The Transpersonal Gods Of Uranus And Pluto That Rule Jim Harbaugh

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

york-thumbCenturion for hire.

The Earth game is a power game. No matter how you slice or dice it, the horizontal playing field is defined by resources, command and will. Now the cosmic game is a totally different set of parameters, and has very little to do with what’s happening in the 3D holographic theater. The two are not mutually exclusive, but in order to connect both Earth and Sky, one must be willing to sacrifice both. Not many understand this or know how to get there. But this isn’t about that dynamic per se. It’s about “The Earth Game” especially as it manifests in the life and chart of one, Jim Harbaugh, the embattled coach of the San Francisco 49ers.

While I was out in Boulder taping a segment with Regina Meredith for Open Minds on Gaiam TV., the national sports news was blasting stories about the growing discontent between The San Francisco 49ers coach, Jim Harbaugh and their young, CEO, Jed York. The Niners had just gotten their clocks cleaned by the their rivals from the north, The Seattle Seahawks, at home, on national TV, on Thanksgiving, This was the marquee, prime time game, after everyone was happily sedated, tryptophantic angels massaging frayed neurons, overtones of pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg, French vanilla, and chardonnay. The Niners were at home, in their brand new, totally wired, Silicon Valley stadium. A far cry from grungy and swampy confines of “The Stick” an aging testament to land fill and urban renewal that never renewed.


The Niners have had anything but a home field advantage at their new stadium. Situated in the heart of Silicon Valley, “Levi’s Stadium” has had two deaths during the construction of the stadium and one on opening day, where a Forty-Niner fan had a heart attack and died. This is how they christened their stadium. Maybe this is what happens when you borrow the money from Goldman-Sachs to finance it. There’s a lot more than just the interest due.

Blood sacrifice aside, the team has been struggling week-to-week, their young QB, freak of nature, Scorpio Sun/Aries Moon, Colin Kaepernick has been regressing and against the hated Seahawks, he was even worse, throwing two interceptions against their brash nemesis, Richard Sherman. Sherman wound up eating his Thanksgiving meal on the fifty-yard-line after the game, waving his drumstick in the air, like a conquering Hun. In other, less sophisticated times, it would have been Kaepernick’s forearm, but it might as well have been.

This was supposed to be Jed York’s shining moment. He had basically inherited running the team when his father, a urologist and social climber failed miserably after wresting control of the team from his brother-in-law, Eddie DeBartolo. They call John York “Dr. Pee” around the Bay Area, because he made his money in urology, but also pissed off legions of Niners fans by the way he ineptly ran the team into the ground after Eddie D got caught trying to bribe Edwin Edwards, the former governor of Louisiana in a casino sting deal. Eddie wanted in on the gambling biz in New Orleans and he was taped offering Edwards suitcase cash for a license. Edwards was wearing a wire and the FBI snared Eddie. He lost his beloved Niners to his sister, Denise, the wife of Dr. Pee.


Eddie was owner when the Niners ruled the NFL, thanks to the Sag genius of Bill Walsh and his star quarterback, Gemini, Joe Montana. But once his sister and brother-in-law started running the show, the team struggled. Dr. Pee was cheap. He started cutting things like bottles of water, thinking it would be cheaper if the players simply used municipal water. They fumbled the choice of three coaches and had become a shell of their former glory. The days of Super Bowls and dominance were in the rear view mirror and getting further behind them.

Five years ago, Dr. Pee realized he was just not cut out for NFL ownership, so he began to give more and more control to his son, Jed. Eventually Jed went from Team President to CEO. Jed was wet, wet, wet behind the ears. He essentially went from Notre Dame to the Niners and started running things soon after. He made a bad move by promoting Mike Singletary to head coach when the finally fired the inept Mike Nolan. The former Bear linebacker great and Hall of Famer looked and sounded the part, but he was not head coach material. Sadly, Libra, Iron Mike was in over his head. Jed fired him too.

The buzz started to build in the offseason. The rumor was that Jed and The Niners were going after Stanford coach, Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh was quarterback who played 12 seasons in the NFL with varying degrees of success. He played for the Bears along with former coach, Mike Singletary. He actually played quarterback more like linebacker, like Singletary, than a quarterback. His time in Chicago was mixed. He battled injuries and Mike Ditka throughout his stay and eventually wound up with the Indianapolis Colts where he would have his greatest season as a pro, leading the Colts to the AFC champioinshp game, where he was one pass away from going to the Super Bowl. The pass, a last second Hail Mary in the end zone to Aaron Bailey would be the closest Harbaugh would ever get to the Big Dance as a player.

