In The Shadow Of The Aquarian Age, Part III, The Rise Of The Great Society, Social Programs, Programming And Systems Collapse

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Rising in the flames of Camelot.

“A reformation means that masses of our people have reached the point of disillusionment with past ways and values. They don’t know what will work but they do know that the prevailing system is self-defeating, frustrating, and hopeless. They won’t act for change, but won’t strongly oppose those who do. The time is then ripe for revolution.” (Saul Alinsky)

Does, the above quote, sound familiar? Does it sound like perhaps the current milieu in which most people are deeply polarized or standing around with their palms up in the air, staring back at one another in utter disbelief? To quote one Talking Head, “Well, how did I get here”?

As the social fires of the Sixties blazed, and the very real fires of the inner cities burned down the likes of Detroit and Watts, a revolution was underway and it wasn’t being led by Clever, Ayers, Rubin, Hoffman or Dorn. It was taking place from within The White House itself.

With John F. Kennedy and the threat of a sovereign America, no longer in the oval office, Lyndon Baines Johnson aka LBJ set about to change the course of America with the most ambitious undertaking since the New Deal. Johnson would create “The Great Society” which was the second, massive ramp up of social services in the USA of the 20th Century.

It began in earnest in 1964, while the public was still reeling from the senseless death of their president, their King Arthur, the heir to Camelot. In the despondent fog of the collective trance, a new program was quickly being inserted. At this time Saturn was still in Aquarius and out of it, groups and agencies like VISTA the NEA, Job Corps, etc., were born out of the Great Society, mostly based on a dictum/mandate called; “The War On Poverty.” It also led to something that had never happened before in the history of the USA; The federal government’s incursion into public education via, “The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.” With it’s passage, it meant that the federal government would have a seat at the table and a say in shaping the hearts and minds of the youth of America.

LBJ was anything but an Aquarian with a stellium in Virgo, but he did have Chiron in Aquarius, as did the aforementioned, Saul Alinsky, which gave them the impetus and propensity to fight for the underdogs and have nots.

There are a number of things that came out of the Great Society that have been worthy contributions to the betterment of Americans lives, like Medicare, but it was a pandora’s box that opened the floodgates to a type of radicalism that mirrored the rebelliousness of the Aquarian ideal of revolution at any cost, by any means necessary.


While Johnson addressed poverty in the formulation of “The Great Society” opening the portal to the welfare state, two professors from The Columbia University of Social Work were not satisfied with the bones that were thrown the poor, which is how they viewed the welfare system at the time, a payoff of sorts, hush money for an interminable condition. Their names were Richard Cloward and Frances Fox-Piven. Their goal? To use strategies inspired by Aquarian radical, Saul Alinsky, and test the inherent flaws of the system against itself, since Alinsky had presciently determined that no system or person could live up to it’s own moral code or belief. Put enough pressure on either and both would crack or collapse under the inherent flaw of all things being imperfect. However, the provocateur knows this and exploits it angles and through indirect means.

Cloward and Piven had decided to work this theory. They first aired it publically in the May, 1966 edition of The Nation in an essay titled, “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty.”

Cloward and Piven recruited a militant activist from New York’s lower east side named “George Wiley.” Although Wiley was a Pisces (2/26/31) with his Mercury in Aquarius and Moon in Gemini, he had the tools to implement a divide and conquer strategy while being inspired/led by his need to channel his revolutionary thoughts. His chart is an interesting exposition in the dynamics of opposition. Wiley had Venus and Saturn, conjunct in Capricorn (21/19), which opposed his Mars and Pluto in Cancer (28/18). Wiley was driven by extreme opposites and used the system (Capricorn) to fund and organize his need to nurture on a social level (Cancer).

Wiley was no shrinking violet. He and Cloward-Piven targeted liberal, New York Mayor, John Lindsay. Lindsay was a Republican only by name. But it was enough. His term as mayor was marked by a series of strikes that debilitated New York. The strikes were strategic and Cloward-Piven, along with Wiley, followed suit. Wiley demanded that people in New York, not only get the welfare due to them, but more. Wiley and his charges threatened violence in the streets if their demands weren’t met.

They were.

