The Strange And Enigmatic Death Of Prince, The Breakdown, The Podcast

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

2836The Rock and Roll life is an occupational hazard. Strange and mysterious deaths are part of the job description. Just ask Jim, Jimi, Janis, Brian, Buddy, Kurt and Amy. Hell, even Elvis was rumored to die on the toilet, constipated to death thanks to an over-dependence on Opiods. Sadly, questions arise in the passing of Prince, too. Succumbing to a strange demise isn’t easier to untangle when the person is quiet, shy and painfully reclusive. Getting answers to a sudden death isn’t easy. Look at what happened to Antonin Scalia. One of the most prominent and powerful figures in Washington was hustled off to a funeral home, then burned, without an autopsy. Prince was given a toxicology report and then was cremated. It’s been a banner year for The Neptune Society.

When 4/21 hit, I thought we were past the unholy days of Molech, especially when NYC declined to install the arch of Baal. That didn’t stop London though and on the Queen’s birthday, it was announced that “Prince” had died. Are we all that surprised, especially when the Simpsons, predicted it, in yet another occurrence of eerie prescience, making me wonder if they’ve got some kind of time machine or are the consumate insiders, writing the script of so-called reality, with each passing season.


One of the more recent and disturbing accounts of child sacrifice taking place during the blazing days of Aries, the final degrees, leading into the season of the Bull/Baal (Taurus) was the mass cremation of men, women and children at the Branch Davidian compound, in Waco, on 4/19/93. This year was the 23rd anniversary of that black mass. Number freaks note that 23 has a special resonance with cryptographers. Where did is originate from?

Back in the days when ex-pats were trickling into Morocco, for cheap hash, hookers, and young boys, it attracted the fringe of American and English artists, musicians and writers. Unlike India, which was a magnet for the sacred, Marrakesh and Tangiers became a draw for the likes of William Burroughs, Paul Bowles, Ira Cohen, Angus Maclise and Byron Gysin. Gysin was involved in chance composition, magic, fugue states and the left handed path. The creator of the “Dream Machine” was also a nasty food critic at an inopportune time. Gysin had a bad meal at a restaurant and told the owner/cook off. The owner didn’t take Gysin’s shots at his cuisine lightly and cursed the Brit ex-pat on the spot, damning him to madness, then death, where he would be haunted by the number 23 till the day he died.

After the dark spell was cast upon Gysin, he started seeing the number 23 everywhere. Of course, this didn’t help him shake the curse and dismiss it as mere fantasy and folk lore. In fact the omnipresent 23 drove Gysin mad. Jim Carey starred in a cinematic portrayal of Gysin’s tortured relationship with 23.

Prince passed on the early morning of April, 21st after reportedly being up for six days. In addition to it being the Queen’s birthday, 4/21 was the day that Rome was founded by Romulus. Rome, April, Mars Retrograde, the Red Arch of Baal erected in the home of the Queen Mother.

Prince was a Scorpio rising, Sun in Gemini, 8th House, which is emblematic of privacy, the secret self who dwells in the nether regions of magic and sex. But he was enigmatic. As much as he was a poster boy for trans-sexual translations, Prince was as hetero as it gets and being a devout JW, didn’t look highly upon same sex marriages, often quoting scripture. Asked about his view on same sex marriage, he noted that there was an anything goes phase in the Bible and God didn’t waste much time in hitting the moral re-set. This ambivalence, bordering on judgement didn’t sit well with socially progressive Sanhedrin.

Ironically, Joanie Laurer, aka “Chyna” died the same day as prince, as did Blues legend, Lonnie Mack. Laurer was a borderline sex in transition thanks to years of steroid use, which made her look like a strapping barbarian, while Prince demonstrated a decided femininity, which manifested in his Gemini sexual ambivalence. But above all of that, Prince was in many ways like “The Little Prince” the Puer Eternus, the eternal child.

In a ritual phase dedicated to death of children, the sacrifice to Molech, was Prince, the eternal child that sacrifice?

Gemini has youth hard wired into it’s celestial circuitry, ever youthful.

On Friday’s outstanding show with Regina Meredith, she asked me if I foresaw Prince’s death, and I didn’t, not like Bowie when I stared into his endgame on his birthday and if that’s the case, then something wasn’t right about Prince’s passing. Saturn was retrograde in his 2nd House, but it wasn’t quite opposite his secret Sun, so it doesn’t really sync. Black Moon Lilith was moving through his 12th House, but this would imply some sort of hidden, or secret betrayal by someone close, someone intimate with him. Speaking of the 12th House, he had his True Node at 0 Scorpio and Neptune in Scorpio there also at 2 degrees. Again, these are aspects that are deeply personal and even secretive.

