Tiger (Sag Moon) Moves To Sweden As Obama Hangs In Denmark

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Well it looks like Tiger Woods is about to do his very best to slip down the memory hole. He has left the country and is now in Sweden, where he will reportedly reside in a six-bedroom-house on an island off the coast of Stockholm. I suppose that this is where he’ll go cold turkey on his addiction to Ambien and cocktail waitresses. Tiger’s winter of discontent just got a lot colder with his change of address, while being penned up with his furious ice queen for who knows how long.

Tiger’s Moon in Sag has indicated a maternal influence from outside the country with his mother, born and raised in Thailand and along with his Swedish born wife. Now Tiger’s Sag Moon also indicates a change in residence, also abroad. Don’t’ be surprised if this change is permanent, while Tiger becomes the Great Garbo (also Swedish) of golf. I think there are some real questions regarding his role as a professional golfer moving forward, though with his Capricorn Sun, I doubt that he will be able to simply rehabilitate forever.

In the upcoming issue of “Golf Digest” the cover features Tiger and Barack Obama, together, on the same hole, with the now suddenly embarrassing, subtitle, “Ten Tips Obama Could Take From Tiger.” The irony of the cover couldn’t be more timely or potent and it stirs yet a few more questions around both men, who they are, how they got to where they are and the impact they have made on society.

There have been more than a few people that have posited that Woods’ success in the golf world helped pave the way for Obama. This observation is correct on many levels. First off, like Obama, Tiger is not purely “black.” He’s of mixed race and lineage. In fact, as I mentioned before, he refers to himself as a “Cablanasian.” Both he and Obama are the progeny of mixed races, which in man ways, makes them more palatable to the collective white psyche and in Obama’s case, still lends him enough credence with the African American voting sector to count on their support. Both have connections with Southeast Asia with Obama spending considerable time in Indonesia, where his father worked for the Suharto backed coalition that represented US oil interests and his mother worked with Timothy Geithner’s father (Peter) on setting up a Ford Foundation conduit into Indonesia. Tiger’s mother of course is, as we have already stated from Thailand. Tiger’s father, Earl had degrees in both psychology and sociology and was also a Special Forces, Green Beret, who served two terms in Nam. From an early age, the elder Woods was using subliminal tapes on young Eldrick, creating not just a terminator on the links, but an avatar that would actually change the course of humanity and bring the world together. Here are two direct quotes from a great piece on Tiger as Gandhi in Slate;

“Tiger will do more than any other man in history to change the course of humanity. … He is the Chosen One. He’ll have the power to impact nations. Not people. Nations.”—Earl Woods, Tiger’s father

“Tiger has Thai, African, Chinese, American Indian, and European blood. He can hold everyone together. He is the Universal Child.”—Kultida Woods, Tiger’s mother

When Woods was two, he was on the Mike Douglas show with Bob Hope. Even though he was a little phenom, you don’t get on talk shows without being connected in some way. Bob Hope and golf great Arnold Palmer were Freemasons and Hope of course was the “Ambassador of Hope,” bringing chuckles and cheese on his many SOS tours to Vietnam. In essence, Tiger was raised with not only a sense of destiny, but perhaps a little extra. Is it possible that the elder Woods was doing something more than just instilling in Tiger a level of excellence? Could Earl Woods with his sophisticated training and background in psychology, special forces, et al, been using his son as some sort of experiment in mind control and consciousness?

Just recently a humorous movie called “The Men Who Stared At Goats” hit the screens. The comedy staring George Clooney, Jeff Bridges and others was a comedic take on a group of special forces soldiers that were pushing the limits of the mind. Some of them were later a part of “Operation Grille Flame” the Army’s psychic intelligence unit. While the movie pokes fun at the caricatures played by Clooney and company, the men that the movie is based on were far from buffoons. They represented the deadliest and most highly trained combat troops, true psychic warriors. Also during that time, the notorious Michael Aquino was a Col. in the Army, where he was leading the charge on psychotronic warfare. Aquino and others were part of a larger effort called “MK Ultra”. So in essence, Earl Woods, during that time of service in the military, particularly connected to his branch of special forces was swimming in this mindset. Tiger, whether or not he was officially indoctrinated into some formal type of programming isn’t quite clear, but we do know that his father had some access to the psychic technology of the armed services during that time.

There are a number of people that write about this type of stuff on the net. One of my favorites is Dave McGowan and his series on “Laurel Canyon” and the military influence on not just the sixties, but the subcultural heroes of the sixties, like Jim Morrison and others is not to be missed. As a result of the programming these poor kids get, they often have episodes where they go nuts, lose their minds, do whatever they can in order to break free of their handlers and their programs. An obvious case is Brittney Spears, who shaved her head in order to dispatch with her identity and former life.

Viewing Woods’ rampant and out of control sexcapades seen through this light gives yet another spin on this strange tale and Tiger’s Icarus like fall from grace.

While as much as we know a lot about Tiger’s background and history, we know very little about Obama and yet, he also seems to be a man of destiny, but not random or particularly by chance. It’s fairly clear that he, like Woods received a massive amount of help and special training along the way. What we know about Obama’s grandfather is that he served with Patton in WW2, but his records were conveniently destroyed in the attack on the Pentagon on 9/11.

The symmetry of Barack Obama and Tiger Woods, might simply be the random act of nature coming together in an increasingly multi-cultural universe, in the land of opportunity, or it might actually be part of some larger blueprint for shifting and shaping our perceptions and directing out attention towards outcomes, we are getting closer an closer towards witnessing. In any case, a rough month for Obama is going to get just little rougher when “Golf Digest” hits the stands. There’s guilt, guilt by association and maybe in Tiger’s case, guilt by disassociation.

5 thoughts on “Tiger (Sag Moon) Moves To Sweden As Obama Hangs In Denmark”

  1. P

    Enjoyed your articles re:Tiger.
    Hadn’t thought about him paving the way for Obama, but of course that is seems so obvious now that you said it.
    I posted some videos outlining current transits and progressions to his chart you might find interesting.

  2. m

    Robert — you keep dropping bombshell after bombshell! I didn’t know there was a connection between Obama’s mother’s and Tim Geithner’s father. That is mindblowing. Does it mean anything for Obama’s connection with Tim Geithner today, that there is more to their relationship than meets the (public) eye?

    Also, your quotes about Tiger, from Tiger’s parents:

    “Tiger will do more than any other man in history to change the course of humanity. … He is the Chosen One. He’ll have the power to impact nations. Not people. Nations.”—Earl Woods, Tiger’s father

    “Tiger has Thai, African, Chinese, American Indian, and European blood. He can hold everyone together. He is the Universal Child.”—Kultida Woods, Tiger’s mother

    Replace “Tiger” with “Obama,” and the quotes would seem like something some political shill/pundit out there would say to this very day.


    Thank you for sharing your insight and perspective.

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