Once the model was established in New York, Wiley and his group, “The National Welfare Rights Organization (NWRO), which started in 1967, would have 22,500, dues paying families by 1969. In the September, 27th, 1970 edition of the New York Times, here is what the Times said about Wiley and the NWRO and Wiley’s tactics;

There have been sit-ins in legislative chambers, including a United States Senate committee hearing, mass demonstrations of several thousand welfare recipients, school boycotts, picket lines, mounted police, tear gas, arrests – and, on occasion, rock-throwing, smashed glass doors, overturned desks, scattered papers and ripped-out phones.”

Wiley’s methods, were radically successful. Sol Stern from “The City Journal” wrote the following;

From 1965 to 1974, the number of single-parent households on welfare soared from 4.3 million to 10.8 million, despite mostly flush economic times. By the early 1970s, one person was on the welfare rolls in New York City for every two working in the city’s private economy.

It floored New City’s budget and economy. In 1975, the city of New York declared bankruptcy. The state nearly followed it into insolvency.

Cloward-Piven’s model worked. And they weren’t done.

The next thing they went after were voter rolls.

Three separate groups, two founded by Cloawrd-Piven acolytes, ACORN and Project Vote along with Cloward-Piven’s own, Human SERVE, worked towards the re-vamping of voting regulations, which led to Clinton’s passage of the “Motor-Voter” bill, which both the left and the right have used to flood the precints with dead wood, multiple voters, illegal voters, etc. It created a flaw in the system, which has been evidently exploited in the last three general elections for the POTUS.

Richard Cloward was born on 12/25/26 and had Jupiter in Aquarius at 24 degrees, just two degrees off of Wiley’s Mercury, which made the two a formidable 1-2 punch, with Wiley carrying out the Aquarian strategy handed down by Cloward in his quest to expand the Aquarian revolution into the realms of communistic principles like the abolishment of all private income, for one, universal salary for all. This, was their goal.

Like Wiley, he too had Venus in Capricorn and Pluto in Cancer.

Though I can’t get an exact time, Frances Fox-Piven was a Libra with Moon either in late Aquarius or early Capricorn. In any case, her Moon would set her up as a sympathetic emotional node in the triumvirate of the main progenitors of their break the system strategy.

All of this was born out of Luciferian/Aquarian Alinsky’s playbook.

This insurgency was the same type of tactics that drove the Russian peasants into the hands of the Bolsheviks and all of it was born out of that critical Uranus in Aquarius cycle, which begat the Russian Revolution.

Just an aside, The French Revolution, which lasted nearly ten years, was officially kicked off with the storming of the Bastille on 7/11/1789. Where Pluto was in what sign? Aquarius of course, at 18 degrees, just two degrees off of where Uranus was, when the Russian revolution began.

So the question then becomes; Are cycles and movements manifestations of collective thought and programs downloaded from the event matrix, or are they driven, even consciously at times by forces aware of their esoteric application?

And what is this version of the Age of Aquarius anyway? Is it a revolt against God? Is it a grand agit-prop handed down through the mind of a burning deity that champions the have-nots, the downtrodden sub-species fallen from the grace of the supreme overlord who supposedly turned his back on them when they stepped outside the circle of trust, in a garden long ago?

Is this the only version of the age of Aquarius, some watered-down new age model of socialism with rainbow unicorns and free marriage for all species regardless of sex?

“Change” is an Aquarian axiom that’s been franchised by power brokers who employ it as a strategy for eliminating the competition and securing their power base. You know that the heads of the politburo never had to settle for cold potato soup or winters in Siberia–fresh meat and refuge on the Black Sea in the cold of January for them!

Ultimately, is this version of the Aquarian age an age where everyone is leveled and equal rights are substituted for freedom and tolerance for real compassion?

And what are we forced, either through direct confrontation and law making, or through subtle coercion via social engineering to endure?

Is gay marriage enough to slake the Aquarian thirst for equality or will the next phase become sex rights for children and adults that wish to partake with them?

Where does it end or will it end at all? And is there a positive expression for the Aquarian Age?

Stay tuned as we begin to move out of the shadow of The Aquarian Age.

7 thoughts on “In The Shadow Of The Aquarian Age, Part III, The Rise Of The Great Society, Social Programs, Programming And Systems Collapse”

  1. C

    “All the world’s a stage.
    And all of the men and women merely players:”

    Not so long ago Uranus and Neptune hooked-up in Capricorn and the “New Age” was the thing. Business went nuts for it and people cashed in.

