The Upcoming Grand Cross–Five Astrologers Chime In

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

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I asked some of my favorite astrologers for their thoughts on the upcoming grand cross and the subsequent full lunar eclipse on the back end of the cross. I received insights from Molly Hall, Twilight Starsong, Willow and Emily Trinkhaus. It’s a good mix and an eclectic perspective. You should check out their individual websites when you get a chance.

My personal take is that what is happening in the pre-text of the event, is going to significantly add to the dynamic tension and stress that this alignment bears out. Of course, the continued saga of the Gulf cannot be dismissed. I have been chronicling what’s happening in the Gulf to the best of my ability and my sense is, is that something very troubling will develop in the Gulf during this time. We can expect to see anything from relocation to a critical worsening of the environmental situation. BP will likely blowout it’s net worth, with claims and expenses exceeding it’s $12 billion in reserves.

This is what Texaco did when they were levied with an $8 billion fine for the damages they accrued in Ecuador. Texaco defaulted and went into bankruptcy. Their assets (what was left) was purchased by Chevron, who have been defending their liability and challenging the settlement figure as a result. BP is now approaching a level of debt toxicity. I have little doubt that this will come about in the run up to the grand cross and will culminate during it’s time in our skies. Of course, the key elements here are Pluto in Cap/Moon in Cap eclipsed vs Sun in Cancer and the US stellium in Cancer. The Corporatocracy shows their hand during this time.

While we have that scenario playing out, the war scenario looks like it’s going to be played out as well. Iran has just gone on record saying they will launch their own peace flotilla and try to land goods in Gaza/Palestine. Israel, which has been pushing The Obama Admin for months to strike Iran might use this opportunity to launch a pre-emptive attack against Iran or simply wait for Iran to move this ships into international waters and take action. They have already cleared airspace withe Saudi Arabia in case they go this route. Here we see Aries (war) in Uranus/Jupiter, opposing Saturn in Virgo almost Libra, the crossing between service and equality in relationships across all levels.

These two situations are extreme hot points during the upcoming cross. The full moon eclipse speaks to the strain of the economy, buckling beneath these titanic trends. There is little doubt that this alignment will augur one of the most pivotal periods in recent memory.

Frankly, I would be thrilled if nothing happened and all the predictions and speculation fizzled like a bad firecracker on the 4th, but somehow, with this much back story already swelling and near burst, that it will be difficult to contain what’s already taking place during that time.

Each individual will of course have their own relationship with this energy, in conjunction with the collective energy as well. Late Virgos, early Capricorns, Libras and Aries should feel this energy intensely as will their opposite signs, such as Cancer and Pisces.

Be very gentle and kind during this period. Stay healthy, hydrated and cool. Bear witness to this series of moments and respond the best you can. Society and culture are made of individual responses and perceptions, which ripple into the overall pattern. In essence, you have a choice and an option to respond in a creative fashion, even if under duress.

Let’s see what the other viziers have to say about this:

Emily Trinkhuas
Virgo Magic
Will humanity — will each of us — take back our power in time to save ourselves and our home planet? The Cardinal Cross of 2010-2014 is a crossroads, a pivot point, in our transition from the Piscean to the Aquarian Age. How we respond, the choices we make, the actions we take during these years, will set the stage for the Age of Aquarius future — micro-chipped population in a global police state, or a new, liberated version of humanity living in harmony with each other and the Earth.

The Gulf of Mexico catastrophe feels like the grand finale of the Age of Pisces gone wrong, a wake-up call of unfathomable proportions. Who owns the Earth? Who’s responsible for her health? Who owns the water? Who signs the permission slips for assaulting the planet with deadly machines?

Pluto in Capricorn — the slowest-moving point of the Cross — signifies the death and rebirth of social systems and structures, and the transformation of power itself. Systems that are ravaging the Earth, including the oil-based economy, have to die if we are going to survive. Our task is to create new, sustainable models of power based on the understanding that all of life is interconnected — the feminine principle of relatedness.

Uranus in Aries — the wild card, the Trickster — instigates a new 84-year cycle, entry into uncharted territory. Humanity’s survival instincts kick in, and we awaken our Warrior natures, our courage. We have to be connected to our instincts, our bodies, to respond effectively to quickly changing circumstances. Uranus is a speedy, chaotic, unpredictable energy — what seems hopelessly entrenched can become unstuck.

