The Tax Bill Chart, Executive Order 13818, The Sun/Saturn Conjunction, Ankle Boots As Fascist Statement

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

astro_w2gw_tax_bill.57111.40104Like clockwork, with the stroke of a pen, from the “small hands “of Donald Trump, Saturn in Capricorn, the age of Baphomet, the descent of the hyper-cube was upon us.

At 11:18 AM, EST, on the 22nd, one could almost hear the octagonal cap of the ringed god sounding a sub-sonic groan across the solar system. In the background, the cryptic musings of Q-Anon makes note of the Executive Order that Trump signed undercover of the Tax Reform Bill. While Twitter’s left guard roared a silent cacophony, EO 13818 was signed on 12/20, with the with nearly the same amount of stealth that Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law on 12/23/13 (The Sun was at 0 Cap opposing Pluto at 0 Cancer, essentially an act of war by the Capricornian bankers, Warburg, Rockefeller, Rothschild, etc., against the Cancerian people) and the two might have a similar effect, albeit with very different targets.

EO 13818 and the Tax Reform Bill are a potentially deadly combination that aren’t just drafts for freezing the assets of human rights offenders and bringing jobs back to the USA, they are potentially much, much more and as the hands of Cronus met at 12:01 on 12/21, the United States and the world as we have known it, might never be the same.

Frankly, from a personal level, I’m ecstatic that the mandate for Obamacare has been removed from the tax deal. It was the tacky glue that stuck Americans to the ACA like one of Obama’s flies on gummy paper. By removing the mandate, the Gordian knot of Obamacare has been severed. This benefits the current admin in a number of ways. One, it’s the first step towards dismantling Obamacare, but it also could mean the return of tax paying citizens who have sat on the sidelines since the ACA was passed. Obviously, corporate America gets a hefty tax cut, and there was no way the bill would be passed otherwise. The rich will get richer, but that’s been the story since Babylon held sacrificial rituals at the gilded feet of Baal. There will be more, worthless fiat money floating upward, with the hope that main street can keep it’s doors open for a little while longer.

With all the talk of the inequity of the Tax Bill, getting all the hype, it’s the EO that is the torpedo, racing silently beneath winter’s dark waters. That’s the weapon that’s been put in place, and I can assure you there are people that are very, very scared at this point. While there’s a list of human rights offenders attached to the bill, it’s almost as if they’re placeholders, cut outs for people whose names are far more recognizable, than Dan Gertler, Yahya Jammeh and Slobodan Tesic. Think, Clinton, Abedin, McCain, and possibly even Soros. The model is in place and has been for thousands of years, since Cain took out Abel. This is a paper war, a writ by one gang that’s about to take out rival gangs and not only eliminate the competition, but also freeze their assets. It becomes a cash grab, a bloodless gutting of enemies and old grudges. And oh, by the way, a significant part of the program includes martial law. If the liberals think they’re pissed now, just wait as their idols are scurrying off to places where extradition and the length of ones stay is commensurate with donations to the state.

When Crown Prince Salman rounded up his extended family and shook them down at the Riyadh Hilton, claiming that they were cracking down on corruption in SA, the model was in place to weaken or outright disable the competition. As Jeff Sessions begins to open an investigation on Uranium One, the Capricornian clock is tick, tick ticking.

The tax reform chart, from an astrological perspective is interesting. The ascendant is in Pisces with Neptune in Pisces right on the ASC at 11/11. Of course number freaks will get off on the 11/11. Does Trump have an astrologer?

With Neptune on the ASC in it’s own sign, the Tax Bill is anything you want it to be. It’s evil and the rich will just snort massive lines of cash like cokeheads in the 80’s. It will gut everything and the most vulnerable will fall through the cracks and wind up on the streets, which are already starting to engulf America’s cities.

It will fund the new death camps.”

On the other side, the reverse view of Neptune in Pisces on the ASC, people see this as liberating, dissolving in true Neptunian fashion the unconstitutional mandate for the ACA aka Obamacare. It adds to Trump’s (winning) profile and amplifies their projection of him. This is the nature of Pisces on the ASC in general. In the personal chart it’s a cosmic mirror, a reflection of what people assign to the individual, from the highest form of devotion to the lowest form of scapegoating. Add Neptune in it’s own sign there and it’s not just a cosmic mirror, but a hall of cosmic mirrors. It’s also more than that. The Sabian Symbol for 11/12 Pisces is interesting and might give us more insight into the deeper undertones of the bill.


KEYNOTE: The ever-repeated challenge presented to the individual by the group in which he has claimed acceptance — the challenge to prove himself and his ability to assume responsibility effectively.

At any level of activity, sooner or later life itself demands of the individual that he or she stand up clearly and unequivocally to the ideal he himself has declared publicly his own. At the occult level the testing seems to be controlled and irrevocable. The “initiate” has become a constituent part of an integrated field of mental-spiritual activity. He is therefore controlled by the structural order of the group. He is no longer seeking; having found his place, he must prove himself able to fulfill the function associated with it. He is no longer “free” as an individual, for he has become a part of an integral Whole operating under structural principles of immense antiquity.

This second symbolic stage of unfoldment stands in contrast to the first in that the individual is now bound by collective laws and traditions. At a mundane political or business level he is the junior executive incorporated in a hierarchical institution. He has at all times to prove his worth. QUALIFICATION is an apt Keyword.

This is a degree of testing and initiation from an occult perspective. The Tax Bill isn’t just a form of legislation it’s an esoteric act as Trump, moves from the B team to the A team. In essence, he’s in.

