The Trump Chart And The Assassination Aspects

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Rumors of my demise are not only premature, but decidedly in error. I haven’t posted a whole lot because I have been extremely busy on the reading/teaching/coaching tip. The deep connections I have with my clients are so rewarding and profoundly transformational. On the content tip, I’ve also been tweaking and adjusting a bit and focusing more on video over the past few weeks. Here’s something we just cooked up on the Trump chart and the assassination aspects. There’s more coming.

13 thoughts on “The Trump Chart And The Assassination Aspects”

  1. C
    Cherylann Frances Barboa

    I enjoy all your published readings. Would you ever consider doing a chart on Bernie Sanders? I’m fascinated by his rise in Power and how easily persuaded our youth is in embracing socialism. I have been a portrait painter (amongst other forms of Art) for 35 years. It has allowed me to perceive beyond the surface in Human anatomy. I see so much anger in those eyes. facial expressions, posture and a lizard like flicking of the tongue. I see into all those politicions/celebraties public speakers of sorts not just through the double speak words but the very anatomical structure that reflect our thoughts and true selves.

    1. a

      He is next on our list. I totally agree with you about Sanders. I actually think he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and maybe Trump is a sheep in wolf’s clothing. The challenge with Sanders chart is his birth time. It’s unpublished, but I will use what’s out there.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. t

    Trump’s history and his family’s history strongly suggests that he is an inside player in a very dark game. I like call him the white male version of ‘hope and change’, rinse and repeat. hard to say what the goal of this part of the game is, but really, that doesn’t matter. It is enough to recognize it for what it is, and avoid emotional attachment to the illusion.

    1. a

      I would tend to agree with you. I don’t like Trump’s rampant spreading of Islamaphobia, and yet, it cannot be denied that Europe has a real issue on it’s hands, orchestrated by the likes of the UN and the Kabbalist bankers who are taking their wrath out on the Europeans. See Barbara Lerner-Specter. Also, Trump is parroting the 9/11 narrative that it was Bin-Laden, blah, blah, blah. Rudy Giuliani was in on it and he champions Trump. But in true Sun/Gemini/Uranus fashion, we see the Republican old guard sweating bullets and doing everything they can to derail Trump. I don’t think this is an act. They are terrified that someone is going to come in and change the rules of order for them. This is really akin to gang stalking and territorial rights. Romney, Ryan and Boehner could give two shits about the American people as long as they stay in power and the distribution networks of power remain intact. Trump is a threat to that and to that end, he’s also a threat to the left and the Democrats as the left and the right are basically jerking each other off while pretending to not get along. Outside of Obama’s amnesty plan, he’s gotten everything he’s wanted. Even that could have succeeded had the primaries not come along and was torpedoed by Trump. I agree with most of what you have to say, but again, from an astrological perspective, He’s got the Sun/Uranus conjunction in Gemini and even Obama, who was hope and change for the flipside doesn’t have that in his chart. There is an element of chaos with this aspect that at the very least, I find fascinating.

  3. P

    I’m sorry, but after the words “There’s more coming”, I see no video or text. A big blank space. Can’t wait for more, but am I missing the part now about assassination aspects? Trump is fascinating, and all the right people seem to hate him. He did say about the Islamic immigrants that we should quit giving them reason to have to leave their countries. He says so many right things while saying such absurd things. “A sheep in wolf’s clothing” – I love that! And yes, what is it about Bernie Sanders and young people? Anger and lizard flicking of the tongue – now I do see that. Going to bring that up with my own millennial, who is a little too gung ho about Sanders for my comfort. They must rebel though, mustn’t they?

  4. M

    Hi to Robert and to all,
    While all of this political discussion is fascinating, that is the ‘trouble’. We are focusing on the usual duality of the outer, delusional world, instead of resting in our own inner selves. Allow the ‘Merry-go-Round’ to continue by itself with no interest from us. It is all a set up to lure us away from our own truth and inner peace.

    Do we choose to continue to give our energy away or do we choose to keep it for the true change that is, in fact, already ‘here’, but covered up, stolen & used by the ancient game that has run this world for so long? The choice is ours and it is an easy choice once we give up our love of the outer drama which is all manipulated for the purpose of making us forget our true selves and our true power. Fughet about it!

    1. a

      You’re right. I agree and yet, there’s a system we’ll inherit as a result of the dog and pony show. Of course, it’s a distraction, and it’s a distraction with consequences. Take Obama for example. All the sturm and drang that went on about his birth cert, his handlers, his mother’s ties to the CIA, World Bank, etc., chatter about the anti-christ, etc.. Distraction, right? Well guess what? We got Obamacare, which has been helpful for some folks, not so helpful for others, especially people looking for particular procedures that take a long time, or are complicated. The distraction had an impact in the reality of many folks. What about the vets that come home to about a suicide-a-day for the corporate wars and the expansion of Greater Israel? What about the desecration of the fertile crescent? I wrote extensively about Obama in both elections. I think we still have some time to get into the eternal self, and we’ll work on it in the near future.

  5. M

    P.S. Robert, You look good…good hair, too! Nice, interesting presentation also, even if you are keeping us glued to the outer untruths, interesting as they may be. But, then, what would you have to talk about? I still love you, man. I will give up now, leave you to your own doings & spend my ‘time’ within where truth and peace prevail and not the game of duality that has trapped, fooled and used our energy for eons. By virtue, especially, of my near death and being unconscious for over 13 hours, I really learned the ultimate truth. The so called world is just clap-trap, cheap illusion & not worth a tinkers damn! Still love you with my whole heart and you are part of me.

    1. a

      Turn your video camera on and give us a glimpse into that world from your heart. I’ll be happy to post it here or on my channel.

  6. M

    AS I said, I will leave you to do as you do. I get what you are saying, yet it is still all illusion & does not matter. Those vets who commit suicide are all fuel for the nasty system of duality. We do and do not have ‘time’. We have all of the time that we need to learn the truth & all of the atrocities and silly chitter chatter will continue on & on until we all wake up to the eternal truth. It just ‘ain’t’ real. As a personal aside, I experienced both the most horrific set of solar and lunar eclipses imaginal…pure hell at it’s worst. I looked it all in the ‘eye’, said ‘bye-bye’ and, then all turned into completely beatific experiences. Same stuff…just the seeing through them reduced all of the horror to less than ashes that were blown away as if nothing happened…which was true. All of my love to you and all that are here.

  7. M

    Thanks for your offer of turning my video cam on & having it posted on your site. I picked up some anger in that message. Hope that I was wrong. My body is still too sick & even typing takes me forever…these comments were pure acts of love done at great physical cost to the body…plus, I have a quiet 4th house sun and shun the limelight. Thanks again.

  8. T

    Awesome video Robert! I’m just seeing this now and interestingly enough I had this very dark eerie feeling a few weeks ago while watching one of Trumps crazy clips on Facebook, I looked at him and felt two things. 1. He is a poster boy puppet sent out to distract the masses and rile them up at the same time 2. Assassination, I’m feeling it will be an inside job with the finger pointed into another direction.
    I did a cartomancy reading and a cubix tarot card reading on the presidency…according to what I’ve seen it seems like the energy is pointing to a female with power…I feel like there is a “working” taking place in order to push it forward but that there’s also the feint that the tables can turn at the 11th hour and someone else gets the seat. As the old church folks use to say “Let us watch, and pray.”

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