As systems break down, the ability to work together will become a survival skill — the fundamental lesson of Saturn in Libra. Forming partnerships and alliances, knowing who you can trust, and being a trustworthy partner yourself will be increasingly important.

For most of these Cardinal Cross years, what we actually have is a Cardinal T-Square, featuring Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. The mostly missing point in the Cross is Cancer — the Cardinal water sign symbolizing the Mother and Great Mother archetypes. The poisoning of the planet’s waters reflect our unbalanced, destructive relationship with this element, the realm of the feminine. Cancer is the sign of home and family, concepts we are needing to expand to include all of Earth and all her inhabitants.

At the Summer Solstice on June 21, the Sun moves into Cancer, completing and activating the Cross. The energies ramp up at the June 26 Lunar Eclipse, when the Moon unites with Pluto in Capricorn opposite the Sun. These high-powered cosmic events are opportunities to FEEL into the meaning of the Cardinal Cross and what it is asking of you personally, what is your unique, essential contribution in these times. On some level, we all chose to be here, and now it’s our turn to step up, and step into the part we came to play.

Willow’s Web
The cardinal T-square this summer, which forms an energetic Grand Cross with Saturn in late Virgo, marks a critical directional point for humanity and for this planet. Squaring stimilus on the early cardinal signs will bring about (or is that force?) grand-scale new directions and initiative, globally and personally, with people stepping into leadership positions out of necessity who had not previously had the opportunity. We need to do things in a different way. This has been long-apparent, but various crises – many manufactured – will mean taking new directions, really getting them underway, will no longer be a choice. Things take on a survival tone here.

Uranus conjunct Jupiter in early Aries plays a prominent role in this cardinal configuration. For seven years now, the mutual reception of Uranus and Neptune has marked a tightly interwoven transition time and overlap between the tail end of the astrological Piscean era and the beginning of the Aquarian.

Uranus entering the zero degree of Aries marks the earliest birth point indicator of this Aquarian era.

As we forge ahead into this new astrological era, human beings now take up the battle, in earnest, for autonomy, freedom and survival in the face of corrupt, hierarchical control structures and an increasingly tight (though decreasingly effective) stranglehold by corporate oligarchy.

A narrow path, it certainly is, to freedom. But here are the clashes between those who desire a truly free humanity on this planet, those who desire to BE a truly free humanity, and those doing everything in their power to ensnare and enslave in order to energetically and physically prop up same-old, same-old pyramid-scheme hierarchies.
We’ll have to react quickly, in the current moment, to the situations being thrown at us during the next five years, as Uranus in Aries squares off seven times with Pluto in Capricorn. With these two in tense aspect, there will be anger – collectively and personally. Understanding the root of it and harnessing it as a guiding impetus to effective action is the name of the game here, rather than letting it be used to manipulate and harm us.

There will be an instinctual, primordial element to the actions we take now, with quick-flash insights and decisions being made. We’re in a whole new ball game, and honing and trusting the instinctual Arien impulses, while taking the appropriate actions being spurred, will bring about necessary grand-scale new directions. How we start off here, this summer and for the next five years, is the make or break. To start off right, we’ll be drawing on the forces of personal identity and raw individuality. Who you are matters – every edge and angle. Trust it.

This summer, and especially the June 26 eclipse exactly conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, marks an extremely potent seed time – for the next five years of cardinal squares but also for the next 2,000+ years of the astrological Aquarian era. Pivotal times we’re living in, indeed.

It’s important to remember that both Jupiter and Uranus push forth into this birth point in early Aries but will not stay there. They retrograde back into late Pisces and will not enter Aries for good until January (Jupiter) and March (Uranus) of 2011. There is a great deal left unresolved from the Piscean era, and we’ll need to apply the genius Uranus in Aries insights coming up in rapid-fire fashion to some big issues – the Gulf oil gusher and aftermath being one of them.

All in all, this is an exciting summer, an exciting cardinal configuration and a dynamic five-year period we’re entering.

Freedom, baby. It’s what we’re here for.

So take a deep breath. It’s going to be quite the ride, and we’re just now underway.

Twilight Starsong
Learning Curve On The Ecliptic
Coming from the perspective of a non-professional astrologer, but one who has watched astrological events and their results with interest over many years, first thoughts on the upcoming cardinal cross are: it will not augur any single, immediately dire, event .

