The Spirit Of Aquarius Gets Remixed Under Mercury Retrograde And We’re Kicking Aspects Over On Gaiam TV

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Aspects Are Us

Mercury is still rolling backwards into the head of the solar system, like a rave kid on E and Skrillex. The cosmic irises recede back into the crown, craning into the cranium for some kind of spark, some kind of electric connection with the pineal gland, a crystalline antenna to the human grid, caked and clouded by the heavy metals falling from the Terran skies. We’re arcing, sparking for that connection that brings us closer to the true anima mundi, not the deadening horizontal waves of the lesser transmissions. Are you high enough yet on Sochi drama? Is Ukraine draining your brain? Has the cult of the serpent, the worshippers of Molech commanded enough of your attention yet? Michael Sam is Rosa Parks. Jason Collins is Jackie Robinson. Soon, Liberace will be Jesus Christ in sequins and mascara. These are how the new rules for humanity are written, with the constant bombardment of diss information. Somehow, somewhere, inside the tiny space between your two lower eyes and that sadly atrophied third one is the interzone of the new reality, the new dawn of people that are self determined and unafraid of any status quo judgment.

This, in my estimation has always been what the Aquarian Age was about. It’s not some kind of destination or arrival, but a flexible and scalable model that adjusts itself over linear time, through time.

When I was young, my goal was to expand my consciousness as far and wide as I could, mostly with the use of high powered chemicals. In my visionary world we communed with loving, off planet species and the ones that lived here had a higher level of atunement with us. I was, in my own way, floating in my own space towards a galactic awareness of one.

I was a bastard child in some ways of Leary and Kesey. I loved the faux mysticism of Leary’s Tibetan laced LSD rituals and yet I reveled in the pure experience of the pranksters ethos. It would be years later that I would realize that I was being programmed by both. But the Aquarian dream was very real, a signal of unification shot through every cellular gateway as the awareness of the Cosmic Christ. Think Piscean Age, 24/7, in quadraphonic sound. A living, breathing, ministry of the real, without the four walls and stained glass.

Now, thirty plus years later, the Aquarian vibration is like a wave moving in the other direction for me, as this simulacra of enlightened living assumes borg-like proportion. People rarely think for themselves. There’s plenty of hand wringing and cheerleading for the progressive vision of universal love, but trust me on this friends, it’s going to a place that is much darker than people realize. It’s from the outside in and this is not a popular concept at all. In fact, it’s downright hateful or ignorant in the minds of politically enlightened. If you step outside of the rainbow chalk marks on the playground of the mind, you are the new heretic and your voice can be wiped out in the brief span of five minutes of hate. Just ask Alec Baldwin, who had been the poster boy of progressive politics in some ways. He said a slightly wrong thing at the wrong time, and the pink mafia had him in their crosshairs. Now he’s running for cover, cross the country, to the gated mansions of Malibu and Santa Monica. It’s the not-so-subtle form of censorship, the splinter in the mind that Morpheus referred to. How is this Aquarian?

The spirit of Aquarius summons the energy of the Tower, it is the true unleashing of chaos and as the status quo has quickly moved into petrified criticisms of anything that doesn’t embrace perversion of beauty, morality and truth, then we need to re-evalute that same spirit energy. Aquarius shakes things up, blasts the norm and brings a thunder storm to the plains of common experience. To this end, we need to reclaim it as radical energy which is the harbinger of something quite different; the fully realized image of universal consciousness (God) and man/woman acting as true catalysts that support life, not the denigration of it. We need to stand by those who want to self determine, whether it’s growing their own food, developing their own free energy or reclaiming the decimated waters and skies of our planet.

The true spirit of Aquarius stands against “the-mind-forged-mannacles” as Blake called them and it is in opposition to systems that want to enslave the divine spirit. So I ask you, are you willing to agree to the sliding scale of morality where up is down, left is right, love is hate, beauty is ugly, women are men and men are women and if you don’t dig it, there’s a boot on your neck? Hell, even if you do groove with that kind of pineapple-upside-down-planet, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a free ride on the rainbow unicorn of light.

Aquarius calls us to re-think our position with the status quo and as of 2/25/14, my perspective of it is anything but the conservative mind lock of the Reagan era. With Mercury retrograde, in Aquarius, it’s time for a true, re-examination of the Uranian vibration of change in our times.

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1 thought on “The Spirit Of Aquarius Gets Remixed Under Mercury Retrograde And We’re Kicking Aspects Over On Gaiam TV”

  1. C

    Uranus in the 1st house…Power to the People…let’s change this mofo…Venezuela…Ukraine…Syria…take your pick…who or what is next?

    Exactly…who or what is next…in a very few years Uranus is going to roll into/over your money/assets/income in the second house…this is pretty personal…when a planet changes/screws up your personal economy…

    The aspect will be Pluto trine Uranus…10th/2nd…sounds like transformation of career and change of income…

    Complete your personal revolution now…acquire more skills…buy the 5th wheel…convert to alternative fuels…get ready to boondock…you have about 4 or 5 years to prepare…

    Or just continue to drink the Koolaid.

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