Tim Tebow’s (Super Leo) Rising Star, Phoenix Jones, Uranus In Aries Everyman Hero, Cain’s 999, The 99% And More!

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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The Chosen One

Consider this a mid-month, bon-mot, of astro-ecclectica; A trippy trip around the globe. From sports, to politics, to pop culture, here’s a few aspects and degrees to get you scratching your head, stroking your chin and rolling your eyes.

Tebow Time

Its been a while since I got into the astrology of sports, but I simply can’t resist looking at “The Tebow Effect.” If you don’t live within a hundred miles of Denver, you might not know who Tim Tebow (Leo) is. Well you are about to. Tim Tebow is about to storm America’s consciousness and there’s not much dissenters and haters can do about it. Let’s look at the topical information we know about him, then drill down into his chart.

Tebow was all everything in Florida, leading the Gators to the national title. Unlike the more polished and pro ready QBs, such as Matt Stafford and Matt Ryan, Tebow was a chunk of muscle that ran, inspired and occasionally threw his team to victory almost every Saturday. His critics on the athletic side said his throwing motion was poor. His accuracy not good enough for a pro QB. They said he should play tight end instead. It didn’t stop ex-coach Broncos coach, Josh McDaniels from trading up and drafting him number one, two years ago.

His non-football critics might even be more voluble. You see, Tebow is a Christian and a devout one at that. He spent his summers as a child abroad, ministering to the poor and hungry. Of course, there are strings attached as conversion is usually the end goal here. Tebow and his mother faced criticism over a Super Bowl ad where they supported the right to life, using touchdown Timmy as an example. His mother made an 11th hour decision to not abort him. Now he’s going to be starting on Sundays. His jersey has sold more than any other jersey in the NFL. Fans in Denver have purchased billboards exhorting his coach, John Fox (Aquarius) to play him over the desultory Kyle Orton (Scorpio). Well Orton was so bad last week that Fox couldn’t oppose, both literally and astrologically Tebow’s insertion into the game. Tebow nearly brought the Bronco’s back from the dead to win in the waning moments. Even though Tebow and his followers would deem this heretical, let’s take a quick look at his chart.

Tebow’s Star Power

If I were a god, lounging around in Olympus, bored stiff, looking to re-insert the concept of the hero on Earth, I’d conjure up a potent thunderbolt of athletic ability, inspiration and zeal, dial up Tim Tebow’s birth date and hurl that bolt, into the warm, waiting and hopefully secure confines of his mother’s womb. Tebow (8/15/87) is a Leo, (21 degrees) and his Sun conjuncts his Mercury (16 degrees), Venus (19 degrees) and Mars (25 degrees). His Leo Sun is in a wide trine with Jupiter in Aries (29 degrees) and trines both Saturn and Uranus in Sag (16 and 22 degrees respectively). Tim Tebow is one, big, freaking grand Fire Trine.

The interplay between Sun/Mars/Jupiter/Uranus all denote extraordinary skills when it comes to timing, reflexes. speed, endurance. His Moon, at 29 degrees Aries is conjunct Jupiter exactly and trines his Sun, Uranus and Mars. Is it a coincidence that Tebow was named starter on the early degrees of the Aries Full Moon? He is electric fire. His star will blaze, but I am not sure for how long. His chart is devoid of air, save Chiron in Gemini (which gets a huge boost next year) and very little Earth and Water. Tebow might be a super nova, streaking across our skies, the type of spirit that burns like a Sun in our consciousness, illuminating these dark times for a brief but legendary time.

Next year, transiting Saturn will test him, his resolve and faith. His success will elevate his moral platform and as a result, he will incur more opposition off the field than on. The dark ones will line up to take their shots at Tebow, but with transiting Uranus on the rise, they’ll wish that they didn’t start the fire. Earth, get ready for Tim Tebow.

Hero Of A Different Stripe

A few months back, as Uranus was about to move into Aries, I floated the concept of the everyman as a hero, that we would see individuals perform heroic deeds. Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to Phoenix Jones (aka Benjamin John Francis Fodor). Phoenix Jones is part of the “Rain City Super Hero Movement” which is based in Seattle. Jones has been roaming the streets of Seattle at night, deterring crime with a cell phone and a can of mace. He was recently arrested and tazed by police (who confiscated his costume) and is waiting to find out if he will be charged with assault for recently breaking up a late-night-fight, using pepper spray to do it. A few weeks back, he actually stopped someone that was trying to hijack a city bus. In the age of Uranus in Aries, from Tim Tebow, to Phoenix Jones, the hero’s journey is lighting up the skies.

