images of the goddess. The reaction? Angry . . . of course. Women were pissed and they saw this as yet more disrespectful treatment at the hands of their patriarchical perps. What they’re really missing the boat on though is not equal pay, but JOBS, which continue to go away. In a typical divide-and-conquer strategy, the issue gets shifted away from the most salient point; no one is gonna get paid if there isn’t any jobs. That’s the real, rubber-hitting the road, the ass hitting the asphalt issue. But that’s okay. Split ideological hairs and allow yourselves to get played, infuriated by the insensitive treatment by the “old white male party.” Remember Sandra Fluke and Rush? This is a similar theme getting played out. Women; You are being used as ideological pawns and you’re far better and smarter than that.

Just days after the Venus Transit, they dissed the goddess. Whose going to get your vote now? Of course, that same old nasty party will reprovingly tell you that you cannot remove a fetus from your body. The goddess is getting very angry now. You don’t mess with Mother Nature! Who are you going to vote for? I’m an advocate of Venus. I have to be. With Moon/Merc/Venus all conjunct in Libra I’m down with the goddess but I always do my best to defer to balance. And the most balanced perspective now is that the goddess return to some of her more nurturing and loving roots, especially with Venus and Saturn retrograde. Its been fifty years since “The Feminine Mystique.” Goddess, please come back home. I promise that things are different around here. Its getting rough out there and we need each other as the dusk settles on the civilized world that we know. Lets grow gardens together in the remediated earth of our relating. Lets raise children as the divine blessings they truly are; angels with runny noses and fearless hearts. Its time to recognize that we are not each others enemy. Let’s lay down arms. Let’s just lay down.


While the goddess was stirring, something else that, well, defies high strangeness came out during the Venus Transit. On June 3rd, I came across a story about Matt Lavigne, Avirl Lavigne’s brother and his unauthorized bombshell book about his life, his family and his brother, er I mean sister, Avril Lavigne. In his book (which I cannot seem to find) Matt claims that Avril was born a boy and given hormones at an early age to morph his sexual identity. Lavigne’s mother, Judy was apparently the one behind and Avril’s singing career as the Sk8ter Girl had a lot to do with the sex re-assignment. What makes the story even more unusual is that Lavigne was high school friends with Jenna Talackova, the transexual beauty queen from Canada. The source for this was born out of one, original post, and I did my best to do some fact checking, but I kept landing back on the same source. Avril is a Libra (9/24/84) with a healthy dose of Sag, which lined up with the Sag Full Moon on the eclipse, but interestingly enough, she has Chiron in Gemini at 8 degrees. Her shadow, her unclaimed shame manifest in Chiron, is in the sign of the hermaphrodite, Gemini, the third sex. And of course, its her brother (again Gemini that outs her). Talackova came into public prominence in her dispute with Donald Trump over her presence in the Miss Universe pageant. Their little spat took place when Venus went retrograde in Gemini at 23 degrees, trining Saturn in Libra (exactly) and leading to a reversal of position on Trump’s part. Lavigne and Talackova were school friends back in Vancouver.

The third wheel in all of this is Luke Magnotta, a hardcore gay porn actor and supposedly Talackova’s boyfriend. Magnotta’s part in all of this is that he was accused of hacking and sending body parts to various people and schools in Canada. All three hail from Vancouver. This grisly act came to light during an apparent wave of zombie rage that was reported from Miami to Canada. Speaking of zombies, I’ll have Sherry Shriner on the Monday Mashup tomorrow and she’ll discuss how to disable a zombie as well as what she thinks might be causing their appearance.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a bit of head scratching and ironic imagery and humor. Today, on 6/10, two men who suffered a very similar fate share this day as a birthday. I’m talking John Edwards and Eliot Spitzer. Yes, two, serial adulterers who were publicly dishonored both blew out the candles today. Now that I think about it. I can see why the goddess has been pissed.

10 thoughts on “Tracking The Goddess, Notes From The Venus Transit And Archetypal Manipulation”

  1. J

    Wow – your posts just get better and better. On the topic of zombies, the book “World War Z” came out a few years back and was a NYT bestseller. I came across it a few months ago and read it out of sheer boredom. In the story, a zombie plague starts in Chongqing, China — the same place where all the Bo Xilai mess has been going down for months. This book has been optioned by Brad Pitt and he is making it into a movie; he will star in the main role of the United Nations guy.

  2. D

    Was sent a You Tube link to an amusing irn bru ad on a family of ‘fannies’; one of the comments noting that the first feminist was called Fanny Blood; Mary Wollstonecraft nee Shelley author of Frank-Einstein’s monsters.

  3. a

    I think the Goddess is pissed because of being pigeon holed so to speak.
    I have long thought that the feminists of the past had some huge oversights and were too busy trying to be like men.
    We function very differently and at times, I’d like to send you all to your own special place!
    Somehow, some way we are going to have to bridge the gap and it is not going to happen in a traditional way.

  4. V

    Dear Robert,in Portuguese,diamond is diamante e ouros is gold!I like your site very much.Your work is amazing!

  5. o


    Fanny Blood was a friend of Mary Wollstonecraft, both advocates of womans rights. Mary Shelley was Wollstonecraft’s daughter.

  6. d

    … bridging the gap is called marriage
    when Johnny Icouldfuckthat marries Mary Myfeethurtandifeelfat…
    …and they lived happily until something better came along

  7. H

    Your writing and ideas are amazing. Wonderful to read. I did a google of Avril lavigne and there is a set of pictures of her through the years at Seventeen magazine called makeover. In one picture she is standing in front of an advertising board and it has three words on it, they are: IMAN, Secret and Olay.
    I know, you can’t make this shit up, but somebody did.

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