The Strange Death of Michael Hutchence Part One–The Fatal Attraction of Paula Yates–The Mars Opposition

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

1508142407317As I tunneled down the rabbit hole, eight days ago, looking at the birth date of Michael Hutchence (1/22/60) and the strange case of his death (and life). As always, when the research starts, the mining process begins. At this point, I could probably write a small book on the death of Hutchence, Paula Yates, Bob Geldof and the death of Yates and Geldof’s daughter, Peaches. We’re talking Laurel Canyon, UK style. Instead, I”l break this down into a series, starting with Hutchence and the obsessive romance with Yates. That’s where it all starts


During the 1980’s, when dance rock stormed clubs the world over, Australia’s INXS garnered a large chunk of the market share, but while remixes of “Original Sin” and other slabs of white funk from the INXS catalog shook butts the world over, they also sold out stadiums and concert halls. INXS was huge. They were a crossover act that was the equal of the Cure, Depeche Mode, Talking Heads, and REM. A lot of it had to do with their front man, Michael Hutchence (Aquarius). Hutchence was the epitome of rock swagger. He was uncoiled and dangerous, casting a Dionysian like figure onto the scrim of the world.  Comparisons with the Lizard King were apt, but Hutchence is a more Byronic figure on a quest for spiritual and physical love. He somehow managed to channel the requisite debauchery that being a rock god demanded, while “mostly” keeping his ego in check, this would dramatically change however.

He dated glamor girls. Supermodel Helena Christensen was his main squeeze before he was utterly seduced by Paula Yates. But a tragic event happened in August of 1992, while in Copenhagen, hanging out with Christensen, Hutchence got into an altercation with a taxi driver, who punched him. The singer fell and cracked his cranium on the pavement. The resultant fall robbed him of his sense of taste and smell.   A dedicated sensualist, this drove him to the brink of madness. During the month of August, in 1992, Saturn was in Aquarius in his first house, which rules not only the entire physiognomy but more importantly in this instance, the head. He also dated (turned out) a young Kylie Minogue and even semi-admitted to having a tryst with Nastassia Kinski at the age of twelve, while living in Hong Kong (Kinski was thirteen at the time). Hutchence had it all; fame, fortune, a great band, sex appeal to burn and then it all came tumbling down and at a breathtaking rate of maximum entropy and extreme, human drama.


One of the things that’s striking about his chart is that all of his planets are above (technically below) the horizon.  There are ZERO planets in any of the houses from two through the seventh. This might qualify as one of the most ungrounded charts I’ve ever seen.

His Mars/Saturn conjunction in the 12th House is noteworthy. While it seems like Hutchence actually had a strong relationship with his father, Mars/Saturn has reared it’s ugly head in charts I’ve worked on with various clients. Mars/Saturn can be the brutal father, one consigned to violence, and usually passed down through the Saturnian or patrilineal line. In the 12th House, the effects of course are hidden. If Michael enjoyed a good relationship with his dad as is the generally held view, then how does Mars/Saturn manifest?

When we attempt to decode Mars/Saturn in this chart, it’s important to remember that Capricorn, the sign repped by both planets is INSTITUTIONAL. Michael Hutchence might have had a supportive father by all accounts, but the hierarchical institutions represented by this conjunction, may not have been all that kind. The lords of Saturn, from the boardrooms, to the crown are lodge members of Capricorn. Mars in the 12th has always been a harbinger of hidden enemies. Evolutionary astrology has taken a bit of the edge off of that fatalistic definition, but there are reasons why certain aspects have a rather fixed perspective. Like a stereotype, there is usually some truth embedded in it. Did Hutchence conjure up the martial forces of his own demise, which can also be a function of this aspect and deep location? Or, were they ciphers, hidden and tucked away, buried like clues in the sarcophagi of his 12th House? When looking at the synsatry chart of Hutchence/Yates, it’s notbale that Paula’s Saturn sits on Michael’s Mars and her own Mars, in Cancer is opposed his, in the 6th House, which unlike the 12th, is supposed to represent open enmity and not-so-hidden enemies. Paula was Michael’s firestarter in more ways than one.

As the fates would conspire, Hutchence met the spunky and punky TV presenter Paula Yates in 1985, when Yates was co-host of “The Tube” with former Squeeze piano player, Jools Holland. While the interview is less than two minutes, Yates spends the majority of her time staring at Hutchence’s package.

The interview is painfully ironic in the light of the #Metoo movement. If Yates had been a man, making obvious boob references, it would likely kill the old geezers career at this point, but in a an ironic, post-modern, Camille Paglia sort of way, Yates embraces her desire–she is a liberated woman. No matter what the social circuitry is, the chemistry is clear.

From that point forward, Yates would become obsessed with Hutchence and travel around the world, attending INXS shows whenever she could.