The son of a longtime coach would begin his coaching odyssey after his playing career. It started with a stop with the Raiders as an assistant. Then, Harbaugh would become the coach at the University of San Diego, a Division II school and turn the tiny program into a small college powerhouse. He was suddenly a hot coaching candidate. He was peaking at just the same time Stanford was searching for yet another coach. They had just blown through Buddy Teevens and Walt Harris. Stanford hired Harbaugh after those two failed miserably and he immediately paid dividends. He would beat his soon-to-be rival from USC and later the Seahawks, Pete Carroll in humiliating fashion. Harbaugh employed a power running attack that used misdirection, line shifts, and multiple tight ends. In an era of passing aerial circuses, Harbaugh was meat and potatoes, flesh and blood, capturing enemy territory yard by bruising yard. It worked. During his tenure at Stanford, Harbaugh turned Harvard West into a powerhouse, a team left it’s marks on the other team, win or lose.

Jim-Harbaugh-locker-room-opener.finalWhen looking at Harbaugh physically, the first thing you notice is the jaw. It protrudes like a mandible from an older version of Homo Erectus. It’s the type of jaw that is Dudley Dooright or do wrong and I’ll smash your face. It’s the type of jaw that just out and screams, “take your best shot.”

Jim Harbaugh is not a man to be trifled with. Once, he got into a heated argument with Bills quarterback, Jim Kelly and Harbaugh hit Kelly in Kelly’s jaw, so hard, he knocked him out.

The intensity and the success don’t come without a price. Harbaugh has a history of grinding and grating on people, from high school to the pros. There’s a term for guys like Harbaugh in sports. They’re called, “Red Asses.” Jim Harbaugh is a “Red Ass King” What else would you expect from a Leo Rising?

He’s staked his coaching present to QB, Colin Kapernick. I’ve written about Kaepernick at length before. He’s fascinating. He’s the Black Hole to Russell Wilson’s Super Nova. Kaepernick is clipped and churlish during interviews. He’s a Scorpio with Pluto conjunct his Sun, so he’s not letting anyone in unless he trusts them. He’s adopted and his birth mother has been trying to connect with him for years. Kaepernick’s Black Hole Sun just consumes her overtures and sends them into the dark.

Her last name is “Russo” which means “red.” He has an Aries Moon, which could also be translated into “Red (Aries) Mother (Moon).” Russo is likely Italian. Kaepernick’s father looks like he’s African American. Kaepernick resembles an Ethiopian. Both he and Harbaugh have that Aries Moon. They ‘ve done this before in other lifetimes. Think Oliver Reed and Russell Crowe—think “Gladiator.”


So what makes Jim Harbaugh tick? Astrologically speaking? Can we see the grinder? The catalyst? The change-agent? The warrior? The self-destructor? Let’s have a look.

Harbaugh is a Leo Ascendant. It’s a proud and regal. Leo is the sign of kings and queens and on the ascendant, individual, displays those traits to the world around them. They can also be vain and egotistical. Harbaugh doesn’t display the same flamboyance that some people with Leo on the ASC do; that’s because the majority of his first house is occupied by Virgo (which in many ways is the Anti-Leo). Harbaugh wears nothing but Khaki pants, Kirkland style, Costco. In spite of the plain dressed style of Virgo, there’s intensity lurking in that first house. Harbaugh has Uranus and Pluto, both conjunct in House One. These are the gods of chaos and destruction. This is what he embodies on a day-to-day level. To interact with Jim Harbaugh on a daily basis, is like clashing with transpersonal deities, whether you like it or not. There’s nothing casual about these forces. And when you factor in that they are in Virgo, there’s a merciless quest for perfection of self.

These are the powers of catalytic (Uranus) transformation (Pluto) and they feed, right into his Mars and Mercury in Capricorn. In fact, Pluto and Mars are in an exact trine. This is a formidable aspect. If he can’t beat you, he’ll outwork or outlast you. The Pluto/Mercury trine evokes strategy and chess playing, which is odd, since Harbaugh hasn’t really displayed those traits as a coach. But we’re talking Capricorn here, so it might be corporate game playing, which he is now fully engaged in, with the young and under matched CEO of the Forty-Niners.

Uranus/Mars is explosive. You never know what’s going to happen, at any given moment. Watching Harbaugh on the sidelines during game is a glimpse of Uranus/Mars in action–there’s no subtlety. Harbaugh can barely be restrained, especially when it comes to dealing with officials.

His Sun in Capricorn is early, 1 Degree, embodying the essence of Capricorn, which is endurance, hard work, vocational vision and a quest for legacy. His Sun is also accidentally exalted in 5th House, which gives him yet another undertone of Leo in the chart. It is in a wide trine with Uranus and gives Harbaugh an unconventional and at times rebellious streak, but since the Sun is in Cap, he’s also very conservative and reverent of institutions. So he’s not going to show up at a Russell Brand event anytime soon. In fact Harbaugh is deeply religious (Catholic) and would rather build houses in the off season in Peru for the needy, versus tearing down the system. You can see that also in his NN in Cancer in the 11th House. There’s a lot that’s good about him, but I’m trying to understand this complex character and why he’s engaged in what looks like for all intents and purposes, trying to craft his exit strategy from the 49ers.


