The State Of The State — The USA Chart — Announcing The Phoenix File Newsletter

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

american_flagThe State Of The State Of The Union

What is the state of our state of the union? On July 4th, this day, it’s always good to take stock of just what the hell we’re doing here. As many of you who have traversed this blog with me, know that The US chart is in the deepest and most intense phase. The chart suggests that the country is at more than just a crossroads, we are in a struggle to retain our very humanity.

In looking at the US chart, I always refer to The Sibly chart. Ebenezer Sibly was, like his pals, Franklin and Washington, a Freemason and as such, he was versed in esoteric magic, passed down through Atlantis, Babylon and Egypt. This is 1776, so it’s pretty much pre-Weishaupt Freemasonry. The twin pillars of wisdom, Boaz and Jachin contained the secrets of Enochian magic. They survived the destruction of Atlantis and became the blueprint for symbolic and esoteric contact with other realms, shaping physical reality and binding the will to one, common purpose. The founding fathers knew all of this of course, most of them having studied at the philosophical feet of Sir Francis Bacon and Plato, both of whom noted and championed the existence of Atlantis.

Bacon foresaw the new Atlantis as being North America itself. So for the founding fathers, it was imperative that they establish the philosophical beach head of their lineage and they used all the symbolic might at their disposal. The astrological chart of the US was just one tool in their belt.

Sibly, along with Franklin pushed for the specific time of 5:10 PM, though there is still some debate about the actual time itself. Franklin knew that he did not want the US Moon in Capricorn. This would have given the character of the new country a detached and materialistic emotional focus. It would have resembled more a monarchic expression of a collective spirit, antithetical to the one that they were supposedly leaving behind. So Franklin pushed for the documents to be signed when the Moon was safety in Aquarius. This would give the young union a decidedly different, emotional quality, both good and bad, plus, the Capricorn Moon would oppose the US Stellium in Cancer, creating strong sense of duality and division. Again, not ideal at that time. The Aquarian Moon would also be more in line with the Atlantean ideal, progressive, curious, open, detached, scientific and exploratory. These qualities can and have their shadow side as well. Performing experiments on an unknowing and and unwitting public, from Bernays, to Milgram, to MK Ultra, we have been at times, little more than rats in a cage.sibly

The Atlantean ideal is more than just an ideology, it is a spiritual vector, a vibrational expression and wavelength of God. It is an aspect that we must integrate, or as we are seeing int The Gulf (Atalntis) it will destroy us. Part of that integration is to no longer have a stranglehold on technologies that can truly help and liberate us from the dependence of oil and other geo-fuels. The high priests of technology can no longer hold back the dam, because it’s going to burst and it may burst with them, scrambling and scurrying to get to their subterranean condos or deep space craft. Holding back the goods has created a huge imbalance and the planet and spirit of an innovative God cannot be denied.

Conversely, the Lemurian spirit withers and suffers. There is a damning photo of Sperm whale in The Gulf, floating around the internet, one that shows the sad remains of a once proud and free giant. It’s more like a bloated and sizzled bar of tallow now, than the glorious, living library it once was. Here is the damage done to the Lemurian side of us. These are the indigenous species of star systems who traveled great distances to anchor the waves of love, countless epochs ago. They are likely the oldest living beings on the planet. They link us back to our origins and their selfless service has graced and saved us in ways that we might never know. They are in danger now, because the shadow of Atlantis has fallen over the Gulf. It is crucial that the Spirit and The Will, Boaz and Jachin, come into accord.

In The US Chart, The US is experiencing two, major return aspects. The first is of course Pluto Return. Editors note Pluto is at 28 degrees in the US natal chart (not 9 as previously stated–thanks David) It will return near the end of it’s reign at 28 degrees. It will return in Marc of 2022, which will hopefully signal the beginning of the new, Aquarian Age.

Saturn in Libra resides in the USA’s 11th House. This is a strong marker/indicator about how rights centric we can be, regardless of party affiliation. Whether it’s gay or straight, right or left, rights are an intrinsic value for everyone in the USA. Saturn in Libra demands equality and relationships based on reciprocal values and exchanges. The 11th House is inclusive and admits all comers. This concept is going to be intensely challenged over the next 1.5 years. Alien rights/immigration, same sex marriage rights, free speech, guns and the really big one, the internet are going to be the hot button topics for 2011. The concept of surrendering rights for freedom will be front and center. Self-rule, sovereignty and personal accountability all rise to the surface. The debate of corporations as people, will also surface, yet again. This phase will be crucial in how the Pluto return gets played out. This is also where the Atlantean/Lemurian struggle, balancing the planetary spirt and will of God also comes into focus. With no end in sight to The Gulf disaster and perhaps even more Deep Horizons on the way, the decimation of species and the screaming cries of our natural heritage will be felt in every cell. Either we’ll have to address the imbalance or nature itself will, correcting the errors of our ways, just as she did in Atlantis.

