The Shared Lunar Connection Between A Father And His Son

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

griffin_morris_hpHappy birthday to my son!

I have found on many occasions a connection between children and one or both parents with a shared Moon in their natal charts. In my case, both of my parents have Virgo Moons, yes, the were and still are quite critical and I am a Virgo Sun . . .barely. My son, who celebrates his 5th birthday today has his Moon in Libra at 13 degrees, just four degrees off of my natal Libra Moon at 17 degrees. We share many of the same attributes: a love of music, art and connecting with people. Even though he’s only five, his friends are vitally important to him. This also plays out in a very synergistic fashion when it comes to Robert Camp’s playing card system, as his card is “The Two Of Spades” also known as “The Friendship Card” reflecting his intense need to share and bond with others. Interestingly enough, my card is “The Two Of Clubs” or “The Conversation Card” and his mother’s card is “The Ace Of Spades” or “The Magi Card.” Add them up; Two of Clubs + Ace of Spade = Two of Spades. My wife and I share one another’s karma card in Camp’s system as well.

Also feeding into the overall theme of relating in my son’s life is his “Two Cauac”, or “Two Thunder” in the Arguelles Mayan count. Twos in his cosmology “polarize” in order to relate, but their action is always about defining and redefining self through and against others.

His Pisces Sun sits in my fourth house, while it lands in my wife’s seventh house–talk about past life karma! I think I’ll deftly avoid the oedipal connection on the “son” in his mother’s seventh house.

Not everyone has these sorts of intertwining connections between their parents, but more often than not, they do and a quick gaze at a chart can find where the connections lie.

Yesterday, I looked at the upside of Pluto in Capricorn. Tomorrow I’ll deconstruct Jupiter/Neptune in Aquarius, beaming some light onto the shadow of those two aspects. Globalists and New World Orderlies, be forewarned that it won’t be all warm and fuzzy.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. T

    Hope you son enjoyed his day, Robert. 🙂

    I inherited my father’s natal Sun in Aquarus and Saturn in Aries. My mother had Sun in Libra and a stellium in Cancer – my natal ascendant was Cancer (re-located to Aquarius by moving to OK).

    Mmm – no warm an fuzzies today then? I see. I’ll gird up my loins for the fight. 😉

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