The SN in Capricorn on his Mars might give us one clue. It makes his Mars weaker. In the past life scenario, Harbaugh relied on his Mars. Whether it was at Carthage, Rome or The Holy Lands, Harbaugh cannot live by the sword in this lifetime, because he will die by it (metaphorically speaking of course). He often talks about “taking no quarter” when he speaks about other teams. His players are “mighty men.” Harbaugh’s language invokes the crusades. Nope, this lifetime it’s about Cancer, nurturing, building, growing, in concert with others. Harbaugh’s father, Jack is a lifelong coach and he’s a Cancer, opposite his son, Jim. In fact, his father’s Chiron is exact his NN. Who’s healing who?

But what I think is really Harbaugh’s Achilles Heel is his own Chiron, in Pisces, in the 7th House. It’s at 10 degrees, so he’s been going through his Chiron Return. It’s in the house of contracts and relationships. It’s in a tricky place as it opposes his natal Uranus/Pluto. It’s skittish and possibly even self-undermining. He can convince himself that his relationships can’t be trusted or that contracts don’t have to be honored, especially if Uranus and Pluto are stressed and with a transiting Chiron opposition to Pluto, he might either be deceiving himself or others. Virgo wants purity.

Pisces wants to merge. The wound can see imperfection and impurity in others and when it does, it becomes disillusioned and then the relationship and the contracts dissolve. Harbaugh is in search of a type of purity and perfection that will always be undermined by very human qualities such as weakness, incongruity and lack of conviction. When people fail Jim Harbaugh, Uranus and Pluto kick in. Here comes explosive destruction and Jim Harbaugh will not quit until it gets cleared up, cleaned up and settled, whatever that is, in his mind. There’s more—a lot more to his chart. Greg Roman, the unpopular offensive coordinator with the Fans is a Leo and his Sun is conjunct Harbaugh’s Ascendant. This is one, primary reason why Harbaugh won’t ditch Roman. It’s personal with Harbaugh. There’s also transiting Uranus wreaking havoc beneath the surface of his 8th House. Early next year, it will square Mars. Talk about explosive and possibly even self-destructive.

Harbaugh will have immense opportunity in 2015, as Jupiter will transit his first house and conjunct both Jupiter and Pluto, so he might find the perfection that he’s been on quest for, perhaps for lifetimes. But I seriously doubt it will be in San Francisco, or Santa Clara and like everything else in Jim Harbaugh’s life, it will only last as long as Uranus and Pluto allow it to.

Harbaugh Chart


Heavy emphasis on starting, initiating and catalyzing. Capricorn in the 5th, hates to lose, plays with utter seriousness. SN/Mars conjunction. Cannot live by the sword in this lifetime..

Manifests in his immediate environment and closest relationships. Can be self deceptive about personal motives. Needs scapegoats for change. Detests weakness in others.

Here we see the regal bearing of Leo on the ascendant. Personality is both proud and vain. Loyal to a fault while relationships can be cool and distant. Needs money and Earthly power for career. Some psychic ability, but needs to trust it. Can display deep compassion in action with Mars sextile.

24 thoughts on “The Transpersonal Gods Of Uranus And Pluto That Rule Jim Harbaugh”

  1. K

    Hi Robert,

    Could not believe the similarities between Jim Harbaugh’s chart and my own as I was reading this article. I was absolutely stunned! I intend to take advantage of your holiday chart offers (I’ve always wanted my chart professionally read) but thought I would give you a sneak peak to see what I am talking about. By the way, I love your website and read it all the time!


    1-2-1962 20:56pm Kalamazoo Michigan

  2. M

    I miss Eddie!! I know he had his flaws, but he loved his players. And took care of them, like when he set up Jeff Fuller w/ an annuity after his injury. Did you see him catching the last touchdown pass at Candlestick at Joe’s flag football game? The players carried him off the field. You don’t see guys doing that for any other owner in professional sports. He’s one of a kind.

    Have you seen this video of Bowman’s pick six during the last 49er game at Candlestick? In slo-mo to the Journey song “Lights.” Now when I watch it, it feels like the end of an era… Sigh… I miss Candlestick…. Everything feels like a big shift now….

    Have you ever looked at charts for Jed or Levi’s? Jim may be difficult, but the front office doesn’t appear to have done much to diffuse things, either. Harbaugh’s a winning coach and that’s hard to replace.

    1. a

      Eddie is a Scorpio. He was deeply flawed and raised on the fringe of the underworld. He is one generation away from old man Eddie who was very Mob friendly. So Jed is two generations removed and while he has likely inherited the DeBartolo temper, he also has his father’s awkward reserve. These are qualities he’ll have to work out and they might be tricky.

