Thomas Edison, Sarah Palin, Tesla, Personality Portals & Free Energy

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

11edison1600Edison owned a battery of patents.

February 11th is one of those intersectional days, a personality portal, a mundane star gate. Just based on three birthdays alone, the vortices of connection open wide. If you are not aware of it, Sarah Palin was born this day in 1964. I have gone over her chart with a fine-tooth comb and came up with my own, occasionally unpopular analysis of it. She is Aquarian and Aries in the extreme and her chart is stacked so decidedly in those two signs and the angles that connect them, that is a force that will not go away. Sarah Palin is stubborn, fixed and in the end, tough. I have also tracked her bloodlines, which will also, no doubt keep her in the flow for the next spin of the presidential roulette wheel.

February 11th is also Jennifer Anniston’s birthday, which is just one degree of separation away from Brad Pitt, which connects up with all of my “Bradam and Eve” material. A side note related to those posts is that I started to get a lot of traffic linking to me from a site called, Female First which is essentially a UK based celeb gossip site and when I tracked back the links, I found a message board totally devoted to Brad and Angie, with over 800,000 posts and replies, most of them reflecting what I was exploring in my posts on them. It was like a strange parallel universe had opened up to me. That’s the beauty of the internet. You think that you’re alone, out there, pecking away in the void and all of a sudden, you come upon a strange outpost where you don’t feel so utterly alone any longer. Along those lines, I’ve been spending some time over at Michael St. Clair’s Radiant Zone. Michael is slowly attracting a community of some of the most high minded, spiritually evolved, creative and loving people I have run across in one net space. Kudos to Michael for holding such a radiant vision.

But I could not talk about February 11th without addressing the life and times of Thomas Alva Edison. If there was ever a correlation between a Sun sign and it’s manifestation in one person, Edison would have to be near the top of the list.

As we have noted in the past, Aquarius is waves and currents. Uranus is electric and both ruling planet and sign, Aquarius are often shocking in their application.johnnyrottenThere are many personalities that I think represent this sign in it’s most distillated aspects; Johnny Rotten (Lydon) is the ultimate Aquarian punk, shocking the world with “Anarchy In The UK” and “God Save The Queen.” Saul Alinsky is the ultimate Aquarian radical and Luciferian. Bob Marley is the ultimate one love, one world, progressive voice of the people. Ronald Reagan is the ultimate communicator and uniter. Charles Darwin, the ultimate atheist and purely analytical scientist. Those are just a few names of archetypal Aquarian types.

Edison is endemic of the genius of Aquarius. The “Wizard of Menlo Park” has over 1,093 patents and of course brought electricity to the masses. He was born on 2/11/1847 at 3:00 am in Milan, Ohio. Edison was a Sag rising, Aquarius Sun and Sag Moon. His lightning quick intellect can definitely be revealed in the conjunction between his Sun and Mercury. His second house was loaded with a stellium in Aquarius including Uranus and his Part of Fortune. For those that are not familiar with the concept of The Part of Fortune or “Pars Fortuna” is arrived at when the Ascendant + Moon – Sun = TPOF. Astrologer, Robert Hand actually believes that most TPOF’s are incorrectly arrived at and that night time Pars Fortunas actually have a different formulae which consists of Ascendant + Sun – Moon = TPOF. It sounds like it should be similar, but it’s not. But in lay terms, TPOF is where we are blessed in our chart and, if it has other planets surrounding it in the same sign, then the power of Pars is amplified. Here is what Hand says about the benefic influence of “The Part Of Fortune”

That said, however, the Part of Fortune is well placed when there are benefics or dignified planets in the same sign with it (the fact that “sign” is referred to here is very important as will be seen later on), or these same kinds of planets aspect the Part of Fortune. Also it was said to help the Part of Fortune if it was in a sign that was ruled by benefics, and any point in a chart is helped by being in a sign ruled by a dignified planet.

Here in the second house, money, money, is where Edison’s genius resides. “The Pars” in his second chart, stacked with that stellium means that not only would he get paid for what he did, but that it was intrinsically related to who he was and his life work. In addition to his divinely placed “Pars” Edison was blessed with Mercury trining his ascendant as well as it conjuncting Neptune. Here we see an inspired mind, a dreamer and a creative visualizer and as it lines up with Edison’s rising, he used his Mercury in Aquarius as his calling card to the world.

If a man were to have a laboratory in his home, he might want to have Uranus in his fourth house, opposite his Mid-Heavan, which “The Wizard” did. If relationships are all about context and angle of relating, in the chart of almost any other person, Uranus in the fourth house, opposite The MC could be highly problematic, a restless and shocking influence around the house and yet, it finds a home in the house of the home due to Edison’s using his home for research and development. Later, after starting his company, Now I’m not sure how Mrs. Edison felt all those old vacuum tubes that were scattered about like cigarette butts, but it could have been far worse had he not had context. While we are skimming across the surface of his chart seeing easy connections and relevance between aspects that most astrologers can genuflect on, I think that perhaps his most important aspect might be the one that did not reflect Edison’s own genius, but instead drew another’s towards him.tesla2

Nicola Tesla was born exactly at midnight during a lightning storm in the village of Smiljian, to Serbian parents on 7/10/1856. When he first met Thomas Edison, he was in possession of a letter of introduction from a man named “Charles Batchelor”. The letter stated the following, “I know two great men and you are one of them; the other is this young man.” Here is where Edison’s Moon in Sag, conjuncting his Mars in Sag, both in his first house drew Tesla into his life. Sag represents different cultures and distant lands and with The Moon’s magnetizing influence, Edison would no doubt draw many foreigners into his life over the years, but none would ever compare to the strange, young man from Austro-Hungary. With his Mars in the first, it would signal a dynamic working relationship as well, as Tesla would help Edison create new technologies and patents. But it was also a contentious pairing as well as Edison’s Mars helped create a quarrelsome relationship that was built on envy and awe. One would think that Edison would be a man of his word, but it seems as though he breached some serious trust, by treating Tesla in less than scrupulous fashion. Rumor has it that Edison offered Tesla $50,000 to come up with alternate current as opposed to Edison’s battery powered, direct current. After countless hours, Tesla apparently cracked the code and discovered AC. Edison then not only reneged on his offer, but then pilfered Tesla’s ideas and appropriated them as his own.