My view on astrology generally is that, at its core, there’s something very, very important still to be discovered, but on its periphery there are rather too many assumptions held. I do note these titanic alignments and configurations remain aware that there’ll be something radically different in the astrological atmosphere, but without a clear idea of what that might be, or of what it could lead to…..or when.

Whatever alarms, changes or transformation might be indicated by the upcoming configuration of planets, I doubt that much will come to a head at the exact time the planets form this cardinal cross in early August. Things have been coming to “boiling point” for some years, and will continue to retain a lot of heat for some years more. Events have been stacking up: earthquakes, oil spills, volcano eruptions, political unrest. The same trend is likely to continue. We’re talking about an era rather than a few days or weeks of this summer. The cardinal cross of 2010 is akin to a very loud thunder-clap during a storm as it passes right overhead.

Cardinal signs linked together indicate something of a climax. The planets involved can be heavy hitters. I tend to respect predictions based on Pluto, Uranus and Saturn more than most others. All three are involved here. Astrologers’ predictions related to the cardinal cross need to be kept in mind, though not with an expectation of massive and immediate upheaval. A climax does not need to be all that dramatic, it can simply be a point at which there’s a turn-around. In 100 years or so, when historians and astrologers look back, they’ll be able to pinpoint a span of around 10 years when things on Earth, and lifestyles for its inhabitants, changed irreversibly. The summer of 2010 will, I suspect, be at center of that span.

In matters of the environment, energy, politics, the corporatocracy, militarism, religion there have been areas of serious concern building for some years. This cardinal cross could simply be a reflection of what we’ve been living through, and will continue to live through for a while longer.

We are in a period of gradual change, but then we always have been. The now isn’t a lot different from any other time in history. We should try to avoid hyperbole, remain hopeful and remember John Steinbeck’s words in “The Grapes of Wrath”:
“This you may say of man – when theories change … And crash, when schools, philosophies, when narrow dark alleys of thought, national, religious, economic, grow and disintegrate, man reaches, stumbles forward, painfully, mistakenly sometimes. Having stepped forward, he may slip back, but only half a step, never the full step back.”
Molly Hall
About Astrology
Shake Downs
These oppositions between Saturn and Uranus – from November 2008 into this year – have prepped us to be stand alone (sovereign) beings. This means getting unstuck from things like stable but soul sucking jobs, by shocks or by breaking free ourselves. Each person has been initiated as real-life mystics, on the quest for a new kind of security in the midst of chaos.

It’s an important prelude to the Cardinal Climax, since that’s the launch pad with the Big X on it. We have had cosmic help stripping away what’s dead, healing and aligning with our life purpose. We can be guided by synchronicity, divine messages and keep working to make our body’s clearer vessels for cosmic energies. When we are secure in our bodies (Saturn Virgo), and connection to spirit (Uranus Pisces), we’re good to go. Carrying on with what we’ve learned, staying in top notch health, and continuing to open our hearts is vital.

Humanity Rising

As Uranus nears Aries (May 27th), there’s a surprising activation of the collective mindwaves. Any mind control programming starts to fail, and more are impulsed to think for themselves. A new defiance in the face of restricting power structures takes hold among the people. Jupiter jumps in the scene June 6th, and aligns with Uranus on the 8th, igniting the spirit of a new beginning.


The T-Square with Saturn-Uranus-Pluto is ongoing through the summer. The cardinal energies are urgent, and we’re challenged to trust our instincts, while being actors in this divine struggle to birth the new.

What my intuition tells me that we’ll see:
-More Earth changes and climate chaos.
-Forceful collective action that confronts the powerful.
-A stimulation of the Youth that engages them to act a la the 60s but without the drugs.
-A personal coming out for individuals, to be Big and vocalize all the truths they’ve sensed in their gut.
-More outing of the shadow government and its agenda of control.
-The rise of moral conscience, with boycotts, divestments, and pursuit of justice for buried epic crimes like 9/11.
-Earth people discovering their ancient cyclical history, with past cataclysm as part of it.
-The original and authentic sprouts up, and tired, life-draining repetition is blown out (the end of the remake!)
-People restore cyclical living and face aging with grace, and reinvigorate death as a life passage.
The Rise of Feminine Power

The Cancer energies are tidal, so its fitting that these lunar currents move in and out over the summer. A big date is June 26th, with the Full Moon in Cancer/lunar eclipse in opposition to the Sun-Mercury in Cancer. The Cancer corner completes the square with all four elements. Great Kali-level Mother energies (in men and women) are going to rise with fury and the drive to protect.

