The Star Of The Magi And It’s Possible Return

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

three-wise-men-starThe journey is the gift.

The journey of The Magi to the manger in Bethlehem, begins one of the most powerful and transcendent stories of our time. It’s a pilgrimage that culminates with a meeting of an auspicious being and a prophet for all time, in the guise of a little baby. It’s interesting to see the trajectory of the life of Jesus and how it is three magician/kings that augur his arrival. They based their journey on the rise of a star, brighter than the rest, a true north guiding them to their pre-destined, destination. Here we see one of the only references to astrology mentioned in conjunction with Christianity. Sorcery, magic and geomancy are frowned upon by the church. So the life story of Jesus begins with the aid of magic. It’s highly symbolic in this regard.

The Magi represent the highest point of evolution in the realm of the philosopher kings. They have achieved wealth and knowledge, likely through their skilled application of alchemical principles and enlightened ruler ship. Using the tools of their trade, they were drawn to find a new source of magic, one that was magic incarnate. They pass along three gifts; gold, frankincense and myrrh. These gifts are of course symbolic in themselves. Gold is the most precious element and reflects the pure state of the soul. It also is a material gift for the young family in their time of humble beginning and need. Myrrh has some very useful qualities that would come in quite handy at the birth of a newborn as it stimulates the production of white blood cells and aids against infection. It was used in conjunction with Golden Seal and sprinkled across umbilical stumps on new borns in the ancient world. It most likely had a very topical application in the life of young Jesus (Eshu Emmanuel).

Frankincense was used at one time as an embalming fluid. It grows primarily in Northeast Africa, places like Ethiopia and Yemen, which suggest that at least one of the wise men hailed from this region. While it is symbolic of the preservation of the body and might even portend the death of Jesus and the preservation of his life through the eternity of the soul, again, it also had a very practical application. Frankincense can act as an insecticide, and is quite helpful at repelling things like horseflies and sand fleas. While uplifting the vibration of the manger, it also could have limited the amount of bugs that could gnaw away at Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus. The wise men were indeed quite wise when it came to the preservation of such a young life. They had an investment in it and the three gifts they came bearing were essential to that end.

Astrologically, is there an explanation for the star of the magi itself?

Mike Molnar is an astronomer with more than a working knowledge of astrology. His book, The Star of Bethlehem: The Legacy of the Magi details how through the discovery of certain astrological aspects on a Roman coin, he was able to determine what and where the Star Of Bethlehem was. ARIESAccording to Molnar, based on the evidence of the coin pictured here, it’s clear to him, that The Star Of The Magi was Jupiter, specifically Jupiter in Aries. This occurred on 12/19, 6 BC. Molnar actually gives some credible evidence regarding the fact that it was 6 BC, six years prior to the Gregorian standard. According to Molner, King Herod died before 4 BC and because Herod spoke of the messiah and the star, it had to occur prior to his death. Molnar also places Saturn in Aries at that time, as well as The Moon. He claims that since Jesus was Jewish and that Jupiter in Aries is resonant with the Jewish people that this is indeed the star. Now there are other that claim that Jesus was in fact not Jewish, but possibly Syrian, certainly, at the very least, an Essene. I’m not sure how Molnar works this one out. But his evidence is fairly compelling.

So if Molnar is correct, then we are, in very short order going to experience the return of the star, as quickly as next year, when Jupiter shifts into Aries after a very fast run in Pisces, the sign normally associated with Jesus. It has a brief retrograde run, then gets back to business, moving forward again in Aries. On 4/4/11, There will be a major stellium in the sky, with The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus, in Aries. Jupiter will be just past Saturn in Libra, 15/13, creating powerful opposition, even if it has moved just beyond it. Does this stellium portend what could possibly be the second coming? With all of the energy concentrated in the sign of the self, Aries, it could either augur a powerfully transcendent ripple of awareness through our collective psyches, potentially opening us put to the power of the Christ in each of us, or it could portend something more ominous in it’s overly Aryan overtones.

The god of war opposes the goddess of peace. Anti-Christian? Conflagration or liberation? Both? 4/4/11 is a date to circle on your calendar. It adds up to 1. 44+11 = 55. 5+5 = 10. 1+0 = 1. The overarching theme of unity on this day is abundantly apparent.

As we return to the three wise men, one of the other lessons that we can infer from their role in the young life of Jesus is that they are messengers of manifestation, harbingers of gifts in times of need. Upon their arrival, the share gifts of the spirit and the flesh with Joseph and Mary, gifts that are symbolic, but also quite useful in nurturing and fostering the young life of baby Jesus, and the life of the young family itself. In their hour of need, their needs were perfectly met.

We exchange gifts as we act out the generosity and the gifts of the magi, reenacting the alchemy of abundance and the joy of giving in the service of life.

In that spirit, I’d like to thank all of you who are regular, or even semi-regular readers of my blog and have contributed your gifts to me in terms of comments and the occasional email. I thank you and your presence means a great deal to me and what I do. I know this blog isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I’ve lost some readers along the way, because I don’t always paint pictures with the brightest hues, but on this night, I thank you.

To learn more about the work of Mike Molnar, go here.

8 thoughts on “The Star Of The Magi And It’s Possible Return”

  1. e

    Thank YOU, Robert, for the gift of your writing – I’m always so grateful for your perspective.

    In honor of the Solstice I re-watched the beginning of Zeitgeist ( the other night, which explains the cosmological roots of the Christmas story – the rebirth of the Sun God. According to their version, the 3 Kings are 3 stars in the constellation Orion (which are called the 3 kings), pointing to Sirius (the bright star), and Bethlehem refers to the constellation Virgo (apparently the word Bethlehem translated is something like “bread basket” which was traditionally another term for the constellation Virgo, the Harvest Goddess).

    wishing you a miraculous new year, Emily

  2. a

    Hey Emily,


    Chris Brennan is a very good, Hellenistic astrologer. He has a pretty good rebuttal on his comments section of his site, regarding the Zeitgeist references to the birth of Jesus and “The Three Kings.”

    Here is an excerpt:

    “He (Peter Joseph) specifically says that the stars in Orion’s belt were known as The Three Kings, and this is where the story in Matthew is derived from. So, what is the problem with this?

    Well, as I explained in the article, and as Koch talks about in the book, the passage in Matthew doesn’t saying anything about three *kings*. The Greek word used is ‘magos’, which means something like ‘magicians’. It is only much later that commentators started referring to them as kings.

    So, yet again this guy (Joseph) is projecting modern notions backwards onto the ancients in order to support his theory. It doesn’t matter if the three stars in Orion’s belt were or weren’t called the three kings by ancient people prior to the 1st century, because Matthew doesn’t say anything about three kings in the Bible.

    You can read more about Chris’ interpretation, here:

  3. Given that in the last few decades the Christ has served as the patron deity for American imperialism, war profiteering, bigotry, the worst excesses of capitalism, and human rights abuses all over the world, I personslly shudder to think he may be 2nd coming, or enkindled in our hearts.

  4. a

    Your comment reminds me of the lyrics from “Armageddon Days Are Here Again” by The The:

    “If the real Jesus Christ were to come back today, he’d be gunned down cold by The CIA.”

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