The Uranus/Pluto Square, The Conflict Of Time And The Personal Resolution Of Karma

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

No more time to dilly dali.

In the outer reaches of the solar system, Pluto and Uranus slide into place at exactly a 90 degree angle. The Uranus/Pluto square has arrived. Here in California, summer came and went in two short days. The shift into fall was heralded by the arrival of massive lenticular clouds, shrouding the conveyance of motherships in the sky. The winds roared, the temperatures dropped and yet the light remained late into the day. The meteorological cognitive dissonance was surreal. Meanwhile, wild fires in Colorado and New Mexico still rage and the heat there is off the charts. They’re having summer in hell. Its like we’re living in multiple worlds, various planes of existence. Its always been this way, but there has been a general broadband of a collective narrative that was more or less coherent. That’s changing now. Things are breaking apart, a fragmenting of what we call reality is taking place. Now some of this is obviously manipulated at some level. The fires in the rockies have been started on purpose (as most fires are).

The Uranus/Pluto square is going to manifest on many levels, including a very real possibility for WW3 in Syria, but what I am experiencing early on is this sense that reality as it relates to time, the one, theoretically shared experience we all have that transcends religious belief, is ending. Now time does exist differently in different places. The most obvious example being that I have my radio show in California at 10AM during the week, but someone in Holland will be listening nine hours later. We’re living in different time zones, but after a few adjustments, we’re living in agreement. Well that’s changing.

Uranus or Ouranus was the father of the sky or the universe and his mate was Gaia, the Earth itself. Together, they created the progeny of titans. Here, in the act of birth, time begins in the physical creation of this dimensional manifestation. Without birth or manifestation into physical being, time does not exist. Even the birth, life and death of stars as ancient and seemingly fixed as they are do not occur without our recognition. Out of time, all things are eternal (which is where we are headed).

Uranus or Ouranus (sky) in concert with Gaia (earth) creates the template of the physical domain aka time. Ouranos is also called “Aion Ouranus.” Aion or Aeon is the alpha and omega. It is the beginning and end of time. Out of the belly of Gaia emerges the titans, the mythological offspring of their elemental copulation. One of their children is “Cronos” which manifests as the birth of time. Cronos is envious of eternity (Ouranos) and wants to assert his will over Gaia, To do this, he will have to castrate his father with a scythe and thus lay waste to eternity, so that he can super-impose his consciousness over Gaia and usher in his domain, which is the rule of time.

In this square, we see two manifestations of this passion play once again dueling away. Ouranos of course is Uranus and in the sign of Aries, it is all about now, now and more now. The urgency of the moment is gripping. Every event on the world stage seems to influence the holographic display with more and more intensity. Chaos theory is rushing like a torrent through our collective awareness. Everything is wired together, whether its the global economy or the birth of Snooki’s baby. Six degrees of separation has melted down to three in the past two years. Social networking has become an accelerant to the social heat index. So it’s no wonder that Jerry Sandusky and Anders Breivik have been on trial simultaneously. Both men committed gross crimes against children (rape and murder). Here we see the greek themes played out again in the slaughter and violation of innocence. I’m not even taking into account the forces behind these two men, which is another post altogether. I’m simply making a mythological correspondence.

We also have Pluto in Capricorn in the mix as well. Capricorn is Cronos. Capricorn is time and gravity. We all bitch about Saturn and why? Because Saturn locks us into the pressure of gravity. We know our theoretical limitations through Saturnine institutions like the state or the corporation. They define our earthly existence through codes like SSN’s, drivers license numbers, etc. We are told what we can or cannot do by the manifestation of their institutions like planning or zoning departments. Just try to put something in your front yard, like a vegetable garden, which it is not zoned for and you’ll see what happens. Their agents of time will come a knockin’.

When Pluto in Cap first broke, I talked about the transformation of time quite a bit and in the last four years I’ve witnessed it over and over again. In sports, there is a cycle where teams bring up players, especially in baseball and they allow them to play for a while and get their game together. Baseball uses agricultural language from the early 20th century to describe this process. The minor leagues in baseball are called “farm leagues” and players that are not quite ripe get to mature on the farm team before they are harvested by the big leagues. There’s generally been more of a sense of patience with this this process, which is more closely aligned with organic or natural time, but recently I’ve seen players judged not just game by game, but at bat by at bat. Soon it will be reduced to pitch by pitch. That’s where its all headed–into the moment.

