Tonight on FAR Sunday, Michael Tellinger, Author, Slave Species Of God

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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RIR-100506Michael Tellinger gets pre-historic

Enki/Ea, the creator-god, rogue alien hero of “The Epic Of Gilgamesh” was also supposedly responsible for bringing astrology/astronomy to Earth (Sitchin). Almost all of the modern sciences have their foundation in the roots of the Fertile Crescent. But what if there was a civilization that pre-dated Sumer and Mesopotamia? What if that civilization existed in South Africa and that there is considerable evidence to suggest that that civilization spread out from that part of the ancient world? Well author/researcher, Michael Tellinger is tracing the roots of such a civilization based on a calendar found in his native South Africa. The calendar, called “The Adamic Calendar” has been dated to be over 75,000 years old. Older than the great pyramid at Giza.

Join me tonight on FAR Sunday, 8 PM, PST as I talk with Michael about his work as he has laid it out in his internationally acclaimed book, Slave Species Of God.

In addition to his work with the calendar, Tellinger also has a vision for a society of he future that he is also working towards. We discuss that aspect of his work as well. Please join us.

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