Yates (Taurus) was already married to Boomtown Rats singer, Bob Geldof (Libra). She would eventually leave Geldof after having three girls with him, Pixie, Fifi and the late Peaches Geldof. There are rumors that Pixie is actually Hutchence’s daughter. This would not be a huge surprise, since Yates herself had lived the majority of her life believing that she was the daughter of BBC TV presenter, Jess Yates, when in reality, she was the offspring of Yates’ TV rival, Hughie Green. Green essentially ruined Jess Yates’s career. According to Wikipedia; “Green grew frustrated by Yorkshire Television’s failure to remove programme producer Jess Yates when he requested this to be done and so leaked to Botham the stories of Yates’ affair with the young actress Anita Kay, whose story, published in the News of the World, destroyed Yates’ career.”Looking at the profile of Hughie Green, he clearly has elements that raises eyebrows and questions. Green was a pilot during WWII and after. He flew for the RAF, and maybe for some other not-so-savory-groups. Pilots play a larger role in moving people and paraphernalia around the globe, see Barry Seal and Stephen Paddock. Green was also the leader of a children’s singing group at the age of 14. He also attended Arnold House school, which was also attended by David de Rothschild and other elites.  Green has all the earmarks of a spook, who might also might have been a chicken hawk on the side.

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 8.29.29 AM

The feud between Jess Yates and Hughie Green would add to the undermining of Paula Yates as the paternal revelations would take place after the death of Hutchence.  Some believe that Sir Bob Geldof, with his direct connections to the crown instigated Yates’ downfall in public, thus de-legitimizing Yates’ role as a fit mother in public.  Let’s be clear, Paula was on shaky ground after the death of Hutchence, so pushing her over the ledge wasn’t that difficult, but Geldof has consistently displayed the warmth of a salamander throughout the whole affair, even denying HUtchence’s mothers dying wish to see her grand daughter.

This kind of subterfuge would not only rear it’s head in the life of Paula Yates, but metastasize to the point where the Green/Yates scandal would look like a garden variety tryst exploited during an era of stifling morality and damning judgment.

paulaPaula Yates’ chart is a complex as she is. In this chaotic splash chart, we can see that she is a force to be reckoned with. Her grand earth trine (Saturn/Pluto/Sun) is emblematic of an indomitable personality able to endure great hardship. With Sag on the ascendant, she did not want to be fenced in. But one can also see some of the traits exhibited in “real life” reflected in her chart. Yates’ Sun in Taurus is opposite her Neptune in Scorpio. The Sun (and Saturn) are the father in the chart with the Sun having prominence when the child is younger. The Neptune opposition adds confusion with paternity, a theme that would emerge for Yates years later with Hutchence and the rumor of Pixie actually being his daughter instead of Geldof’s. We will never know.  Paternity tests from dead men don’t happen often.

Saying there  was a high degree of attraction between Yates and Hutchence, with their Sun/Moon opposition in Taurus/Scorpio respectively, would be a gross understatement. Add in the fact that Yates also had Moon in Scorpio and we’re having a discussion about a fatal attraction, not just chemistry. Not only did they have Sun/Moon opposition, but they also had opposing Mars’ with hers at 7 Cancer and his at 5 Capricorn. For those of you taking notes and looking to apply some of this to relationships, opposing Mars’ make it very difficult to put energy in motion and act as one as a couple. To complicate this even more, Hutchence has his Jupiter/Venus, conjunct in Sag at 23 degrees in Yates’ first house. Yates was a globetrotter with the Sag ascendant, and his Jupiter/Venus, became her personal compass, leading her around the world to connect with Hutchence and INXS in various locales.

I’ve added the above to establish not just a legitimacy between the two, but also laying the foundation to an almost compulsive style of sex/love.

Here’s the Hutchence/Yates chart. (Next Up, the Huthence/Geldof deadly feud).


6 thoughts on “The Strange Death of Michael Hutchence Part One–The Fatal Attraction of Paula Yates–The Mars Opposition”

  1. D

    Fascinating story! This is so crazy because just a week ago out of the blue I started thinking about Michael Hutchence. I never understood his death, and I always felt like something was super weird about it.

    He left such an impression on me when I was a tween watching MTV videos. There was no question watching him that I was definitely a hetero female. Honestly, I can’t think of another male pop icon at that level of sexy.

    I had no idea of the backstory! I never knew about Paula Yates or that she was the mother of Peaches Geldof. I didn’t even know about orphaned Heavenly. Looking forward to the next part!

  2. J

    Having heard your previous shows and talks about Hutchence, I really enjoyed this, Robert, and definitely am looking forward to Part 2.

  3. J

    Thank you for taking this on Robert.

    I live in Australia and to date have not come across anyone breaking down the real MH story – well done.

    I noticed in the charts you offered for MH and Paula, that they both have Chiron in Aquarius 1 degree apart – interesting. Could you speak to this in your next post?



    1. a

      Thanks. I can speak to it now. They basically understood one another’s uniqueness and vulnerability. They could get really far out together and not be judgmental.
      But Chiron at that closeness could also translate into “us against the world.”

  4. C

    Of the 3 daughters, Pixie looks like Geldof the most.
    This has a bit of rumor in it. Remember the rags make up stuff if they find nothing. The 1990s was not a sweet period for tabloid “journalism.”

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