Tony Hayward’s Anaretic Degree And Sabian Symbol, Mars/Cancer 11 Clown Caricature

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Tony-Hayward-webWho’s foolin’ who?

Tony Hayward’s smirking mug got a lot more serious recently, as he actually tip toed around the oil stained shoreline of Louisiana. Smirking Tony wasn’t laughing much at all. No, instead, he was busy barking at cameramen to stop videotaping the endless puddle of oozing muck that seems to surface and re-surface with every futile shovel full. Nope, old Tony was out of his element, with the eyes of single vision bearing down around him. Outside the confines of his contained environment, met with the primordial truth staring right back at him, his arrogance rising to new levels nausea. But getting back to that smirk, the sense that he is laughing at all of us beneath his pathetic attempts to project a solemn countenance, there is a reason why he might have a version of laughing Tourettes.

Tony Hayward was born on May 21st, 1957. Sadly, this makes him a contemporary of mine. Certainly not the best and brightest of my generation. If we want to get a deeper understanding of Hayward and how his mind and motivation works, especially in crisis, we can see some telling traits emerge in his chart. His Sun is at 29 degrees Taurus. This is critical on so many levels to this situation. The 29th degree is called “The Anaretic Degree.” There is some debate in astrological cycles regarding where the energy of a particular sign is located. Some say it is at 0 degrees. Others say in he very middle of the sign at 15 degrees, a few believe that the Anaretic Degree is the final push of the energy of a sign, before it flips into the next sign. People born at 29 degrees are often in a hurry to shake off the shackles of that sign and move on. But there are lessons to be learned before moving on. Celeste Teal has a fairly good explanation of the Anaretic Degree and I chose hers to use to illustrate this, because when you read it and see Hayward’s decision making process matched up against it, you’ll see the deeply flawed version of the Anaretic placement in action. Also, at the very bottom is a reference to the Anaretic degree really being related to Taurus, which of course is Hayward’s Sun sign. Here is her description:

The 29th Degree
“Also known as the Anaretic Degree, defective vision is noted with this degree. It’s the weakest point in the sign it represents; tired and often showing more of the next sign than the sign it’s in. The planet and house placement is always getting ready to make a change and the 29th degree adds a decision-making complication to the house. Able to see both sides of an issue, there is oscillation between one view and the other and a struggle to make any decision at all. Decisions are put off or there is a continuous re-evaluation due to new information. At the end of his rope, the individual may make a quick decision, simply to do something, but this takes on the characteristic of Too Much or Too Little. Metaphorically, he may dive into the pool before checking to see if it has water. 

A placement of a planet in the 29th degree in a house automatically makes the ability to manifest the characteristics of that house structure more fuzzy, and the interaction with the people of that house more vague and less decisive. Sun in the 29th degree often causes a major career change in mid life. This position can slow down career success because of poor decision-making skills. Women with their Sun in a 29th degree have a tendency to marry men who are ineffectual in some way: trouble keeping a job, born followers, too passive, emotional problems. Again this is related to the concept of poor decision-making (both on the part of the woman and on the part of the husband).

A 29th degree in a progressed chart often stimulates the characteristics, either positive or negative of the relationship, and a last fling jump for the characteristics of the sign, in the house that it is in. Saturn in 29th Capricorn is the degree of the workaholic. The individual can’t seem to get enough hard work. But s/he runs into obstacles in getting it, and often vacillates between working to death, and no work.

Thanks to Eric Uberseder (Zarathu) for his contribution and permission to post this edited excerpt from his article, .Let’s Give it the 29th Degree. There is no longer a link to his full length article.

Note: The 29th degree takes a measure of its reputation from the fixed star group called the Pleiades in the final degree of Taurus.

So, in essence, the most Anaretic of all the Anaretic degrees, would be Tony Hayward’s 29 degrees Taurus. If there was one Sun degree that would likely be the least able to deal with this crisis, out of the entire scope of degrees, it would be Hayward’s. Can we all manage a dark laugh over the surreal nature of this? Well if you can’t, I bet Tony can. Let’s return to that ever-present-smirk.

Cancer 11 — A Clown Caricaturing Well Known Personalities

The above is degree and Sabian Symbol for Tony Hayward’s Mars. That degree has an ability to mock and make fun of people in any setting, all walks of life. Beneath the exalted title of CEO, Hayward is a clown. No doubt, his humor and ability to lampoon others, along with well placed connections and fraternal perks has helped him rise to the top of the psychopathic pyramid. But it could also really speak to why it always seems like he’s on the verge of laughing his ass off when discussing extremely grave consequences. Dane Rudhyar has this to say about this particular degree; “The clown of course, is the more popular manifestation of the urge to laugh, which seems to be such a basic characteristic of human nature.” Poor Tony. He really can’t help himself. Ironically, his Mars is exactly conjunct my vertex. (Editors note: I posted this entry on Tony Hayward, RE/Eleven Cancer, unaware that Venus was at 11 Degrees Cancer, the day of my post)

Aside from the fact that this degree keeps Mr. Hayward in stitches, Mars is poorly placed in Cancer to deal with a disaster of this magnitude, especially when it’s also operating alongside the malefic Anaretic Degree. Mars only moves forward in states of confidence and security. When it is pressured or fearful, it will move sideways or completely retreat. The only way that Hayward comes out of this with a modicum of soul, is if he changes gears and meets this head on. Changing gears however would be something that would need to take place at a core level. Hayward would have to completely go against the grain of his upbringing and his dark clique. What’s happening in the Gulf is happening to Tony Hayward. There is a breach in his core, and deploying Core Exit to disperse the situation is not going to help at all.

