The Seductive Diplomacy Of The Libra Full Moon

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

libmoonThe beauty and grace of The Libra Moon can take your breath away.

The rigors of moving have bit into my time and energy like jackals tearing at the fabric of what little consistency I muster on a day-to-day basis, but it feels like I am turning the the tide and taming the forces of chaos for now.

It’s a bit on the late side, but here is the full moon scoop/scope for April that lives mostly over on Kosmic. Perhaps it still has some resonance.

This Libra full moon is fascinating on so many levels. First, it opposes a stellium (a meeting of three or more planets) in Aries (Sun/Mercury/Venus) and it joins up briefly to join Jupiter in an airy trine in Aquarius. When Libra and Aquarius merge and join forces, justice prevails, especially in opposition to that heavy Aries action. This moon favors social and personal justice, however, employing excess indignation where it’s not warranted could provoke more antagonism than is needed. They key here is to build bridges and not burn them down. Strengthen alliances already in place and win your rivals over by appealing to their heightened sense of humanity.

Libra LOVES a good win/win and with Jupiter in Aquarius on the flank, it’s a great time to facilitate the highest possible outcome for all, especially for that brief window when The Moon slides up to Neptune (also in Aquarius) and thoughts can actually rival speech when it comes to communication. Don’t underestimate the ability to connect on profound non-verbal levels.

The 9th is a deeply mystical number and encourages merging at very profound levels. Stand up for what’s right, seek equality, equanimity, balance, and the highest outcome for all and you’ll ace this moon phase. To find your sign, rising or Moon, jump on over to Kosmic.

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  1. e

    Thank you, Robert, for your intelligent Full Moon insights. I think it’s appropriate that you posted this a little late, because it felt like this Full Moon had a delayed reaction – like it didn’t really kick in until a day or so after the fact (at least that’s how I experienced it) – maybe the Venus Retro influence? I felt exhausted all last week and thought, where’s my Full Moon burst of energy?? But then I started feeling it on Friday. Good luck with moving – hope you find/found the perfect place. be well, Emily

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