Timeshift With Gentill Abdulla–A Study In Inspiration And Possibility–Tonight On FAR

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

GentillCharting a prodigy.

Tonight night on FAR, I’ll be speaking with Gentill Abdulla, a thirteen-year-old from Texas, who has developed some pretty interesting theories around time travel and the hardware in order to do it. I discovered Gentill’s theories a few months back and we’ve had some contact between us. He not only agreed to come on FAR, but also let me do his chart which is pretty darned interesting.

He’s a Libra Sun, with an Aquarius Ascendant and an Aquarius Moon conjunct his ascendant. He’s obviously forward thinking and precocious with the energy of the water bearer directed outwards as his personal expression but his 12th house is where the action. He was born when Uranus was at zero degrees Aquarius. It’s conjunct with his Neptune in Capricorn also in house 12. So here we have two of the most transpersonal planets combining their energies in the house which I see as the gateway to the soul. Uranus in Aquarius is radical and brings change in a lightning swift fashion. Neptune in Capricorn to me, speaks to the liquid essence of time. As I have noted in previous posts, Capricorn/Saturn/Chronos/Cronus rules time. When Pluto shifted into Capricorn, our experience of time also shifted as well. On the heels of the powerful Chilean quake, the Earth did andtime changed as well, with the days now being slightly shortened. Even though the change was miniscule based on our perception of time, for the planet, this was incredibly significant. If we apply chaos theory to the time loss, we might be able to assume that probable outcomes based on a pre-quake time line will be altered now. The quake is a physical manifestation of the Pluto/Capricorn shift in time.

In Gentill’s 12th house, Neptune in Capricorn gives time a much more fluid capacity. He is part and parcel of a generation that will inherently view time differently. In essence, Gentill will not be alone in his perceptions on time and reality and when enough people hold a particular thought or concept long and deep enough, it becomes integrated into our consensual reality.

Both Neptune and Uranus work in tandem at the gates of inspiration of the 12th house. These are direct conduits to a realm that is timeless. Gentill is likely receiving direct inspiration and guidance around concepts of time based on the conjunction of the two. Of course, the flip side or shadow to this alignment would also be a layer of deception, particularly with Neptune. As Gentill moves forward, it will be essential for him to make sure that his calculations and perceptions are as tight and fact based as possible.

The Moon/Ascendant/Uranus conjunction is also noteworthy as The Moon is also a key player in time, tides, cycles, lunations, and pre-gregorian calendars. The Moon in Aquarius is detached, perceptive and emotionally progressive and on The Ascendant it offers a unique combination of feeling and perception, following hunches and intuition, but in a transpersonal manner–it’s like experiencing collective motions, emotions and cycles through the self.

Gentill’s Sun is in the 9th house, which follows nicely along traditional astrology that would see an individual with a 9th house Sun as leaving their place of birth to travel to a new home at a great distance. Gentill was born in Ethiopia and as previously mentioned, now resides in Texas.

Mercury, the planet of travel, communication and the intellect is right at home in sharp, critical and inventive Virgo. Sitting right on the cusp of house 8/9 it straddles the realm of psychological depth and elevated perception. Squaring Saturn and Neptune, Gentill will be challenged to be thorough and flesh his ideas out fully.

Pluto in Sag at one degree in house ten is obviously going to be a big player in his chart throughout his life. He’ll be on a deep and transformative quest for truth and will likely have the patience to endure any number of challenges as Pluto trines Natal Saturn in Aries, giving some patience and the ability to work long hours, driven by Saturn and a singular vision.

Currently, he has three, pretty interesting transits taking place. Neptune will trine his Sun up through December, 2011. He’ll be driven by idealism and the desire to help and serve on a larger level. Saturn trines Uranus until August of this year. Again we Chronos/Cronos collaborating with Ouranos or Uranus. Long cycles lap up against synchronistic and quantum perspectives. Add in the mighty Jupiter/Pluto trine that takes place up to 2011, bringing in energies of social reform and we see an incredibly advanced series of transits for a thirteen-year-old.

Will Gentill Abdulla really break through the time barrier and join the likes of John Titor and Preston Nichols in the ranks of time traveling lore?

Only time will tell.

Please join me tonight on FAR with Gentill Abdulla.

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  1. N

    Very interesting. In relation with this post (http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=453782385&blogId=527707524) perhaps this one with this interesting idea may have another one, that is: How to solve the problem of stabiizing the reaction of which it is spoken in the post quoted here above… I underline that a source of potentially endless energy may be of help, and of a great help, even for the Time Travel…

    Usually cold fusion is underestimated in its potentials… What I do think is that now it is of our interest – of us who are for the **real** change, not the Obama counterfaction, Bush in black sauce… – it is of our interest to spread as possible exactly anything and any idea which may be unconventional in science…

    Uranus in Aries, as I said another time, either goes toward corporatocracy, a road which we are in from some time, or it will stimulate us to have the courage to break free of **mental** boundaries about what is possible in sciences…

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