The Sabian Symbols for the True Node at 0 Scorpio Neptune 2 Scorpio are;

0-1 deg Scorpio
A Crowded Sightseeing Bus On A City Street

This symbol could be reflected by how social and group oriented Prince could be, with his network of musicians, dancers, artists and friends, circling the globe, going from concert hall to club, often in the span of hours and yet, in the 12th House, in Scorpio, secretive in it’s plans, and motivations. Often, when the Revolution or NPR would finish one show, Prince would hustle them onto a bus or limos where they had no idea of where they were going and then eventually show up, unannounced at a club and play to the break of dawn.

1-2 deg Scorpio
A Delicate Bottle Of Perfume Lies Broken, Releasing Its Fragrance

Here is where it gets interesting. I talk at length on the podcast regarding my experience with Prince’s energy/essence surrounding his death and it matches the Sabian Symbol of a perfume bottle broken and released.

There’s something truly dark and symbolic surrounding this death, from the inability to sleep, to playing “Heroes” by Bowie, live in Toronto, just weeks before his death.

Prince, hidden, occluded and occulted was as enigmatic and mysterious in his passing and his life. A casual chemtrail and constitutional activist and a svengali type that could mesmer and sway hearts and minds and in the case of Sinead O’Connor, perhaps even demonically. But let’s be clear. Prince was the Mozart of my generation and even though his output never quite matched the first five albums, there was always the hope and chance that he would have that occasional moment of transcendence and remind of us just how good he was. (Editors Note: Vanity 6, Prince’s GF died in February) Here’s the podcast.

10 thoughts on “The Strange And Enigmatic Death Of Prince, The Breakdown, The Podcast”

  1. v

    Fascinating perspective on Prince’s life & times. He was truly a humanitarian and genius. Unfortunately his human body could not support this tremendous soul beyond his 57 yrs. Robert covers the back stories – food for thought. Prince’s spirit and music will be gravely missed. RIP noble Prince.

  2. P

    Prince has been my #1 favorite artist, with no compare, since the moment I heard his music when I was in 6th or 7th grade. It was Controversy, early 80s, in the 510. I’m mourning. But you said you felt his essence on the Saturday after, and so did I… I was tearing up in the bathroom, wearing purple and his symbol. And I could see his face so clearly in my mind, I know it so well. And I felt him, and felt one of his gifts was teaching women to cherish their beauty, their individual beauty, then I heard “Girl, you need to exercise!” ;>/ So of course I thought, this is just an ego fantasy. Then I heard “I go to all my fans.” And I got a jolt; and I knew. But I definately got the sense that his soul was cast wide, very much in the sense that spirit can be everywhere. It was lovely.

    1. a

      It was a similar feeling that I had. I think he’s a force to be reckoned with on the other side. When Bowie passed, I felt void, a clean break, nothingness, returning to the place from whence he came, but Prince is/was different. He was in touch with the power of love and Bowie for all of his cultivation, didn’t come anywhere close to Prince on the heart scale. I had the pleasure of interviewing Bowie and a number of other very talented and creative musicians and Prince was the one that I wish I could have spent a few hours with. I think we could have had a talk that soared.

  3. p

    rob – perhaps u still can 🙂

    popess – seek more connections and see if there is a similar “flavor” to the messages…it may not be ego after all…

  4. Z

    The elevator attempted to take me down, but the “Crazy” option was employed instead. At least that is how it must have appeared from the outside.

    Just speaking strictly for my own presence, there really are some extremely profound aspects surrounding the events of the last 7 days, and it seems an endless trail could be followed in an attempt to “connect dots”, but what you mentioned about focusing energies on details and “rolling around in it” was terrifically timely. It seems that being aware of where our attentions goes has never been more vital.

    Fantastic work here as always. Thank you for sharing it.


  5. P

    David Icke has a short tribute video as well, where he describes how Price set up a meeting because he had read a couple of David’s books, and wanted to meet him. He didn’t talk much about the conversation, other than to say Prince was awake, and that he was, hm, he didn’t use the word avatar, but essentially that. On that Saturday, I got the sense that he was everywhere, sort of blanketing or shrouding the planet.

    1. a

      I posted that video on youtube yesterday. I was not surprised to hear Icke talk about Prince in very similar terms. I think it’s interesting that you and I had essentially the same experience, as I felt Prince everywhere in the early morning hours of last Saturday. I also got the message that the songs have the keys, it literally came to me like I was getting cosmic nudge (as you did). Here’s the kicker. I;m sure that Prince has HUNDREDS of tracks that are finished or close to finished and in there lies even more ideas, thoughts and revelations.

  6. C

    So…on the morning of the day that Prince passed…before the SHTF…I put on my purple golf shirt…and went about my business.
    When I returned home…CNN had blown up with the news…
    Prince is gone.
    Out of all of my shirts…I had picked the purple one. Uh-huh.
    I wasn’t surprised…it’s a Cosmic Thing.
    However…to my surprise…after the shirt was laundered…there is now a perfect tiny hole in the fabric…posterior, left medial mid torso.
    Just like I had been stabbed in the back by something.
    Just sayin’.

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