The Trump Inauguration Chart, Uranus In Gemini Revisited, The Live Stream

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

astro_w2gw_47_innauguration.82757.10614We might be at the most pivotal moment in the last one hundred years, maybe since the inception of the original states, maybe ever. In the run up to the inauguration, the Obama administration was doing everything in their power to provoke a conflict with Russia.

Watching the ensuing cabinet confirmation hearings was and has been less of a vetting session than it was a process of legitimizing the call for war. At nearly every turn, each Trump nominee has been grilled on Russia and their stance regarding Russia, for not just a future gotcha moments (drilling it into the heads of millions of Americans watching), but for them to affirm that Russia poses an imminent and dangerous threat. This cycle of aggression towards Russia goes back to 2013/2014 when there seemed to be an outward push towards demonizing Putin and Russia, especially as it related to the 2014 Olympics in Sochi where the Russians were blamed for everything from shoddy accommodations, wild dogs, lack of hot water, lack of snow, lack good internet, etc.. The vilification and bad PR was on. Since then, the US has been full frontal towards the former Soviet Union.

When Saturn went into Sag, it went from bad mouthing and sanctions to engaging a Saturnian cycle the US/Russia has been tangoing with every time Saturn goes into Sag.

Saturn went into Sag on January 13th, 1956, on Friday the 13th. As Khrushchev began the De-Stalinization period, he went onto become the great bogeyman of the West, alternately proclaiming that he would bury the West and do so without firing a single-shot. Arms manufacturers everywhere raised their glasses to Nikita every holiday, toasting over bonus checks and a new round of government contracts, stocking the armory of the cold war. Russia was very good for business.

While the arms were amassed as a deterrent and a show of force, there was a plan in place to potentially use them in 1957, during the Saturn in Sag phase under something called, “Operation Dropshot” which was a plan to use ICBMs to take out the entirety of Russia.

In December 9th of 1958, with Saturn in Sag, the “John Birch Society” was founded by Robert Welch, the JBS went after commies, taking over where Joe McCarthy left off. An interesting aside to McCarthy and the Red Threat is that McCarthy’s legal council was Roy Cohn, who later advised both Fred and Donald Trump. Cohn also became a key member of the JBS.

Fidel Castro started his march on Havana in 1958, during the Saturn trek through Sag.

If we fast forward to Saturn in Sag, in 1985, we see the rise of Gorbachev to power, this is the transition phase of US/Sino relations. Eventually the wall will fall and the groundwork for it all was done with this Saturn/Sag cycle under Reagan.

In this current Sag/Saturn timeline we’ve seen the re-emergence of this geopolitical passion play, but this time with the two countries changing roles and the US becoming more Soviet like and the Russians becoming more like the good old USA. So to re-cap, here’s how the Saturn cycles went down:

1956-1959The rise of the “Red Threat” expansion of communism in the West.

1985-1988Transition phase from cold war opposition to détente and ultimately the end of the Soviet Union.

2015-2018The re-emergence of the Russian threat with the poles of the US and Russia flipped.

There’s enough historical evidence to make an astrological connection with every Saturn/Sag cycle since the late-fifties between the Eagle (US) and the Bear (Russia).

Donald Trump has his Moon (full) and South Node in Sag. Saturn, is right there, right now on both and it’s no coincidence that he would be drawn into this bizarre reanimation of US/Russian (often fake) aggression.

Speaking of Trump(ets).

aeonWhen he was sworn in at 12 Noon on the 20th, the tarot card that reflected that day was the 20th card in the major arcana; the Aeon or Judgement. The Aeon represents the end of one world and the beginning of another. Gabriel’s trumpet blows and a great revelation is at hand. The Sun was at 0 Aquarius, which is always portal for revolution and change. It was at high noon as it should be, Uranus in Aries was occulted in the 12th House, explosive, dangerous and hidden. Jupiterin peaceful Libra occupied the 6th. The 6th house in some ways represents the masses; It’s common folk, everyday people, mechanics, barbers, vets, meter maids, hair stylists, stenographers, waiters, you get the picture. They’re there in abundance with Jupiter. But for mass gathering, look at the 11th House, almost overflowing with Pisces; Neptune/Mars/Venus/Chiron. We’re talking hope, confusion, projection and mass emotion here, squaring Saturn in aforementioned Sag in the 8th; aka-hidden powers and authority. This is the template for the Trump presidency. Radical change at the top, explosive powers behind the scenes, more opportunities for the everyday people, the seething masses looking to crucify and burn or in turn become the same symbols of sacrifice and thus martyrdom. There’s deep banking and even religious interests operating in the shadows and a restriction of foreign involvement and intervention. Oligarchs occupy the zenith of power in the chart, but are at adds with the every day people and an emerging radicalization of the 21st century American on both the left and the right.


On my show, over the past few days, I’ve been looking back on the period between 1942-1949, which was when Uranus was in Gemini, which was conjunct the Sun in DJT’s chart. Looking back on that time, duality is everywhere and just getting ramped up. The US was fighting TWO wars. FDR was considering drafting a SECOND Bill of Rights. Communism and Fascism, TWO ideologies. There were race riots, yes, they had them back in those days. Even the atom for the Manhattan Project was split, thus leading to the A-Bomb. This period is the psychic and celestial bedrock of Trump’s mutable roots. In a little over two decades, when both Uranus and Pluto would be in the sign of Virgo, the mutable square would be a catalyst for immense, social disruption, disorder and change. With Saturn in transiting Sag, we revisit that time and the opposition to generational Uranus, and the curbing of limits, the summation of a period of great upheaval. We went through this the last time Saturn was in Sag during the Reagan presidency and a new conservatism, a spirit very different from the 60’s kicked in. Reagan was an Aquarius and Trump with his Sun/Uranus conjunction also channels the electricity of Aquarius, but in a decidedly more confrontational way. Here’s an interesting movie put out by the Dept. of War from 1947, that is symbolic of the sub-atomic split in culture under Uranus in Gemini.

