The Solar Eclipse, Mars/Uranus Conjunction, Milo As Uros, The American Spring

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

anteclipseI recently received a message from a client and it went something like this; “One day I have it all together, and I’m soaring, the next, I’m just gutted.” I don’t think she’s alone, as I’ve been going through this cycle myself. There seems to be something big, really big taking place, a modulated wave of psychic purging, with the attendant letting go and surrendering that comes along with these states. There’s also an emotional draining of the swamp that’s going, which will become much more prevalent when Venus goes retrograde on 3/4. Why is this happening and what is driving this cycle astrologically?

Jupiter in Libra has been anything but peaceful. It’s expanded the imbalance between the masculine and feminine in some ways, inverted by the radical energies of Uranus in Aries, opposing it. We might not have the jovial blessing of balance and peace, even if briefly, until the second week of June, when Jupiter moves forward at 13 degrees out of the binary clutches of Uranus. Looking to the Sabian Symbol of 14 Libra, we get the following; PHASE I94 (LIBRA 14°): IN THE HEAT OF THE NOON HOUR A MAN TAKES A SIESTA. KEYNOTE: The need for recuperation within the social pattern of everyday activity. But the respite is brief, temporary, perhaps created by a noteworthy act of commonality that causes a brief stand down in the soft civil war of 2017. What can we let in during this time? Can we still our hearts and minds, even if for a mere 48 hours so that we can bridge the ever widening gap? June seems like an eternity away.

Everyday under Trump feels like a week. It may be only day thirty-five, but it feels like we’re already at the six-month-mark. I’ve been toying with the notion of CERN as a giant watch lately and while we bark at each other from the left and right sides of the pen. Something else is going on, something bigger, stretching time and compressing it simultaneously. The emotional presets of the last 2,000 years aren’t going to work as we are sucked into the vortex of the future. The key? Modulate, pulse, disseminate, eliminate, and transmit, while keeping that essential heart valve open.

Trump ushers in an era of widespread disruption. We’ve been talking about this for well over a year now, but it’s not just his presidency or his Mercurial/Uranian style, but it’s a broadband reality across the entire planet. We are in a deep deconstruction phase and we cannot see or even accurately predict how all of this is going to unfold, because quite frankly it could get extremely chaotic and even dangerous. An all out war has been declared on certain groups inside the media. CNN, the New York Times and the Washington Post seem to be Trump’s most hated enemies and purveyors of “very fake news.” Transiting Uranus in Aries has been in sextile with Trump’s natal Uranus/Sun/TN. It’s radical, explosive and catalytic. This is the chemical payload that’s been sending blood pressure through the roof, but what it’s really doing is creating a combustible explosion of cardinal and mutable energies. Its bringing change in a very big, bigly way, whether you like it, want it, or not. The hot American Spring is almost upon us, the purple revolution revving it’s wheels of destruction. It’s on.milo


Logos is the universal mind, Eros is the underlying energy of creation, shakti and bliss. Pathos, the tragic interplay of Logos and Eros. Milo Yiannapoulis has shot across the collective sky like a flaming star (pun intended). Milo, Libra is ruled by Venus. In my work, I’ve found that it is at times difficult for men in the sign of Libra, unless they embrace Venus and the feminine aspect. Clearly, Milo embraced Venus in a radical fashion. Watching him on Bill Maher, acting like the coquette, flirting, wearing strands of pearls. he was like the amalgam of Quentin Crisp, drag-era Bowie, Oscar Wilde and a bit of Roy Cohn tossed into the mix. The paradox of Milo was like a perverse Zen koan. He was anti-feminist, anti-PC, even anti-Gay rights. He would spout off about being Jewish (somewhere back in his mother’s line) and having a fondness for black dick. These outsider creds would theoretically make him unassailable by the Left, since the Left has no problem promoting or being promoted by classical Jewish/Progressive interests, or minority issues, and in fact they are essential parts of the Progressive DNA, from Marx to MLK, but those touch points were merely odd code to be skipped over to get to the core of the program, which was the assertion of Milo’s fascism and supposed hate speech. We all know what happened next. A college tour that was more like the Sex Pistols one and only tour of America, versus Salman Rushdie’s academic romp across the USA after the “Satanic Verses.” It culminated with a riot in Berkeley, and just weeks later, Milo would be forced to resign from Breitbart, abandon his keynote at CPAC, lose his book deal and burble apologies across the world wide web.

Milo’s rise has been in concert with Uranus opposing his Libra Sun. Buttressed by his flamboyant Leo Moon, Uranus in Aries gave him the radical edge of a “dangerous faggot.” But there was more to Uranus than just adding a nuclear arsenal to his Venusian Sun, he became, if briefly the strange and fearless spokesperson for generations of straight, white males, who have been figuratively taking it in the ass for the last fifty-years, to the point where they have become not just an army of ineffective cucks, or self-absorbed voyeurs experiencing their male energy through sports, but the ultimate symbol of failure, the latest line of exploiters, rapists, racists and plunderers. Milo, in his own perverse, and let’s say liberated way, was taking stances, pushing back and doing the heavy lifting for a sector of society that has been hog-tied and neutered. Oddly enough, it was Milo’s embrace of his blatant queerness that gave him the power to take on the feminist mafia and the politically correct Stazi. In his own way, he had undergone the same type of metamorphosis that usually takes place in ceremonies like the cremation of care. Hmmmmmm. But I see this as a function of the Uranus opposition to his Sun.