When it comes to communication, Hayward’s Mercury is in the slow and ponderous Taurus. Now don’t get me wrong. Mercury in Taurus can be great for oration, singing, being financially savvy (on the conservative side) and even poetic, but it is not known for it’s lightning quick response time. Mercury in Taurus goes over facts, again and again and again and slowly comes to some form of determination. Once decisions are made by Mercury in Taurus people, their decisions stick, unlike the crappy top kill Tony and company just deployed.

A few months back, I met a lovely woman who was a VP for a major company here in The US. The company was doing well and some of the programs she drove were part of it’s success story. It was in the black. That was until the board ordered The CEO to take on more debt for short term gain and long term disaster. The company quickly went into the red and people lost their jobs as they had to scale back and cut workforce. This woman lost hers as a result. The CEO? He’s still there. The moral of the story? Tony Hayward is just an errand boy at this juncture. Tony Hayward is not a decision maker. Nope. That would be the board members of BP. They’re the ones winding up Tony and sending his pathetic Anaretic across our screens. The real guy behind the scenes is Carl Henric-Svanberg, the chairman of the board. This is the guy that smirking Tony reports into.

Interestingly enough, some themes that we saw with Hayward’s chart emerge in Svanberg’s chart as well. Svanberg has Uranus in Cancer at the same 11 degree that Hayward does. So Hayward’s Mars and Svaberg’s Uranus are conjunct–exactly. Svanberg was born on the 29th of May. His Mars in Scorpio at 2 degrees is conjunct Hayward’s Neptune in Scopio, 0 degrees. However, Haywrd’s Uranus in Leo at 3 degrees, squares Svanberg’s Mars in Scorpio at 2 degrees. There is a likely power struggle looming in the future for these two and Svanberg is entering his Saturn Return phase in Libra. His Moon in Leo is opposite the clinical Aquarius Moon of Hayward. The choice of bringing Svanberg on as COB was questioned by industry insiders, since Svanberg had zero experience in the oil industry, coming over from Ericsson. He also an external advisor for The Earth Institute Of Columbia University (Isn’t that Obama’s Alma Mater), a globalist platform for advancing an “international” society. He also serves Steering Committee of the Global Alliance for Information and Communication Technologies and Development. Svabberg is also a member of The Bilderberg Group having attended at the very least, the 2007 meeting in Istanbul. So it’s fairly clear why Svanberg was brought into the fold. His connections with the globalist ideologues are fairly clear. He’s an uplink from BP to the greater global agenda.

So Svanberg is getting direction from other direction and working with Hayward for it;s implementation. Here is a link with a fairly benign interview with Svanberg and Hayward with The Wall Street Journal from last year. The one thing worth noting about the interview is how Hayward references The Moon and how dealing with deep water drilling is like sending a man to The Moon. He does this again with the interview from May 3rd, posted below. With his Mars in Cancer, lunar imagery and symbolism wood emerge in his speech patterns, but there might be something else going on here as well. It might be worth noting that the LCross Moon Bombing occurred on October 8th of last year, when Mars was also in Cancer at 25 degrees.

But while Tony Hayward is fighting back the urge to laugh, things are getting dark in The Gulf. Obama has ordered SWAT teams to commandeer rigs in The Gulf. Is this the beginning of privatization of oil? Is this yet another example of what Naomi Klein calls, “Disaster Capitalism”? As the drama unfolds like black plague oozing from the Earth, slowly, something dark is beginning to emerge.

Time Traveling
Here is a video interview with Tony Hayward, done on 5/3/10. Just for the sake of preserving the memory hole’s location in time and space. News

8 thoughts on “Tony Hayward’s Anaretic Degree And Sabian Symbol, Mars/Cancer 11 Clown Caricature”

  1. B

    Century VI – 33
    His last hand through Alus sanguinary,
    he will not guarantee to spoil more the sea
    Between two rivers will fear the military hand,
    The black and irate will make him repent.

  2. T

    Fine piece of astrological work on Hayward’s & Henric-Svanberg transits, Robert. As you noted, there are underlying themes going on here, but, the Gulf Oil Leak is something that, in the end, will take BP down, and, through it, cause other troubles, some of which are not so easily seen on the surface, but you’ve done a fine job here touching upon them.

    From mundane secondary progressions of the Mercury Rx from the mid-April 2010 rig explosion, deaths of 11 rig workers, and the ruptured oil & gas pipes below the Gulf, this means that BP will be dealing with for at least 24-30 years. And so will the Gulf coast and the U.S.

    A long time.

    However, my mundane calculations show that we have not seen anything yet this year. The situation in the Gulf is going to get much worse I am sad to say, and we can see this with the transit of Saturn towards the Nadir of the world’s general transits soon. Mars, the lesser benefic has been siting on the nadir in Leo for some time, and Saturn is about to have a go later this month, and into June. That is when all of it breaks out – right into the first series of Cardinal T-Square transits this summer.

    The oil leak is really the drawing line between the so-called “corporate globalists” and those who sometimes support their concentric circles in attempts to “create the future.” Little do they know that the transits do that by their inclinations. What they did not count on were the Cardinal transits, which we are now entering the atmosphere of in early June.

    Hold on to your hat – it’s about to get very wild and woolly out in the world… Take good care, and don’t travel if you do not have to. As you know, travel transits are very unfavorable this summer.

    Enjoyed reading your astrological assessment of BP two “leaders.” Again, fine work Robert.

    1. a

      Hey Kim,

      That’s an interesting question. My sense is that it would be something like time travel or always meeting yourself in the future, rounding off and mastering what you are becoming is no easy feat.
      I think there would need to be a certain type of restraint to not go beyond one’s palpable capabilities as indicated by the ascendant.

    1. a


      I don’t have the birth time and neither do you, so there is an outside chance that he could still be Anaretic. At the very least, he’s apathetic.

      Thanks for your interest.

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