To get more info on the chart of the inauguration, here’s my livestream from last Sunday night.

10 thoughts on “The Trump Inauguration Chart, Uranus In Gemini Revisited, The Live Stream”

  1. D

    Conscious thought “trumps” astrology and any dire predictions.

    And now another thought. Thank goodness good people in the U.S. Intelligence community woke up and decided to get rid of the very wicked NWO. No more child sacrifices and the trafficking of child sex slaves or ANY slaves.

    The NEXT to go will be the very wicked Royal families in Europe, the puppet masters who have been pulling the strings ALL along.

    You’ve heard about the witnesses claiming the Royals can morph into reptilians. I don’t think the Royals are any more “reptilian” than I am. Cathy O’Brien in her book “Trance Formation of America” stated that first she was drugged and then it appeared George Bush used some kind of equipment to make it look like he was morphing into a “reptilian” in front of her. Cathy O’Brien is right on.

    Thanks Robert for your very interesting blog.

  2. My concern is not with Trump. My concern is with the Republican party. I believe they will do everything within their power (legal or illegal) to remain in power. I believe as a party, they will subjugate the american people authoritarian rule and may try to imprison their people and stifle their humanitarian progress. I believe once the final weight has been placed on back of the americans, revolt is inevitable. I believe the only way the people will get a government that works for them, will be when americans do to their government/wall street/ big Pharma what Icelanders did. The put them in distant, max security prison away from civilization so they can reflect on what they did wrong.

    I believe Americans will have to roll up their sleeves and put matters into their own hands. Lots of hard work ahead and I see a loose version of martial law in the south eastern states in the not too distant future. Which could spread. It’s up to Americans to choose how they want their government to govern them. With fairness and benevolence or with whip and a chain.

    Just a run of the mill person that is concerned about a country that has too much promise. Yet the few and the powerful seek to maintain their control on people when they have no idea what’s waiting for them when they die. I in a way has the benevolent spirits in the astral realm to invoke visions of benevolence and love into their hearts. To help them shift from the ego, to the heart and the communal ideal.

    I believe that through this polarizing 14 yrs America will come out with a freshly sown wound that is properly sterilized. That looking out for each other is what helps the healing process so America can finally become what the founders and FDR dreamed it could be.

    Lets hope Americans get active in their government offices and send their representatives a message. YOU ARE HERE TO SERVE US OR YOU WILL NEVER SEE A TAX DOLLAR AGAIN. YOU WILL ALSO SEE YOU AND YOUR MINIONS REMOVED.

    When your freedoms are being stripped slowly and begin to acknowledge their nearly gone. You wake up and take action.

    Thanks for your post, thank you to those that read my comment. Goodlife to all.

  3. p

    go back and listen to the inauguration speech – he swore in as prez of the corporate united states and stated the united States “of America” is the People’s…

    ask your self – do u work for the corporate united states (my parents both do so some may answer yes, but most no)? then why do you externalize your low vibration motions – fear, anxiety and the like -onto donald? b/c of the marketing program roping your mind into this circus? he is the globalists chief negotiator and it SEEMS he’s going to attempt to get the best deal for America that he CAN but we are NOT going to be happy with it either way…

    if judgment is the moment in cosmic terra time – why aren’t ye focused on internalizing the shadow we keep projecting onto obama, trump or any other external BOOGEYman…accept your shadow already and get over your self! literally GO BEYOND it…or not…

    wise up my fellow aware spirits…dont forget to laugh when the world ignites…we’re going to need some (cosmic) humor…

  4. J

    Thank you again, Robert, for sharing your writing gift and including the chart and other visual tools. The “Don’t Be a Sucker” movie is a good one and I’m amused by how visceral my reaction is when the guy is a litterbug at the end.

    I recently heard Barbara Hand Clow reinforce a thought that I’ve heard countless people express — that our country isn’t going to wake up or change until it’s forced to, probably by some major cataclysm or other life changing event. I hope that isn’t what happens, but being the change we want to see seems to be the most powerful approach. I continue to work personally on my propensity to be reactive as opposed to what you advised in yesterday’s Flame, Robert: to be the observer and also fleet of foot (obviously the need to be right is still hanging around in my shadow).

  5. M

    Allen B West has reported Trump is halting the US funding of NATO, withdrawing from multilateral treaties, granting full membership of the PLO all while thwarting Obamas plan to become UN Secretary General.

    So much is unfolding at lightning speed. You are right we are witnessing a long term well planned strategy but who are the master planners if not the Republicans or ususal powers that be?

    I am still going back and forth on Trump is the good guy no he’s bad guy and still hoping I did not waste my vote. Thank you for your witty political astrology musings they give me a deeper perspective on what’s enfolding before my eyes and some grounding away from the fake news.

    1. a

      I think we have to suspend some judgement for a while here, but even if we didn’t like something, which is quite possible, I’m not sure we can stop this train now. I am with you on Trump, feel the same way. You didn’t waste your vote. Anytime one votes, it’s never wasted.

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