Vesta Is Peaking

Vesta is a big asteroid, that all-of-sudden, just got bigger. Astronomers have recently discovered that Vesta has a mountain that is estimated to be three times higher than Mt. Everest. Vesta is related to Virgo in that she was a virgin goddess and there are connotations of how the individual develops sexually as personified by Vesta in the chart. It’s the second largest asteroid. Does the discovery of this great peak mean that our consciousness around our sexual energy is on the rise? Is this mountain a giant phallus lifting itself into the great void of space and since it is in Virgo, are we being asked to re-examine our morality or lack thereof?

The Birth Of The Asteroid Belt

Esoteric lore has it that the asteroid belt was created in the aftermath of a giant explosion of a planet named “Maldek” a casualty of an intergalactic war. The conflict took place between warring factions on Mars and Maldek, which was located in space between Mars and Jupiter, which is where the asteroid belt now exists. Maldek was destroyed and Mars scorched. Mars moved outwards and Earth, which had been closer to the Sun, assumed the “cradle orbit,” which is the most auspicious for organic, carbon based life forms in our solar system. Legend also has it, that the fallen angels of biblical fame descended to Earth as a result, refugees of the galactic struggle and subsequent destruction of both worlds. Vesta’s peak was likely part of a great mountain range on Maldek.

Jobs Bill Fails

No matter what day Obama was born on, we can all basically agree that he was born during Pluto in Virgo. It is this/my generation that were raised with the idea that work could be meaningful and that we could have vocations, versus jobs. It would be us that would show the world that we could do what we love and love what we do. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks hit the lottery ticket when he sold his fledgling, broadcast.com, to Yahoo on April 1st, 1999, for $5.7 BILLION. That’s right, BILLION. Broadcast.com was essentially a way for Cuban and his U of Indiana buddies to listen to Hoosier hoop games from anywhere in the country. They added other teams and sports to their network and voila, a fortune was bon. It was one of the worst deals of all time. Very quickly, all the major sports teams secured their own rights. Yahoo! was left with a shell and Cuban was living out the Pluto in Virgo dream, buying the Dallas Mavericks form his old boss, Ross Perot.

Obama just brought Jeffrey Immelt in to be his new jobs czar. Immelt has been the head of G.E. during its massive push towards globalization and building out the infrastructure of the BRIC countries, while deconstructing the active work force in the USA. If Obama wanted to bring in a real, alternative job czar, Cuban would have been a much better fit. But like “Obamacare” which should have been yet another victory for Pluto in Virgo, transforming healthcare into wellness, the jobs package would likely be another end around that would serve the dark lords of the 1%. Just as Bill Clinton murdered the ideals of his generation, the socially conscious, Pluto in Leo, boomer babes by signing GATT and NAFTA into being and literally destroying the last remnants of American industry, Obama has done his part to promote the shadow of Pluto in Virgo.

The enlightened aspect of Pluto in Virgo is self-sufficiency, doing what one loves and taking care of body/mind/spirit through diet, exercise and sophisticated supplements. Now the FDA is coming after vitamins. They’re labeling them to be deadly. This is all a run up to ban or severely limit their potency in deference to all things AMA and FDA under Obamacare. Saturn in Scorpio, just a year away will have people more focused than ever as to what is happening beneath the surface of things and Obamacare will get a heavy, heavy dose of scrutiny. The Caduceus is the symbol of the AMA and is essentially the “Winged Serpent” which is the symbol of integrated Scorpio (instinct and vision).

999 And The 99%

I find it fascinating that on one side, Herman “Sock Puppet” Cain is parroting his “999” tax plan, which only taxes corporations 9%, hoping, wishing that the likes of Cisco’s John Chambers will bring their vast monies home to the US, out of the tax free purgatory of Ireland and beyond. I haven’t done Cain’s math, but I think 9% is just a lot closer to 0%. There’s a lot less tax code to get to nothing from 15/35%. But the symbols of 9 coming from both sides is fascinating. Cain’s 999 is 666 reversed. 99% is 66 backwards. What’s interesting is that US 660, which ran through New Mexico and was part of the old “Navajo Trail” got caught up in some kind of numbering controversy, and became part of the highway 66 network in 1927, thus becoming Highway 666 as a tributary of Route 66. Nine is the number of the end of a cycle. 1999 was the end of the old age, The Age Of Pisces and “The Oughts”, were the new age, The Age Of Aquarius, 0 being the number of The Fool and Uranus.

We are merely weeks from 2012, yet another end in the cycle of time and the 9 symbolism is prevalent as we approach the Mayan gate. While we’re on the subject of numbers, symbols and time, the US freeway route system for New Mexico, including route 660 was drawn up on 9/9/25 and approved on 11/11/26. Here’s one final number; $1500. That’s roughly what it takes for me to run this website and my radio show each month. If you want to contribute to keeping the Pluto in Virgo dream alive, please chip in at the top right hand side of this site, so that I can enlighten, entertain and inform you as consistently as I possibly can for the days, weeks and months ahead. I thank you.

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