The square represents a conflict in time itself. Uranus in Aries is NOW and Pluto in Cap wants to dominate through time, because time itself is running out, ending.

My good friend Ellis Taylor has talked about this frequently in his brilliant thesis regarding time and 2012, especially as it relates to the upcoming Olympics. Ellis sees not just the Olympics, but events leading up to the Olympics as part of a mega-spell, woven together, to entrap us in time, but not just from our current perspective. He sees the manipulation of time as sort of medieval techno-fascist-serfdom matrix of reality with no access to spiritual planes of existence. Thus, in essence, the Olympics are a sort of time-lock, leading of course up to 12/21/12.

The square challenges all of that. How can we plan for our futures when theoretically they may not exist, this evidenced by the fact that social security may not be around for post boomers. This throws us directly into the present and a live for today mentality, which has both positive and negative manifestations. But when we get into the scenario of different or fractal times, we also encounter different or fractal realities, where varying models of consciousness can be existing in parallel spaces. Its ALWAYS been this way, but now, we are becoming more and more aware of it. How do we reconcile these states when sometimes they even cross family lines?

Just after Barack Obama had been elected and Pluto had moved into Capricorn, my life profoundly changed. I was separated from and then divorced my wife (Aries). Our worlds were moving in vastly different directions. I had just really started this site and was picking up serious momentum as Saturn was about to enter my 10th House. She was having Saturn transit in her 12th (Leo). During that period she stared down her alcoholism and unattended grief for the loss of her mother, which occurred just prior to her Saturn return. When Saturn moves through the 12th, there is an inner journey that is so intense and personal that really nothing much else matters on the surface of things. Saturn in the 12th is a quest towards timelessness, triggering an eternal yearning to know and understand God. She found this through AA and the “higher power” and for better or worse, she delineated her life into AA and pre-AA segments. I was in the pre-part and ultimately consigned to the fires of transformation. On a soul level, I understand this. The personality however has had as we shall say, a more complex experience regarding it.

From an egoic perspective, I suppose I would have had less of a challenge if I had been recognized by her on some fundamental level, like; “I honor and get what you do, but it’s not compatible with my life and its taken me a while to get clear on this and many other aspects of my life in general.” I didn’t get that and it had been a real point of contention for me. This post and what I am leading up to is an attempt to heal and move on from that perspective.

After I left, Saturn had moved into her first house. We all know that Saturn forces change in whatever sector its in. In her first house of Virgo, it is health, identity and esteem. She had put on a significant amount of weight while she was pregnant and gained more in the aftermath of having our son. With natal Saturn directly on her natal Moon in Gemini, she’s given to bouts of depression. Depression can be overcome by the stimulation and production of endorphins, which are created through exercise. She decided to work with a trainer with the intention of entering a triathlon. She did and along the way, she lost 175 pounds and found a major tool in combating her depression, which has made her a better person and a better mom.

Now, she’s focused on participating in Ironman Kona. Its an elite event on the triathlon circuit, the big kahuna of triathlons and they only let a few outsiders in every year. People have to apply and share their story, then get voted on by the public based on the poignancy of their tale. Well she’s made a video of hers and its moved her into the final round of voting. She’s asked me to do a piece on her so that she can get her message out and live her dream. Let’s just say I’ve been a bit conflicted about this. My eternal self wants to do the “right thing” while personality wants to do something just a tad bit different. But here we are, karmically linked, maybe in ways I cannot even begin to perceive and perhaps my bending like a bamboo in the wind is the key to unlocking this energetic stalemate. So please, have a look at her video, take in her story (its actually pretty compelling) and vote for her to live her dream. Here’s the link; Heather’s video.

29 thoughts on “The Uranus/Pluto Square, The Conflict Of Time And The Personal Resolution Of Karma”

  1. p

    Muy excellente!

    You’ve succinctly put to words the essence of what i’ve been experiencing about time.

    In the course of resolving your recent conflict, you’ve also given me a few clues about my own Saturn in the 12th house (merci!).

