To Surrogate With Love, Sidereal vs Western Mundane And The Grand Sextile

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Hermes Trismegistus (Roy Tiesler)

It’s all bubbling up. Snowden is supposedly holed up in a hotel room in the Moscow airport, tapping into the matrix under the cool void of a makeshift Farady cage. For those of you that don’t know what a Faraday cage is, the laymen description is something like an electrical ceiling and fence that creates a force field of sorts that won’t let any radical rays, waves, beams or pulses penetrate one’s immediate space. It was created by a British scientist named Michael Faraday, who happened to be a Virgo. Leave it to a Virgo to create the device capable of staging a completely neutral space.

Snowden or whoever or whatever he is is, has rigged it up, because he’s wary of being hit by a directed blast of heart stopping scalar waves or something like it.

Meanwhile, it seems as though HAARP is up for sale. Can you believe this? Some Dr. Evil type is rubbing his bony paws together, while some clean cut surrogate representing him at the negotiation table smiles warmly, while producing copious amounts of cash and phony academic credentials. And speaking of surrogates . . .

Word on the digital street is that Kate has been fronting with a fake baby the whole time. It could be that Will doesn’t have the right stuff. It could that Kate doesn’t want the fuss and muss of all the post-partem blues, including a body ravaged by a loving, eight-pound-parasite. It could be that the surrogate was chosen for some specific reason, a reason that you may not entirely believe.

There were these rumors back in the day about a famous and very decadent rock band showing up in LA to feast on young, black children in order to dose on melanin. Now I can’t confirm or deny these rumors, however said band had a very deep connection with rhythm and blues and sounding as black as they could be.

The juice about melanin is that it possesses all kinds of magical properties like a resonance with rhythm, a direct transpondance to the Sun and an extended bio-network of connectivity to past, present and future, ancestors, prophecy and the cosmos itself.

Now if that’s the case and such importance would be placed on this vital essence, then it might be quite strategic for young George to have spent eight months in a melanin rich bath. Let’s look at a few photos from the reveal of Baby George.

Here is the first one. I believe these two are royal muscle, so to speak. They open the door to St. Mary’s hospital, a NHS facility. We’ll return to this reference later. I like the look. Reminds me of . . . twins.

Then behind Will and Kate there is a woman, likely a nurse. She is however a perfect example of a melanin rich being. Have a look at her face.

Now I am not suggesting that she carried the baby to term (she looks a little too mature for that) but the masters of symbols enjoy hiding things in plain site–don’t they?

Now here is a close-up of Baby George

Then there’s this picture which came from an edition of the New York Post.

Two things strike me as unusual about this photo. First, William looks slightly younger here (maybe he got a haircut for the grand unveiling) but look at the baby. It looks just a little bit different than the one above it. Now I realize, that babies change. Mine did, When he was fresh out of the universe, he looked a bit like a Samoan pinhead (forceps birth). He certainly didn’t resemble me at all, however he did change over time–months–not mere days. He looks a bit like a young Viking with buck teeth and a bit of an overbite. A far cry from his exotic beginnings.

I’m just bringing all of this up in light of the fact that there seems to be some major disputes about the legitimacy of Kate’s pregnancy in alt research circles. If that’s the case and she did employ a surrogate, there would be some deep, under-the-radar reasons why.

The baby was born at St. Mary’s on the 22nd, the feast day of Mary Magdalene, the patron saint of the Knights Templar.

The Black Madonna seems to be a sort of amalgam of Mary and Mary, the virgin and the whore, the perfected symbol of unified feminine consciousness so-to-speak, by those who place a great deal of importance on these symbolic projections. Notice the color of the Black Madonna; Mary>Mary Magdalene>Black Madonna. Are we celebrating the most iconic image of melanin as a divine portrayal of sacred power, sacred birth?

Now the chart for the young lad has received a great deal of attention. In the weeks running up to the 22nd, everyone and anyone who has a sniff about astrology was keyed into the double Magen star or double Star of David that was cooked up by Luis Vega out of Sonoma. Vega did some stellar work noting gate days and using the sidereal coordinates to come up with this mega meta system that appeared to be a portal to something dramatic, grand, apocalyptic and reality altering. Would it be WWIII? Jesus flying a fleet of UFO’s over Jerusalem, firing redemption rays that convert on contact? Maybe it was a temporary portal where demons from the lower fourth slipped into inebriated forms and are now taking up residence until their hatching occurs. Or maybe it was just the announcement of the royal baby?