Women overcome eons of denigration of the Feminine to find their power through the heart, and use soul force to enact great change. They restore their place of reverence, as life-givers, as they rise up to defend Earth and its vulnerable creatures and living things.

12 thoughts on “The Upcoming Grand Cross–Five Astrologers Chime In”

  1. l

    Like a Pan of stone,
    ensorcelled, cast in pain
    from home in mystic plains,
    native of magic canyons
    held below
    mundane sky.

    Solitary sojourn.
    Mercurial mind phase.
    Experience teaches as resolution
    never will; search cascading stills,
    divine signs.

    I fish for gutter snipes
    smoke to assuage hunger
    Haven’t you?
    Silly me, to contradict
    your view.
    When we met, I was still
    so new.

    Practice to habit,
    cast impeccable spells.
    Scintillating tidbits,
    encrypted tones of Temple bells.
    Silly Buddha tricks
    are for kids, who sell
    their selves for circuses.
    This phase relaxes — sings out for fun
    Enjoy! The next track looms ahead.
    Stone bases crack; licked by the Sun,
    Spirit dishonoured as dead

    Glorious battles can start
    in an era of heart.
    Glorious peace can be found
    in an era of mind.
    Stories absorbed in the womb of man
    can be lived
    in the day to day
    an unconscious play
    Until the Covenant is broken,
    stone (astronished!) heard to breathe,
    Pan, admonished, grieved, matured,

    June 13, 2010

  2. d

    Quadrature alignments. 0, 90, 180, 270 360 degrees are decision points, points that call back to decisions made in the past and decisions that will project into the future. So as important as the events are, the more important is how we decide to move forward. The outer planet (Jupiter-Pluto) pairings point back to decisions made in the 60s and the early and late 80s (Reaganomics anyone?). The cardinal cross basically appears at all possible quadrature alignments.

    Saturn was conjunct Uranus in 1989 when the Exxon Valdez ran aground. The oil spill in the Gulf reflects what we did not learn from that event (oh yeah BP was responsible for cleaning up Prince William Sound, but failed to provide the equipment and workers it promised, but definitely learned how to play the PR/reporter war).

    Saturn was conjunct Pluto ~1983 when Reagan/Thatcherism initiated supply-side economics that helped bring in the 2008 financial crisis. It was also the beginning of the Cold War and the first overt involvement in the Middle East. Both of those events surely reflect our situation now (you can read more here:

    Uranus lower square Pluto reflects the mid 60s conjunction between the two. Think of how Silent Spring, civil rights movements, feminism and the Internet, invented during that decade, influence now and you will get an idea of the major issues that will carry forward until the next Uranus-Pluto conjunction near 2100.

    The next decision point on this timeline occurs around 2045 when Uranus opposes Pluto. The last two Uranus-Pluto oppositions ~1901 and ~1792 occurred in the midst of very disruptive social change. Expect the same at the next opposition, keeping in mind how many ‘deadlines’ environmental, demographic, etc, due about 2050.

    But the overall point is that our decisions now will reflect in the future more than most other times. How we respond is more important than how we react.

  3. B

    Our gift is freewill…
    The choice between
    the kind and the mean
    the blind and the seen
    the dumb and the word
    the deaf and the heard
    the loss and the gain
    the bliss and the pain
    …is ours
    to silently implode
    or noisily explode
    to be a hero or a toad
    the choice is ours …

  4. F

    Here in Costa Rica this week with Astrologer Maya White we are having an incredible gathering – like you say Molly, it is time for the women the Goddess Energy to be invoked. Like it was at Dendra with Hathor likened by Isis – the feminine energy needs to rise like a Phoenix and protect this planet from further destruction. I am only here saving a small piece of the rainforest, but we all need to step up – conscious men too, and revive the Goddess from the center of the Earth where she has been sleeping to take charge again. Thank you for these great insights!

  5. If anyone believes that ‘the feminine energy’ has anything to do with physical gender then please think again. That is same story different face stuff, a Darkly installed and ministered programme purposely designed to divide and disable humanity’s realisation of itself.

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