Transiting Uranus in Aries inverted his Libran Sun, as transiting Jupiter expanded his identity and as such, fame. Instead of finding the middle ground, balance or peace, Uranus was actually titling the scales to the extreme until there would be a breaking point, which we witnessed this past week, as Jupiter moved in retrograde motion, taking the air out of his fame balloon. But for nearly a year, Milo was taking on the forces of social repression that have been hacking away at the root chakra of men for the better part of thirty years. He was Uros, the energetic expression of inverted Eros, a Beta by any other definition who mutated into a raging Alpha for free speech and destruction of social norms that he perceived had become spiritual chains. The irony here is that he had more balls than almost any straight male who might fear for his reputation or even worse; the last remaining vestiges of whatever masculinity, precariously hanging between his legs.

Often, we associate Black Moon Lilith with the denied feminine, but in the case of Yiannapolis, with his Black Moon Lilith in Aries 4 degrees, his journey in a very odd way has been about the denied masculine, cast out of Eden, a new version of the story where Adam is sent packing and it’s Lilith and Eve luxuriating in a world with no threat of violence or rape. no threat of future murderers hatched out of their wombs. With his Chiron in Gemini, he’s dealing with the wound of duality and the double standard. It’s okay for George Takei to get a woody waxing poetically about the (over age) Norsk god that stole his (under age) virginity at Summer camp. Takei will get a seat on Ellen’s couch while Milo will slouch from Babylon, waiting for what all Americans hope and pray for—a second act.

I don’t condone Milo’s stance on underage sex, even if beings are biologically capable of bringing a life into the world, many of them are not emotionally prepared to deal with the consequences of such intimacy and while Milo makes a case that some are, how are we to know and by what criterion do we judge our youth and allow them to make their own choices? I once speculated on similar views with Milo, knowing extremely sophisticated young people over the course of my life, but there is a sanctity to youth and childhood and it must be protected and preserved at all costs.marsaries


The last time Mars was in Aries and conjuncting Uranus, was in 2015. Want to know what happened at that time with of course a Pluto in Cap kicker, forming a T-Saquare? Well here you go.

• With Help From Iran, Iraq Begins Major Campaign Against ISIS. (Mar. 2)

• Israeli Prime Minister Makes Controversial Speech to U.S. (Netanyahu bangs for war with Iran) Congress. (Mar. 3)

• Boko Haram pledges allegiance to ISIS (Mar. 6)

• Gunmen Open Fire at Tunis Museum (Mar. 18)

• The Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Mosque Attacks as Violence Escalates in Yemen.

• Justice Department Releases Report on Ferguson Police (This leads to violent protests in Ferguson) (March 4)

• Boston Marathon Bombing Trial Begins (led to a bullshit, coverup movie starring Mark Walhberg (March 4)

Sensing a trend here? Those were all second decan Uranus aka Leo events and a quick glance indicates the dramatic nature of that decan expressed. If you go back to the first Mars/Uranus conjunction in 2011, this was when Uranus had just gone into Aries and it’s first decan aka Aries events that surface. In France there was a ruling that Muslim women could not wear full face burkas (the head/Aries) NFL players were on strike (Aries/warriors) and Obama produced his ahem, birth certificate (Aries//birth). We find ourselves now in the third decan of Uranus in Aries, the Sag decan and we’ll be dealing with hardcore and radical aspects of religion, fiery expressions of truth, overseas incursions and perhaps even violence on campus. This will be the last conjunction of Mars/Uranus in Aries. The next time these two planets conjunct again will be in Taurus.

From a personal perspective, this a time when each of us is more ready than ever to get in touch with not just our will, but our repressed will, the energy that we have held back and denied can be explosively triggered and expressed. With the square to Pluto and the opposition to Jupiter, there’s a struggle for balance. What do we hold back on? What compromises have been made in the past that cannot be made any longer? Pluto in Cap raises the voices of authority from our past as in fathers, teachers, CEOs and yes even presidents.

Uranus has just moved out of Donald Trump’s 8th House, the realm of the underworld and up into his 9th House. Mars follows along and the deep, hidden aggression comes out into the open. In his 9th House he’s dealing with the press, but also ideologies and foreign governments. Will this be a major move around Mexico, ICE and the borders? Will there be major conflict on the horizon as a reaction to Trump’s aggressive stance with the undocumented, unprocessed and the unofficial border crossers? I had to come up with something new. To find an answer, we need to look at the chart of the USA.