As I studied Vegas’ charts, especially in it’s sidereal formation as he cast them, I began to wonder about how these two systems of astrology might be the key to the fracture of our world.

If one group is using sidereal placements and prognostications, while the rest of us are using Western “Mundane” astrology, then the world itself is out-of-step.

When we look at the sidereal system, which is still used by Indians in Vedic astrology, it’s been called “The 13 Sign System” as it includes Ophiuchus, “The Serpent Bearer” the sign that rests between Scorpio and Sagittarius. If we go back nine months, to conception, Baby George, if we are to believe it, could have been conceived towards the end of November, which would have put it in the shadow of Ophiuchus, conceived as the sign of the Serpent Bearer was coming on. We can even see that 27 Scorpio on the ASC leaves the first house mostly open to Ophiuchus. But let’s keep this at 12 sign/Western for now.

Based on this chart, it’s quite difficult actually seeing this baby becoming king, especially with his hidden Sun in Cancer at the 29th degree, always wanting to get to Leo, the sign of kings and queens and just not quite making it. The hidden Sun in the 8th also gives hints about the mystery of conception and birth (Scorpio) and perhaps, even the father (Sun) and mother (Cancer).

Uranus in the 4th in Aries points towards some very unconventional mothering, perhaps using a revolutionary bolt of science to supercharge and mix it all up.

The split between the Sun/Moon indicates a separation between the father and the mother, perhaps even through death. It would be near the end of Pluto in Cap, which would be precursor to Pluto in Aquarius and the birth of the new age according to some. Will this be a Diana redux? Perhaps it’s the patriarch this time around?

This would be in 2024, when George would be eleven.

We can see in the 12th House, the TN, the pole star of the chart, in Scorpio, again, hidden away from the eyes of the world. His true intent and purpose shrouded in darkness in mystery. Perhaps again, in Scorpio, his own beginnings and birth. The Scorpionic energy goes and flows into the ascendant. Scorpio ASC rarely reveal their true selves to the world. They prefer hiding behind the veil of mystery, relating through a scrim of detached observation and inquiry. And then there’s the Virgo MC.

Virgo on the Midheaven doesn’t bode well for a royal reign. Virgo serves–it doesn’t rule. With Venus at 0 degrees Virgo in the 9th House, this young man would be known more for who he is with, versus who he is. Again, this is the Western Mundane chart that we the people mostly use. Yes, there’s that juicy, grand water trine, enormous amounts of hidden wealth a a fiery temper with Mars in the 8th squaring Uranus. Can you say tantrums? There’s also some heavy violence hardwired into the Mars/Pluto opposition. Cruelty?

This isn’t the best chart for a king. But what if we used the sidereal coordinates?

Well the first thing we would notice is that the ASC is still Scorpio, but the entire first house is Scorp, pushing the TN back into the 12th, in Libra. Now the 12th becomes a place where refuge is sought, versus getting direct downloads from Moloch. For me, the real shift occurs on the MC, which is now in the sign of Kings and Queens; Leo, Now we’re getting somewhere. Check out the Sabian Symbol for 27 Leo; PHASE 147 (LEO 27°): THE LUMINESCENCE OF DAWN IN THE EASTERN SKY. KEYNOTE: The exalting challenge of new opportunities at the threshold of a new cycle. While the rainbow marks the end of the crisis, early dawn indicates the real beginning of the new period of activity. In the Biblical symbolism Noah plants his “vineyard” — he begins to teach the “secret doctrine” which he inherited from those Ben Elohim (Sons of God) who had not been sucked down into whirlpools of materiality. After the “peak experience” in which we touch our “divine” potentialities comes the struggle with everyday problems. But at first the state of deep inner exultation remains within us. We are aglow with its promise. The crisis and the blessings it has brought to us are relatively unusual events; every day has its dawn, which we should meet with a pure heart and a clear mind. Alpha (dawn) and omega (the concluding peak experience) are opposites, yet the same. The Keyword here is ILLUMINATION.

Yes, that’s right. ILLUMINATION..