      I cannot get Jed’s birth date. They signed the deal to get Levi’s financed under a Mercury Retrograde. I’m surprised that the stadium got built, however, they are constantly dealing with the crappy sod they’ve laid down. That’s a predicament and a symbol of MR.

      The stadium itself is soulless and panders to the selfie generation. They have some real issues.

      Harbaugh is a powerful personality and he’s ground bigger men than Jed down. It’s a mess and I miss Walsh, John McVay and Bill McPherson. All those guys had class and were old school. The team and the league will never be the same.

  3. M

    Yes, it was a truly privilege to have Walsh. The America’s Game episode for the 1988 49ers has many Walsh interviews and he talks about his retirement, that last Super Bowl, etc. There’s also a great video (w/ terrible sound) of Walsh talking about his offensive philosophy on youtube.

    We were lucky to have an era w/ the likes of Montana, Rice, Lott, Young, McVay etc.

    I hope current semi-finalists Roger Craig and Charles Haley finally make it into the Hall of Fame in 2015.

    1. a

      They both belong in the Hall of Fame. I’ve also made a case for John Taylor as well. Taylor’s stats are very similar to John Stallworth’s, who is in the HOF. Around 2001, I had a strange Bill Walsh day. I lived in La Honda and there was a shopping center in Woodside. I saw Bill roll into the shopping center as I was leaving. Later that night, I ate at Coppola’s in PA and not long after sitting down, Walsh, his wife, daughter and her husband sat next to us. His wife knew that I knew who Bill was and I so wanted to say “thanks” or something and I didn’t. I felt like he probably gets that all the time. So we finished our food and left.

  4. M

    I’ve always been a huge Taylor fan. People always forget he caught the TD in the famous SB drive against the Bengals. Unfortunately, never getting the accolades the other Niner stars got, he never gets mentioned for the HOF. But you’re right, he should be in!

    Wow, two Walsh sightings in one day! Cool!!! Very classy of you to let him finish his meal. I totally understand. It’s that fine line of wanting to express yourself and figuring they get it so much that maybe you shouldn’t. I haven’t run into any players/coaches out and about, but I did get to watch a Niner game from on the field back in the day!

    And not a happy ending to this season and what looks to be a crazy offseason of change… (On a side note – I liked it better when the Seahawks were in the AFC….)

  5. 4

    Just saw above you were unable to get Jed York’s DOB…but would appreciate if you have anything more on Levi’s…feels “cursed-like” if you look at all the events that have occurred thus far: 2 construction workers died during its making, a fan died, another fan paralyzed during a fight, field/grass issues, the manner in which they lost some games, looking at santa clara history it seems the field or stadium maybe on a sacred native american burial site.

    1. a

      They did the finance deal under a Mercury Retrograde–never good. And, they broke ground on quite possibly the worst day of the astrological year 4/19. 4/22 would have been much better–they should have asked me.

  6. 4

    Thanks. Do you think due to the date/time there is a “permanent” type of problem i.e. franchise will not reach the glory as it had in the past?

    1. a

      I don’t know. I think a lot of it hinges on the next coach they hire. It’s a critical phase. I’d love to get my hands on Jed’s birth info. Still blows my mind that Jed is only 34 and Marathe is 37.

    1. a

      Yes. I think the process was awful, but Tomsula will be okay. I guess they really wanted an Aries coach, because Tomsula and Gase are both Aries. Tomsula has a bunch of planets in Aries. He also has a Scorpio Moon, which is interesting for Kapernick, who is a Scorpio with an Aries Moon, so they will get along just fine. Tomsula has Jupiter in Leo, trine his Sun. He has a huge heart and the players love him. He’ll be the anti-Harbaugh. The media will warm up to him. He’s very funny, but don’t think this guy is a lightweight–he’s not. With the Scorpio Moon, he’s beyond clever. I like him. They need to get a really good OC though.

  7. 4

    Tomsula seems more “hell.” In you’re other thread mentioned may have some karmic blowback – there were rumors he was politicking for Harbaugh’s job and Jed York loves him.
    Wonder how long that would last

    1. a

      Uranus in Aries is at an extremely close point to Earth. About as close as it gets. Not sure if Aries is Tomsula’s ruling planet, but he has a lot of it (stellium) in his chart. So maybe this is at a peak or deep valley for him. The culture is terrible there right now. Vernon Davis is taking another season off (he should just retire too) and Reggie Bush doesn’t seem far behind. They’re going to have to blow it up. I think Baalke gets sacked either at the end of this season or the next one. Tomsula will get two years max if they continue to go downhill. But Uranus is the wild card with JT, so maybe his fortunes can turn on a dime. We shall see.

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