Transiting Saturn will conjunct The US natal Saturn on 12/19 of this year, 734 (77) days until the second Pluto conjunction in 2012. It will square the natal US Sun and challenge our ideals of liberty, fairness and equality. It will trine The US natal Mars and Uranus (both in Gemini). Some incredibly innovative solutions towards dealing with conflict resolution should be available, especially during a time, where there will be no shortage of voices, wanting to be heard.

Is it all doom and gloom? Jupiter says ,”no.” Jupiter and then Uranus will enter into the US 5th House. During 2011, we’ll witness a flush and rush of romance like never before. Jupiter’s arrival will herald one of the largest waves of birth since the inception of “Gen Y.” In a radical mix of species survival fears and a return to romance, coupled with lack of discretionary recreation dollars, more people will stay home and rediscover the power of sex and love to give them some cushion against the hard edges of the world. People with some money? They’ll be partying like it’s 1999. The pressure will be too great and we’ll see degrees of excess like never before. We can only take so much pressure.

The Phoenix File

Starting on the 15th of July, I’ll be launching “The Phoenix File.” It will be a subscription based newsletter, delivered two times a month (1st and 15th). It will cover astrology but other topics as well, such as “elegant survival,” inspiration, geo-political news flashes and products that will be able to help you move into the birth canal of our evolution with as much love and grace as possible. The lovely, talented and smart, Willow, will deliver exclusive star trends on the first of each month. If you’ve read Willow, you know she knows her stuff. It will only be $3.99. Heck, that’s the price of one Vente, Vanilla Latte. Our wake-up call comes without all those pesky calories. To learn more about “The Phoenix File” and to subscribe, click HERE.

Below is an actual image of The USA Chart, based on Sibly. All I did was pour it into the Chrome effect on Photoshop. It looks like a container of souls. I did nothing to render this except change the filter.


12 thoughts on “The State Of The State — The USA Chart — Announcing The Phoenix File Newsletter”

  1. B

    …and nothing says detached and manipulative like a Aquarius Moon… and what’s all the crap about pursuit of happinesss…at whose expense?

  2. B

    What if…2012 has been all smoke and mirrors…what if the real date is 4/4/11 … Neptune enters Pisces… and who’s to say that the calender system we have is a pure manipulation to gain that 4/4/11 synchronicity…JFK assassinated 11/22 …MLK 4/4… july 4 – 7/4[11]
    Mary Queen of Scots executed when she was 44…

  3. a

    Hey Badger,

    Did you ever listen to my interview with Carl Johan Calleman? He thinks that the calendar for the Mayans actually ends in October of 2011.

    Here is the link:

    Ellis Taylor sees 2012 as “The Megaspell.”

    Regardless of what you or I might perceive as a smokescreen, there are plenty of tools to generate an event to influence or distract, which would mean that 2012 could take on a life of it’s own.

    Personally, I have thought for the past 3-4 years that 2010 is really the big one. See Arthur C Clarke.

  4. D

    Hey Robert,
    …..enjoy your posts, but I’m scratching my head on this one. The Sibly chart as I know it has natal Pluto at 27deg.33′ Cap., pushing the return date out to Feb. 2022.
    Am I missing something?

    1. a

      Disagree about the Cardinal Cross. First off we saw Capricorn and Aries square off in Afghanistan, with McChrystal (Aries/Army) get the boot from Obama (Capricorn/Gov). It’s a significant sea change and perhaps not for the better. Also, we saw a lot of things at G20 and G8 revealed, like the false “Black Brigade” who are a hybrid of Aries and Cap get exposed as agent provacateurs. Yet more evidence that there is a fabrication of reality. Watch out for McChrystal. His Mars is in the US First House. We have not heard the last of him.

  5. Hey, Robert, you are being bold enough. one months subscriptions are a pain in the butt. I would like a 6 month option.

  6. d

    I think overrated was a bit harsh. I think underwhelming describes it better. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need to see a war or another oil spill, but the t-square was very hyped so…

  7. a

    I hear ya Delon. You also have to look at what happened in your own life over those three days. On Saturday, the day of the eclipse, I had some very intense experiences myself, so it’s not always a matter of the collective reflection, but an inner piece as well.

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