Another interesting aspect of the sidereal interpretation is that the Sun isn’t wracked with agony at the 29th degree, with Leo/The Crown just out of reach. In fact, Cancer 6 has sow very interesting connotations to it as it relates to concepts like hierarchies and sacrifice; PHASE 96 (CANCER 6°): GAME BIRDS FEATHERING THEIR NESTS.  KEYNOTE: An instinctual dedication of self to new forms of life. The original symbol (which was subsequently altered) spoke here of “game birds”; thus we deal with spiritual forces (birds) placed within a social context. As in the symbol for Cancer 1° we see here the beginning of a process; action is definitely oriented toward the future. A new wave of life is starting and a concrete – and no longer symbolical – preparation is made for it. At a social level – we can speak of the pioneering efforts dedicated to the building of a new culture, new institutions. This is the first stage of the twentieth five-fold sequence. It reveals a preparation for rebirth, and a significant note is sounded by the mention of game birds. What is being built is instinctively – but not yet consciously – offered to a higher level of consciousness. The young-to-be are potential sacrifices to feed human beings. Just as tribal men sacrificed virgins to satisfy the gods. Already the meaning of the second half of the cycle (the first degree of Libra, for instance) is implied, just as the entire social process is implied in the formalism of the marriage ceremony. An appropriate key would be SYMBIOSIS, i.e. a deep unconscious cooperation between different levels of existence, the “animal” level producing lives for the sake of the “human.”

Illumination, the preparation of a new culture, etc. These are the hallmarks on an individual, whose life chart seems to be slated for a significant role could very well the agency through which these energies will be released. What’s also interesting to note and be aware of, is that the outer planets are rooted somewhere in the 2000’s, with Pluto in Sag, Neptune in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces. If one group is using this modality (possibly the elite) and the other is using Western Mundane (us), we’re talking about a significant disjunction in time in general.

The oppositions of the original chart are still pretty intact, except as noted, with the exception of the Sun/Moon, the signs change.

Now, we have even more mystery as the Cancer sextile in the 8th moves back into Gemini where we see twins, duality, double narratives, two identities, all still hidden from us. But as of today, we are dancing in the light of another grand alignment, a grand sextile, a Star of David remix. If these celestial alignments are vortices and symbolic representations of inner possibility, then this one would seem to be ideal for flow as the sextile gives us opportunity to practice, hone and refine our skills in real time. The Trine is what you got, the sextile is what you get or something like it. So as the minutes pass and the planets dance incrementally further away on this day, take it all in and do it on your times. Find the inner connections and pathways of meaning and transformation that are easy and fluid. The divine spirit of God tests us, teases us, and turns us into surrender. Letting go into these aspect currently swirling in the inner sky, while you realize that the expression of God is seeking ever more contact with and through you, might be the very best strategy that is coherent with the current trend, because when you go deeper into the Greater Will, your own, true will, emerges like a tractor beam, bringing you home.

The Royal Birth Within You


21 thoughts on “To Surrogate With Love, Sidereal vs Western Mundane And The Grand Sextile”

  1. R

    Hi Robert: At first I thought you had gone a bit “daffy” but now I’m starting to notice some more “melanin” symbols: Have you seen the photo-shop of the Duke and Duchess “dangling” the baby off the balcony? A blatant reference to Michael Jackson. And what about Trayvon Martin all over the media – the “boy” who could’ve been Obama’s son? Sorry you have to spell it out for me, but, where are we going with this? Is this the breakthrough minorities have been waiting for?

    1. a

      Yes, there’s also photoshopped pics of the royal baby being black as well. I’m just putting it out there, riding on my hunches, which is what I do (most of the time). As far as the breakthrough minorities are waiting for, I’m not sure what minorities you’re referring to. There is some really great material out there about the return of the Ethiopian King as it relates to Sirius. My friend Ken Warren talks about this in his book, “Captain Poetry’s Sucker Punch: A Guide To The Homeric Punkhole.”

  2. t

    and then there’s the disclosure recently about “prince wills’ having Indian blood’ discovered through some DNA testing? I thought that disclosure was really off the wall or thought I had missed some prelude or sumpin? whispers “that baby look like a Negro baby…wth?” “oh Prince Wills has INDIAN dna didn’t you hear?” *snickers*

    lol I thought that MK parody pic was really funny… her expression of grandeur especially…

  3. n

    Symbiosis. Illumination. Heh, just cryptoids, and genesis, and stuff that don’t get much rational respect, in these places. I do not know why it ended up looking like that whole animal to human thing, maybe the Calendar is taking care of that stuff. Maybe that is the required polarization of a certain temporal spin vector, not really braking down if no one remembers. Maybe that is just the memory of back and forth. Some sleep, some ride in the back, some get front row seating, and kiss the thing itself. This is a truth, everything is human . It will hurt, that is OK, if some remember to remember.