The US is marked by Chiron in Aries in the 4th House. If course this is gun violence and war. It also relates to the wounded male (see above). Mars in Aries is conjunct USA natal Chiron. Mars is just hitting the US Chiron, so in essence, this is a trigger, a trigger event, and when we these transits hit, sometimes they’re felt immediately and on other occasions, they take more time. The next 48 hours will be revealing with the final Mars/Uranus conjunction. Speaking of revealing.


Today’s much hyped solar eclipse is annular, but since the TN has been stuck at 3 Virgo for the past few weeks, the eclipse is happening on the New Moon in Pisces and the Sun there as well. The next series of eclipses will take place in August. This eclipse will be visible in the southern part of South America, so we’re talking the very tip of the ring of fire, which evokes seismic activity, but the area I’m most interested in for this eclipse is Antarctica, where there’s been a significant amount of military and esoteric activity taking place, from reports that the Nephilim are stirring, to a massive crack widening and splitting right through Antarctica, to the deployment of Gabriel’s arc, a super weapon inherited from the Annunaki, poised and ready to use against an incoming object. Yes, that very same Antarctica.

From a personal and collective perspective, we’re dealing with Piscean energies and it’s no coincidence that the whole subject of “Fake News” has risen to the surface of our consciousness during the Saturn in Sag, Neptune in Pisces square. It’s not just about fake news, it’s about the absolute and utter control of consciousness. Fake news is just the tip of the ice berg. We’re talking the complete and utter deception of reality itself. Pisces runs the gamut, from the profane to the sacred and all spectra in between. Unlike other signs where the directive is clear, Pisces is a miasma of influence, so if you’re reading other astrological sites and they’re dispensing their take on this eclipse, use a good filter because Pisces is not an energy that is easily contained and classified. That said, we’re in the realm of subtlety, nuance and floating spirit. Intention is more important than ever and has been for the past four days and will continue to do so, because that’s the essence of Pisces, intention, the doing without doing, the surrender of one’s spirit and will to a level of higher dimension and operation and leaving the lesser concerns of the self behind. We’re already cycling through the hidden and obscured areas of our lives (see the beginning of this piece) and this eclipse is a cosmic driver that is pushing us towards higher ground, more refined expression through greater compassion and even faith.

The light is eclipsed during an eclipse and simply, plainly, we see the shadow of the the light or that which has been withheld from us, and this is from the masculine/solar perspective. From the lunar space, the feminine, the symbolic representation of healing, love, pure and unconditional is also there to tap into as well. Our world as we know it is dying and that’s not a bad thing. It must in order for something new to emerge. We’ll see more and more things over the following months that will confirm this and many people will feel naked, raw and even confused. This eclipse phase is the sacred ground for preparation. Be easy on yourself, practice forgiveness where and when you can, dissolve structures that have been used to separate, get closer to the still, small voice within and begin to prepare yourself for the spiritual challenges we have ahead of us. It’s going to be a radical Spring.

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6 thoughts on “The Solar Eclipse, Mars/Uranus Conjunction, Milo As Uros, The American Spring”

  1. n

    To restore causality and biological continuity without the buffering of old animal magic on a soundstage is really damnation.

    I think those old powers would be less traumatized if the work involved did not come down to ignorant neural environments.

    No god is happy being a version of an airplane.
    Thunderbirds, that is OK.

    Even that stuff keeps the outer stuff entertained.

  2. C

    Look forward to your interpretive reads as they seem to dispel myth and bring so much truth front and center.
    As much as I’m uncomfortable with it all; it’s pretty cool that you throw it out there for us to digest.
    The George/ milo thing was disturbing; as an Asian male I even see this double standard. The left thinks George is cool (to me he is pervy and weird) and yet crucify Milo and it’s not cool because he’s on the right.
    I’m not taking sides but I do see the contrast and the unfairness involved.
    I am not a believer in either side but I do see both sides
    And I like your fairness in just breaking it down through astrology.
    Thinking of looking into your classes and getting a skill.
    How do I check it all out?
    Thanks man.
    Chi Nguyen

  3. E

    Dear Robert,

    Thank you for your words of wisdom. Yea verily, am in a place I’ve never been before and it was good to read that yourself and others are “there” too. Perhaps for the first time in my life, I am not on the Left, but I’m not on the Right either. Don’t feel the need to pick a side either. But it is strange territory. Getting used to it. Found myself chanting Shanti, Shanti, Shanti while in a church at a funeral the other day (mostly to protect myself from the psychic vampires that once attached to me in this church) and did not even know what it meant (peaceful).
    Thanks also for mentioning Antarctica. Been following that story for awhile. So many interesting high profile visitors this last year or so. Have been reading “Fingerprints of the Gods,” by Graham Hancock, a book that I found in my library and have no idea why it was even there. Chapter 1, page 1 is all about a map of Antarctica not covered in ice, that is verified as true to form by the USAF.
    That is what life feels like these days. What used to be dreamy fiction in my mind is becoming non-fiction. Is taking some getting used to. Is that the Pisces effect?

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