The Uranian Madness of Nick Drake and The Sunday Night Live Stream

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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drakeToday, Nick Drake would have been 69 years old. Drake is one of the 27’s, dead before his Saturn Return, committing suicide at the age of 24. Drake was a Gemini, born at 27 degrees Gemini. The 27th and 28th degrees of a sign, any sign is the radical dispersal of the energy. The sign is fitful and dying. At the end of Gemini, this florescence translates into the shotgun broadcast of self. Cancer, waiting in the wings, wants emotional order. At 27 Gemini, schizophrenia is disguised as a short attention span. Now every 27 Gemini isn’t going to suffer his dark fate, because he also has Sun conjunct Uranus, separated by a scant 1 degree. Under strain, it’s madness. Left alone to it’s own curious devices, it’s the lightning stroke of genius. Nick Drake’s musical output begins in sparking creation, songs filled with the lyrical breezes of Northern Skies, a Celtic folk-jazz-fusion, the six-stringed bard. But the Uranus conjunction added an unpredictability with such a tight orb. The opposition of Jupiter in Sag with the Sun/Uranus conjunction must have been hell for him.  It expanded and tugged on his madness while likely making him feel like a fake, a phony. The excruciating polarity was just one factor in the demise of Drake. Neptune’s square to Mercury would also add a lack of confidence in his voice and song writing ability. God Bless you Nick Drake.

Check out my LiveStream from Sunday night, where I get into the astrology of the week ahead, plus the charts of Rodrigo Duterte and Eroll Flynn.

6 thoughts on “The Uranian Madness of Nick Drake and The Sunday Night Live Stream”

  1. S

    Can’t imagine where he would have taken his music, as it got darker and darker . . . came across his music unusually, as I had a radio show in college late 70’s, mostly playing post punk and reggae, and back then you would pull the lp next to the one in the library so that it would be easier to put everything back after your show. I can’t remember what was next to it, but the cover of the one I pulled kept calling to me, which ended up being Pink Moon. So I put it on one day and was hooked for good.

    Was watching the Scorscese Dead film, and didn’t realize that Pig Pen was an exact 27 departure. Weird scenes inside the gold mine . . .

  2. S

    I know. It’s like his words are clipped because it hurts him too much to sing them.

    I love that whole genre: John Martyn, Sandy Denny, The Pentangle, Richard and Linda Thompson–Fovea Hex is still going. Thompson’s recent song “My Enemy” is a gem for the ages.

  3. Nick died age 26. It’s unclear whether his death was suicide. It has been suggested that he died of a heroin overdose, which was subsequently covered up.
    Important considerations in discussing the Nick Drake story.

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