    1. a

      And then the trees screamed in psychedelic splendor and their tears rained upon the muddied brows of men, upon which the new roots of heaven extended themselves into the blue Sun of the human heart.

  4. y
    your friend indeed

    “And then the trees screamed in psychedelic splendor and their tears rained upon the muddied brows of men, upon which the new roots of heaven extended themselves into the blue Sun of the human heart.”

    “As the Great White Owl soared higher and higher until he blocked out the Sun overhead-screeching soul rattling words we all understood”.

  5. t

    Robert- i have seen mentions of another grand sextile/star of david alignment coming on August 25, 2013. Could you confirm whether this is correct, and if so, shed some light on the significance?
    Thanks for the insightful work.

  6. J

    Great article Robert. I will try to get back on twiteverse so I can hear more from you. The info about melanin is interesting at disturbing all at once. Talk about beasts of burden. It does make me feel better about working in the sun all day. That just seems more practical karmically than baby sandwiches …. Hey totally unrelated but maybe not … have you seen/heard this S. African punk rap group Die Antwoord? Not sure if they have much symbology, but they’re good for a laugh. Anyone who disses Gaga is ok in my book. Also fairly strange with Soetero visiting SA a few weeks back while Mandela was on the deathbed … what was that? Mandela seems like one of these saints that is no saint at all, a la Mother Theresa. He looks especially extraterrestrial in recent photos. The jury is still out on Tutu … a friend of the Pals for now. Any insights on the Egyptian situation? Bloodbath over the weekend. Usual suspects stirring the pot. And how about the trains planes and automobiles in Europe? yikes. I hope they get the kinks out before I cross the pond next month …

    Peace and Love!

    1. a

      Apparently Obama. Clinton and the Bushes went to Africa to meet with Marduk, the Annunaki King returned to Earth. Amazing how Mandela “miraculously” recovered. Yeah–right. Tutu is okay in my book. Axial tilting, Sun turning black in huge sections, getting it’s own melanin on. Travel light my man.

  7. P

    Not sure if this is of any help but…the pope was in Rio from 22/7 (birth date) to 28/7 (bus crash date) and on Google Earth the distance from Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio to the site of the bus crash in Avellino, Italy is exactly 4,998.77 Nautical Miles.
    4999NM= 70.7 x 70.7NM
    From Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio to St Mary’s Hospital in London is 4999NM
    ie EXACTLY the same distance!!!!
    Just coincidence of course!
    Also, 4x9x9x9 = 324 =18 x 18 or (6+6+6) x (6+6+6)

  8. T

    Hi Robert – Now, you know I’ve always been a fan, but caahhm on now! That photo of the royal babe with very dark hair seemingly sprouted in hours has to have been photo-shopped – look how easy it is to do that:

    It was a good tall tale though! 😉

    I like the comparison of western and vedic interpretations of the baby’s chart and your comment: “If one group is using this modality (possibly the elite) and the other is using Western Mundane (us), we’re talking about a significant disjunction in time in general” Wonderful, and apt, insight!

  9. D




    ALASKA = CROWN = NORTH WTC TOWER 1 where the drink offering will be poured into the HOLY GRAIL.

  10. D

    What got me was the Photo of the Black Madonna in the above article.
    The eyes of the Mother & Child are very oval… Human-Alien hybrid type
    shizzle going on.

    Baby George is going to be a big deal creating history in marrying a
    Black Woman possibly of British-Nigerian origin out of London.
    Am thinking a Pro-Athlete, the Golden Girl for a Golden King.

    Watch this space.

  11. D

    Also, that video at the end has got everything…

    Black Woman in Union Jack Hat with Blonde Hair.

    White Man possibly of Germanic-Nordic origin calmly mentions Baby George is Black.

    White British Woman with a very short answer.

    Then two possible sisters from Europe happy with one doing the ‘El Diablo’ Hand Sign.

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