However, there’s a lot more to this chart. The aforementioned Neptune is squaring Mercury, which always brings some very creative truth telling with it. Trump has a Mercury/Neptune square in his own chart, so he’s used to inflating, conflating, fudging and some might call, “lying,” One of the best examples of Trump’s version of the truth is when he’s asked by a pastor if he had ever asked for God’s forgiveness. Here’s Trump’s Mercury/Neptune square in action.

So yes, there is a level of prevarication with this bill. We’re not being told everything. Mercury is in the 9th House, so the direction and guidance of the bill might be originating from outside the country, just as the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 did as well (see Rothschilds). Neptune is performing some magic though in the 8th House, yep that’s other peoples’ money. It’s in trine with both Jupiter and Mars in the 8th and that is largesse, big money, boys and girls. Mars is in an active and creative alliance with both planets. But the same abundance that is available to the guys in the top hats is theoretically available to the rest of us (Neptune in it’s universality), but the really big numbers are in the 8th House for the bankers. Yes, it’s true.

Sag dominates the MC at 19:40. Did the tax bill originate in some country other than the USA as per Sag? Ironically the Sabian Symbol for 20 Sag actually reflects abundance and supply.


KEYNOTE: The foresighted use of natural resources to supply future needs.

Here is Rudhyar’s abridged version of the symbol: “This is the fifth and last phase in the fifty second section of the cycle. It stresses the value of actively planning for future need, and of foresight based on the knowledge of cyclic processes. Keywords: ASSURING SUPPLY.

Reality is an unusual operation. There are events, moments and experiences in life that appear one way at a certain moment in time, even if they feel incredibly difficult but act as catalysts for real transcendence and transformation. Then, there are events that might seem incredibly fortuitous, only to bring with them the burden of heartache and even tragedy. There’s a fat list of lotto winners that can attest to that. The chart for the Tax Bill contains more than meets the eye and both sides of the political fence don’t truly understand the consequences of it all yet. Anyone who does is a polemic and has a politically driven agenda.

Yes, I know, the Sun/Saturn conjunction are in the 10th House and dominating chart to a large extent. That’s the establishment. The hierarchy, the oligarchs, the bankers, etc.. But one of the lessons of Saturn in Cap for the rest of us is to close the gap between “us” and “them.” In an odd way, the energies are demanding that we practice our own version of inclusivity, that means inviting the same level of discipline and power into our own lives. It doesn’t mean that we embrace a certain brand of psychopathology that can be a virulent by-product of power, but if we are to survive through the awakening WE MUST raise our vision and become both guided (higher source) and self-directed. This is the ultimate lesson of Saturn in Cap. In essence WE are the Sun/Saturn conjunction in the 10th House.

If you’re looking for some relief, check into the Moon in Aquarius in the 12th House. It offers a high degree of objectivity and detachment. If you’re freaked out about the new Tax Bill, just detach for a while, meditate and realize that you could be in Yemen, or Syria or Venezuela. Get the 40,000 foot view, then get your own house in order.


Just days after Trump signed EO 13818, the buzz is that they are moving in for the kill shot on the boot walkers (Hilary, McCain and Speier) as well as a host of others. This situation is extremely fluid, and if we look at the USA chart (Sibley version) transiting Mars is going through the USA 12th House and that could result in the rooting out and routing of “enemies” from behind the scenes. Stay tuned.


6 thoughts on “The Tax Bill Chart, Executive Order 13818, The Sun/Saturn Conjunction, Ankle Boots As Fascist Statement”

  1. J

    Great stuff, Robert!

    And the whole Q Anon phenomenon is… well, just that! A phenomenon. Very believable. Do you see any near future alignments that are high potential for team Trump going for the kill shot on the cabal??

    I don’t comment much, but I love your articles! And your interviews with Les Visible. Thanks again.


  2. m

    Good insight, Saturn and Cap seems to empower the “authorities” prob lots of talk of “law and order: to increase police state, though needed in places like Chicago Baltimore etc. This same transit shows the opposition (progressives/ workers 99%) need to get their sh#t in order if they want any say in this next phase of NWO transition.. it will take major energy that is almost nonexistent at this time

  3. M

    Re reading Rudyar’s Astrology of American Destiny is raising a big question for me.

    Astrologers all use the Declaration of Independence charts, but NOT the Constitution/government chart. They are VERY different charts.

    Surely it makes sense to bring the US Constitution chart into consideration while looking at the antics of the US government? Wouldn’t big picture, US astrology look at both charts?

    Eg: We’ve got the SE in Aquarius coming up in two weeks. Is it going to poke some cosmic pings at the Pluto in AQ Government char?

    1. a

      Which Constitution chart are you referring to?

      Created: September 17, 1787?
      Ratified: June 21, 1788?
      Date effective: March 4, 1789?

      Not only are there three major dates for the Constitution, but there are also new amendments, etc.. All three of those dates fall under mutable signs which means something in and of itself, since the Constitution has been more mutable than the Declaration is or was. The Declaration is clearly a birth chart and it is birth charts that we refer to as the tabula rasa in astrology. We can glean insights from those other charts, but the Declaration carries the celestial imprint of the country, for better or worse. The next solar eclipse is going to happen at about 24 degrees Aqua, which is the companion eclipse of great solar eclipse that happened on 8/21, at 28 Leo. It will be close to the US Moon in Aqua. I actually think this last lunar eclipse might be more important since it was very close to the US TN in Leo.

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