Author, channel and friend, Patricia Cori, who works with The Sirian High Council talks about Tesla’s first incarnation in this world in Atlantis. It’s a fascinating account of how Tesla plays the role of a dark mage, incorporating the crystal skull technology into the energetic field of Atlantis and as a result, opens up an inter-dimensional gateway, which eventually leads to the downfall and destruction of Atlantis. Burdened by guilt, Tesla returns in his second incarnation as the enigmatic genius we have come to know of.

Rumor also has it that after spending a fair amount of time in The Rockies at Pikes Peaks, one the most electrically charged spots in the continental US, frequently bombarded with lightning and thunder and also where The Tesla Museum now exists, Tesla had cracked the code for free energy and later demonstrated it to JP Morgan at Shoreham, Long Island.tesla_tower Morgan asked him if anyone could use the electricity without paying for it and Tesla said, “yes.” Morgan summarily bought the patent for a cool mill (though he never paid Tesla in full) and then destroyed the technology.

Tesla also built one of the first electric cars and it was rumored to reach speeds of over 90 mph, which was twice as fast as any combustion engine at the time. Another oligarch, our old friend Rockefeller stepped in and put the brakes on that innovation. Rumor has it that The HAARP system in Gakona, Alaska uses Tesla’s technology to not only control weather, but influence thoughts, moods and feelings.

Ultimately, the brief partnership of Edison and Tesla might ultimately have been undone by two major squares. Tesla’s Uranus in Taurus was in a nearly exact square with Edison’s Sun in Aquarius. These two, fixed, energies would eventually result in a battle of wills and Tesla’s Uranus, being in his first house, electrifying the personality itself, would subjugate himself to what he would perceive to be someone of a lesser intellect. His Sun, in Cancer, also squared Edison’s Sun, in a slightly wider orb (five degrees). Tesla it seems was motivated by the cancerian drive to nurture and support, while Edison’s motivations may have been more purely scientific and capitalistic.

Tesla also had a deep, astrological destiny with The USA as his Saturn in Cancer at five degrees sits exactly on top of The US Jupiter also at five degrees. This conjunction can be seen as the driving force behind his life’s work, expanding the ability to power, nurture and innovate for “The New Atlantis.” His natal Saturn was also just a mere two degrees off of The US Venus in Cancer, conferring challenging relationships and a certain austerity in relating. Lastly, at 17 degrees, his Cancer Sun, was also conjunct The US Sun at 13 degrees. Had Tesla been allowed to freely innovate without the professional jealousy of Edison and the greed of Morgan and Rockefeller interfering in the process, I have no doubt that there would be memorials for Tesla all across the country and that the timeline, for our time would look drastically different. At the end of the day though, as I write this with Mars synchronistically in Aquarius at four degrees, Tesla’s Chiron in Aquarius at three degrees, sitting just over his mid-heaven was his downfall, his achilles heel as he sought to bring the currents of change to the world at large but was crucified for being a man too far ahead of his time. Like many visionaries, including Wilhelm, Reich, Tesla would have his papers taken and eventually die in disgrace.haarp1

So what did we learn from todays little trip down the rabbit hole? That a planet of Teslas cannot be held back. During this time of Jupiter in Aquarius, find your inner Tesla and innovate your life and the world around you.

7 thoughts on “Thomas Edison, Sarah Palin, Tesla, Personality Portals & Free Energy”

  1. M

    Dear Robert

    Many thanks for this most kind gesture and your comments, and of course for yet another unique and stellar post. Yes Sarah Palin will come back better prepared and more understood next time when the 3rd party/ies will back her during the John Titor time line… probably when Uranus enters Aries One, 2010/11. Soon.

    Peace and
    success to you
    Michael St.Clair

  2. s

    Hi Robert,
    Did you hear that Palin is trying to get an advance on her biography of 11 million dollars? Zoinks! That’s a lot of books. Her natal SU / MA / SA conj. is about as conserative as it gets. (think Hitler, or possibly, Reagan). My take is that she is completely identified with the conservative ideology, and has very little substance outside of that. She scares me.
    Enjoyed your post, Shawn

  3. M

    –You:”Rumor has it that Edison offered Tesla $50,000 to come up with alternate current as opposed to Edison’s battery powered, direct current”

    Me:How can you write such nonsense, please, what Edison knew about alternating current?
    It was the money offered for the repair of existing equipment!

    –You:”It’s a fascinating account of how Tesla plays the role of a dark mage, incorporating the crystal skull technology into the energetic field of Atlantis and as a result, opens up an inter-dimensional gateway,”

    Me: You are mad!

    –You:”Edison is endemic of the genius of Aquarius. The “Wizard of Menlo Park” has over 1,093 patents and of course brought electricity to the masses.

    Me: You are mad, where are these patents? You are promoting Edison instead of Tesla, shame of you!

  4. G

    The Greatest Invention of all time allowed Nikola Tesla to Steal Credit For All The Other Inventions He Stole That Were To Follow. To Follow this man was playing the super bowl of chess versus an entire world that prefer checkers. He took his place.

  5. t

    I don?t even understand how I finished up right here, but I thought this publish was good. I don’t understand who you might be however certainly you are going to a famous blogger in case you are not already 😉 Cheers!

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