The Trans-Personal Warriors Epitomize The Spirit of Aquarius, Cavs Split Into Opposition

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

warriorsfeat-1It’s been a while since I penned an astrological/sports thing, but since we are in the NBA finals, and it’s all GSW vs LeBronisthan, I decided to re-investigate their respective rosters to see if there’s some astrological clues in there and guess what? There are.

This is a very different team than the first one the Warriors brought to the finals three years ago. The players that left; Bogut, Barnes, Barbosa and Speights, were replaced by David West, Javale McGee, Matt Barnes, Zaza Pachulia and Kevin Durant. And it’s had an effect, an astrological effect on how the team plays.

A quick glance at the roster shows the following signs represented in numbers; Four Pisces, three Aquarians, two Capricorns, one Scorpio, one Libra and two Virgos. Essentially the roster is comprised of signs in the upper (lower) part of the chart. As we move away from Virgo to Pisces, we move deeper into collectivity, the realm of the transpersonal, away from the gravity of the self.

This is reflected in the play of the team which is absurdly unselfish as they go out of their way to make the extra pass and get the ball in the basket. Their coach, the physically plagued Steve Kerr, is a Libra and is the fulcrum, the point of balance, as Libra is the mediator between the two hemispheres of the chart. But this is a team that is really dominated by three signs; Cap, Aqua and Pisces (nine combined players). And when they are in the flow, led by their Neptunian Magi, Stephen Curry, they are something to behold and epitomize the essence of Aquarius in the truest sense of team. The offense literally flows like water.

Center is an odd position as it is usually manned by giants, who have an unusual relationship with reality and in the case of the Warriors, their two main men in the middle are Aqua, Zaza Pachulia and Cap/Aqua cusper, Javale McGee. Both have been known for their eccentricities, both on and off the court.

Head coach, Steve Kerr (9/27) is in orb with star, Kevin Durant (9/29). This closeness gives the two a unique ability to communicate and bond with one another. As long as Kerr is coach, the Warriors will have a good chance of retaining Durant, who is at the top of his game.

The Cavs have a very different roster.

The Cavs have the following signs represented; Three Aries, two Cap, two Pisces, two Gemini, two Cancer, two Virgo, one Libra, one Taurus. When we look at the roster, it’s almost the opposite of the Warriors, dominated by eight players from Aries to Cancer. These are not trans-personal. The majority of their roster is learning about self—not other. The most visible example of this is the fascinating, Flat-Earther, Aries, Kyrie Irving. Irving is noted for being one of the best, one-on-one players in the world and at times has put the team on his back in a very-Aries like fashion. But in this series, he’s met his match in the unselfish Aquarian, Klay Thompson, a world class scorer, who has let Durant and Curry get the shine, while he’s kept Irving in the shade.

Capricorn LeBron has become the CEO of the team as he essentially put that team together, along with GM, David Griffin, but even in his play, he’ll disappear at times as he delegates the offense, versus dominating it. Nothing wrong there, but he doesn’t have the same astrological flow at his disposal that the Warriors do. Also, two key players, Iman Shumpert and Derron Williams are opposite sign; Cancer and that’s not always great. In fact, there’s a fair amount of opposition going on. Kevin Love and JR Smith are Virgos, while Kyle Korver and Tristan Thompson are Pisces. These four should NEVER be on the court at the same time. So we see a roster that has combinations of opposition, which isn’t great for team play and even the oppositions aren’t great as Pisces and Virgo can be self-sacrificial to a fault.

While the series isn’t over, and the Cavs could grab a win tonight, it’s not going to be easy to do what they did last year, unless the league asserts itself and let’s Cleveland mug and thug the Warriors into foul trouble. Keep in mind that LeBron also has what are pretty clear illuminati ties and they are always looking for leverage with their possessed charges. Although, to be clear, the rumor is that LeBron doesn’t partake in a lot of the lurid rituals. It might be his connection with Warren Buffet, which spares him the wrath of desecration or his anointment as “The King.” This series should be over in five, maybe six games at the most and if it doesn’t go down like that, you’ll know that the gods of chance and duality have inserted themselves like Olympian puppet masters, controlling the diversionary faction of the matrix.

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  1. J

    What a fantastic astrological analysis and sharing, Robert! I don’t have a normal t.v. as such, but will definitely stay aware of the games and outcome. I’m so out of touch with sports these days when it used to be the only thing I watched on t.v. Thanks for your excellent writing again.

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