    Here’s my question: when Saturn (finally) leaves my 12th (libra) and heads into my 1st (scorpio), will this hell end? Or will it drag me
    through a fresh hell when it conjuncts my venus/lilith/neptune/mars? I know, women are complicated…

  2. J

    Excellent post today Robert and resonated in many personal ways. Within past week I stumbled across ( through a Clif High podcast) and the remote viewing project that showed some rather big changes at coastal targets a year from now indicating some sort of possible asteroid hit or similar type catastrophe which really threw me for a panic and fear loop. Got sucked into fatalistic/existential eat drink be merry for death is around the corner thoughts but isn’t Death always hovering as a possibility in the moment? Anyway, after a few days I chilled out and came to realize that the experiment was interesting but ultimately a call to seek within for my own higher guidance and that there are so many possible timelines to follow that the wisest choice for me is to assume the best, prepare for,,,not the worst necessarily but perhaps the unexpected and stay grounded in walking a good walk of Beauty and Love in my little world/sphere of influence ya know.

    Also was inspired by Heathers video and gave her my vote…I could definitely relate to the struggle with depression/addiction/weight gain/motherhood and wish her the very best. I admire your candor and personal struggle around that relationship–thank you for sharing your heart and story. Blessings on ya! ♥

  3. This post is so very real and authentic and yet very eloquently written. I never cease to be impressed and moved by your writing.

    I can hardly wrap my head around the allegorical portrayal of time being ‘born’ by Uranus & Gaia since “Without birth or manifestation into physical being, time does not exist.” Of course it existed before Uranus & Gaia birthed titans – Uranus & Gaia were existing in ‘time’ before this ‘birth,’ no?

    If you mean this as a focused spewing forth of time as we now know it, in this dimensional manifestation – this makes more logical sense to me. All of your points made from this original idea I agree with wholeheartedly. If I had a dollar for every time I have heard, “time is speeding up,” I would have a nice rainy day fund today. Your baseball analogy is dead on in conveying this.

    I have the feeling you wrote this at one sitting and thoughts, patterns and idea really flowed. This is what is so uniquely a gift of yours. To be able to begin with a few points in mind and create a piece that so effortlessly layered upon itself in what appears to be a structured fashion – is just brilliant beauty. Your heart really surfaces in this piece, Phoenix and I have to say that to see this velvety-soft aspect is compelling.

    I am happy that this opportunity has come into your space and what it has done to help you clear and love more purely.

    Loved the points about Pluto in Capricorn ~

    May the Universe smile on you,
    Mary Elizabeth

  4. S

    I, too, have been following your posts for months now, Robert, and ditto Mary Elizabeth here. Your writing is brilliant and your astrological wisdom is beautifully spliced with everything going on: past, present, and future. Thank you for freely and so eruditely contributing to our global and personal edification and awareness in this rapidly changing world; it is very, very much appreciated! I also delight in the paintings and images you include! That pinball one (smiles) and today’s Dali & all the others–just lovely and well-selected; they add a nice touch. Love, Light, and Blessings to you! Stella Blue

  5. P

    Serendipity (and AstroDispatch) brought me here, and thinking about TIME is so appropriate. Today I realized that my “off” mood originated in a sense of frustration that springs from a feeling that ALL I CAN DO IS WAIT. It seems like everything important to me is not quite happening yet. I am waiting for someone to make a decision, or for someone to evolve, or for the check to arrive, or ??? I feel suspended in Time. No way forward. I have to wait. That requires a lot of trust and patience, not the easiest virtues to maintain. I sensed that it was more cosmic than personal, which helps.

    1. a

      I think a lot of people are in the same boat–many folks are waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop. Its nerve wracking. Just do your best to cultivate stillness in the waiting. It might serve you well in the not-too-distant future.

  6. B

    Awesome karma coming your way:) We all should do this more often. What a different world it will be. Love your thoughts… so provoking. So you’re single then, huh?;)

  7. a

    You have definitely transcended yourself Robert. I admire your strength and you must feel 1000 times lighter. I wish I could do the same but it is hard to gauge what you do or say to your husband who is bipolar and not on any meds nor taking care of themselves.

    I voted for her. I hope she makes it.