    Where are we now? Well IMO we are suffering from the explosive procreation of technology and addiction.

    But with everything Neptunian, there are pluses and minuses. On the one hand people walk around with heads up their asses talking and texting while walking and driving. On the other hand, instant communication is the bane of dictators trying to stop the revolution or the spectacle of the flash mob dancing in public places.

    The tipping point appears to be about content and intention and it’s source. What are you trying to do and why are you doing it and who is manipulating you?

    The difference between now and the past is that Neptune has followed Uranus into the 11th and 12th houses. so essentially what Uranus has activated, Neptune is now confusing with acting, fantasy, addiction, spin and unparalleled craziness. (e.g. Uranus turns cell phones into an addiction, Neptune turns cell phones into a religion with competing faiths.)

    Let us not under-estimate the power of Neptune for good and bad over the next decade. The potential is there. With Uranus in the 1st the pressure is on everyone to revolutionize themselves.

    Will we surrender to the dark side, or will we find the light?

    Lest we forget, the “Dark Knight” occupies the mid-heaven. Lions, tigers and bears.

  2. j

    What…still no comments after 6 days since first posting? Disgraceful 😛 I enjoy reading this series /just feel outta my league as history is not a strong suit so too embarrassed to even try. But I will say that your last few statements after “So the question becomes…” really pulled it together for me, made me LOL (rainbow unicorns) and makes me anticipate the next installment. Really want to know where you go with this so please don’t think the room is empty ya know!
    Love ya~♥

  3. a

    I find it hard to read your stuff. I have to think a lot to put your points together, and I just can`t think very much anymore. I`ll start a conversation with myself, and then just find that I`ve stopped it a few minutes later. (Talking to yourself / thinking.) And astrology has never really made any sense to me. I basically understand it, and respect it, but I guess I had my own approaches, which have largely been superseded, in any event.

    I also never got into studying Revolutions. Or Marx, and economics. Okay, finally, after Lehman collapsed, I reluctantly did the internet crash course in banking, finance and investment. And then, after Fukushima, I got my internet double PhD in nuclear physics, just to understand the news reports. (FYI, I`ve decided that “Capt.” Kirk Sorensen is going to save the Earth.)

    Cloward-Piven? Huh? So, did we all start reading Our Lady of the Pink AR-15 after Mf Global collapsed? Yeah. Weirdly entertaining. She is my hero, manfully gripping her assault weapon. That was the first place I heard of Cloward-Piven.

    So, I was thrilled to hear that the NSA is backing up all of my internet activity for me. My great-grandchildren will have so much fun seeing what a perv I was. I`m sure my virtual behavior pales in comparison to their everyday, I`m-bored-what-do-you-want-to-do-today existence. The Stasi files of the future! My ancestors only left me guns. How boring.

    Is there, like, a comment in here, somewhere; or am I just parasitically writing my own blog post in the comments section of another random blog?

    No.. I mean, I always kind of wondered what nefarious angle the Great Society had for a Sith wannabe monster like LBJ.

    Cool. So, we got the Bribe for the Poor, a Sop to those hungering for Justice, and the Cloward-Piven nation-slaying Financial Time Bomb.

    Nice job, Lyndon Blow Job. Bravo. And it was nice to hear how romantic you were, too.

    1. a

      Well, at least it prompted you to write something. C’mon back sometime and I’ll write about something nice and astrologically like the upcoming Mercury and Saturn retrogrades. By the way, I found it hard to read your comment.

  4. H

    I know I’m late to the comments section, but I just gotta say, again, Robert, I love your writing. As a genetically cloned liberal who is finally getting off the sauce (“progressivism”) your analysis of Pivan and all the rest of the great society is so very welcome. I guess it’s like being a drunk, when you finally get sober you don’t want to hang with ANY drunks anymore and you realize theirs “something” wrong with those people.
    And I love what chaos brings to the discussion.
    AND andoo, you had me LMAO,and I’m at Starbucks, so I really needed to contain myself. Please, please, please, reply again ( or get your own blog!).

  5. a

    Yeah. You just said you found it hard because I said that first about your stuff.

    I don`t know why I started that off being such an asshole. I guess that was the dark side of my aquarian nature.

    Chortle chortle chortle…

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