  8. That’s right Beth, this guy’s a real catch. Robert, I commend your great heart. On some levels you three are still a family. I have been going through letters and photo albums that have been in storage for a few years. The nostalgia of our deep love and commitment to creating a vibrant family has been rich this weekend, while we move into Cancer. Although it has been over 15 years since our divorce and I have done a great deal of healing work on all family members, there seem to be always more layers of pain and forgiveness and gratitude to acknowledge. So this evening I did a little ceremony – a new a more encompassing declaration of Letting Go. The Uranus/Pluto square imprinted my life in a surprising way. I dreamt that my dad forgot to show up for my birthday. It was one of those vivid dreams that stays with you all day. As I processed, I saw the parallel in my daughter’s relationship with her dad. My inability to forgive him for hurting her has kept me tied to him in a way and also has distorted my relationship with her. I do not like these deep plutonic places in my heart and I appreciate you so very much for your candor. I just love your authenticity Robert. I admire so much that you are that comfortable in your expression, that whatever is on your plate comes naturally and eloquently onto your canvas without edit or affectation. Your radio show on Friday, BTW, is a collector’s item. It’s so rare and precious to hear two highly informed and conscious men talking about the most vital topics of life today on so many levels and leave the listener informed, uplifted and ready to put the best foot forward. Lots of love.

    1. a

      Thanks Linda. Michael is a pretty special being. Not many like him out there. He used to be a soldier of fortune of sorts–special opps in places like Angola. He’s seen a lot, so I value his insight and courage tremendously. And there’s lots of layers to this. You’ve hit on it. What’s interesting is that I am the two of clubs and she is the ace of spades. We’re each others karma cards and our son is the 2 of spades. Funny how that worked out.

  9. All such beautiful responses, love it! OK, so I didn’t watch the video before, but just did. Heather is beautiful. I get the distinct impression she is one who must pull herself together, tightly and would suffer maybe anything before she would show anyone, under any circumstances, that she did not have it together. Of course I could be wrong and apologize if I am being presumptuous. This being said, I could tell at the very end, she was beginning to tear up, and to hide this – and I teared up, too!

    Her story is far more inspiring and thought provoking than I imagined. Of course I voted for her. And I really hope she gets her dream. Love Griff in the photos too – what a little cherub he was as a toddler!

    All good to each of you, to your family and the entirety of the situation.

  10. d

    On the Solstice did you notice that Venus was shining exactly with Ain – one of the eyes of the Taurean bull….I loved it. So, as much as there is this multi-layering of time there is also an ancientness – an eternity, a peace-making and forgiveness between cronos and oeranus – the beauty from destruction.

  11. Behind every great woman stands a great man. And vice versa of course. Bravo Robert, you set a wonderful example.
    I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, if so just go with the retrograde flow I guess – but I am fascinated with the manipulation of timelines through Coronation Street. I don’t know how long (years) we in Canada have been 9 months behind in viewing this show. For the last year they have been doubling up our viewing daily to catch up. We had a two month break recently and are now back to two shows a day. We are presently watching Easter at the ‘Coronation’. We have had the royals traipsing all over our country for the last couple of years, we have (pardon me, Harper has and we let him, so yeah it’s we) put the royal back in our military. There was a Coronation Street cruise arranged (through a travel agency in Orangeville, Ontario – this links into the upcoming Orange Parade in Ireland on July 12), and this cruise started off in Singhampton on June 12 – the spot where the Titanic departed from then sank off the coast of Canada. The cruise line is, of course, Carnival and the ship is The Princess. The fact that Harper spent 29 million bucks on a party during Canada Day to celebrate the war of 1812 is in there too. He even got to dress up and play in the mock battle recently, how fun for him. One of the main characters (Becky/Rebecca) on the show just left to “head for the stars”. I’m willing to stake a hefty bet that we will be caught up to the UK viewing of this show by the time the Olympics begin.

    1. a

      Mandy, that’s really amazing time tracking. We’re all being given the royal treatment, but not to that extent here. The glamour/hype is nauseating. Their time is over. Regulus has moved out of Leo and into Virgo and the masses will have their day.

  12. B

    As I was reading this at the top you talk about fall in Ca. I live in Nocal and yesterday I was putzing around in the front yard and had the thought that It seemed like fall and then forgot about it until I read what you have to say about that. This happens to me on a semi regular basis that I have a thought or a concept and see it appear before my eyes from someone else’s conscientiousness. Amazing feeling, like connected to all things. And I am an old guy. Anyway thanks, need to pay more attention to the ones speaking to me.

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