The Scorpio And Taurus Connection With Hilary, Comey and Lynch, Plus Days Of Rage Chart Breakdown

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

hillary-lynch-comey-bho-white-house-corruptionBack when I was at Gaia, with Regina Meredith on Open Minds, I talked about the long, hot, summer and how around the 4th of July, it would all kick off, get triggered. The first event, which took place on the 5th of July, was when FBI director, James Comey essentially pardoned Hilary Clinton in one of the most shocking displays of cognitive dissonance I have ever witnessed.

Comey (Sagittarius) a former lawyer, brazenly announced that with all of the evidence in hand, which was ample enough to get someone like Edward Snowden convicted of treason, could not establish a “willingness and intent” on Hilary Clinton’s part to consciously do what she did with any number of federal violations, of there were at least a half-a-dozen, which were later exposed by a House committee which cross-examined Comey just after the ruling.”

There was something about that public exoneration of Clinton that aided and abetted the lawlessness and anarchic spirit, which would follow. If there was a time for Hilary Clinton to finally have a moment of reckoning, it was then. With Mars in Scorpio, at 23 degrees, just one degree off of her ASC, the heat was on Hilary like never before. If there was a time to finally expose (Scorpio) her involvement in covert aggression, guns and war (Mars) this was the astrological moment of truth, a celestial reckoning and for mere mortals in the system, it would be, not in her case.

There are some interesting astrological links between Hilary, Comey and Lynch and they are all related to Scorpio, the keeper of secrets. Comey and Lynch both have Scorpio Moons and from what I can gather, without their exact birth times, both Moons are conjunct Hilary’s Scorpio Sun at 2 degrees. And based on one of Lois Rodden’s times, it would place their Moons in Hilary’s 12th House. In essence, Comey and Lynch provided emotional cover for Clinton with the Moons (Sun) conjunction.

Coincidence or part and parcel of the personality and the position which it is drawn to by the secretive Scorpio Moon?

Speaking of Lynch, good luck getting anything out of her. Born May 21st, 1959, Lynch is a 29 degree, Taurus Sun, with the aforementioned Moon in Scorpio with Mercury in Taurus as well. Lynch displayed her stubborn as a bull tendencies as she refused to answer the House committee’s questions about her role in enforcing the ruling of the FBI and coming to her own conclusions as the head of the DOJ. There’s stonewalling and there’s granite facing. Lynch was immovable in her responses. Of course, all of this was happening over the past two days with wouldn’t you know it, the Scorpio Moon.

Not only does Lynch have the Moon in Scorpio, but her Jupiter, at 26 degrees, Scorpio, is sitting on Hilary’s ASC at 22 Scorpio. Talk about cover!

We can’t finish this discussion without bringing Slick Willie into the mix.

Just days before the FBI’s ruling, Lynch and Clinton met on board Lynch’s government jet at Sky Harbor, in Phoenix. Bill’s Moon is in Taurus at 20 degrees, conjuncting Lynch’s Black Moon Lilith, in Taurus at 20 degrees. Secrets, secrets, secrets and a lot of bull.

John Jacobs (l) and Terry Robbins (r) at the Days of Rage, Chicago, October 1969. Photo:  David Fenton / ITVS. THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND by Sam Green and Bill Siegel
John Jacobs (l) and Terry Robbins (r) at the Days of Rage, Chicago, October 1969.
Photo: David Fenton / ITVS.
THE WEATHER UNDERGROUND by Sam Green and Bill Siegel


Today, Black Lives Matter, which is apparently part of the state department now, is going to stage a nationwide event in cities across America called “Days Of Rage.” BLM leader, Deray McKesson (Cancer), along with others like Al Sharpton, Lynch, etc., for three hours in the White House yesterday as Obama makes race his front and center, platform and issue.

McKesson’s story, while not as exotically flavored as Obama’s is similar. He was raised in Baltimore, got involved in community organizing and got his degree at Bowdoin, a prestigious, private school in Maine, where he gets degrees in legal studies and education, which starts him on a path as a community organizer and public school teacher. McKesson’s chart is charged with Cardinal energy and a Sun/Moon/Mars connection, with Sun in Cancer, Moon in Aries and Mars in Cancer, conjunct his Sun (19/16). This combination of emotion and energy is a potent mix and can motivate people who might be unwilling or stuck in neutral. His Jupiter is in revolutionary Aquarius, retrograde. His chart has very little Earth in it. Neptune is in Capricorn and wait for it, wait for it, wait for it, his True Node is in Taurus (16), along with BML (4). And yes, like Comey, Hilary and Lynch, he also has a key planet in Scorpio, Saturn, retrograde at 21 degrees.astro_w2gw_124_dor.45650.55632

With Pluto in Capricorn, getting ready to oppose both his Sun and Mars, he needs to be a little more than careful, lest he piss off the wrong person or is found expendable by forces greater than he is and achieves martyr-like status. This is a fateful and possibly fatal aspect.

Days of Rage has it’s roots in the 1960’s, when the Weather Underground, based out of Chicago, home of Bill Ayers, birthplace of Hilary Clinton and training ground of Barack Obama, decided that they were going to bring the war home and light cities across America on fire, from October 8th through the 11th, 1969. Today’s rage will take place across the country, with all the events synced to begin at 7PM EDT. The chart for DOR doesn’t look good at all quite frankly. There’s an incendiary T-Square, with Sun in Cancer, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Cap. Uranus is conjunct the IC which is explosive and rebellious, bombs and fires in house of hearth and home. Pluto is the force of death in the first house. This isn’t covert, 12th House Pluto. It’s in your face. Sun in Cancer is in the 7th, creating an emotional sense of urgency. This is burn the mother down energy and feels in some ways very consistent with the themes of the Purge films, the newest of which is based on the election year.

What we are witnessing is no less than a complete coup, using explosive race issues, which have been stoked for the past two years, starting with Trayvon Martin (war) and leading up to right now, a social accelerant doused across the cities of America.

Recently, I witnessed Barack Obama address the world from Dallas in the aftermath of the whatever the hell went down there, and it became clear to me what part of the goal is; It’s to nationalize the police forces of America, perhaps put them under the umbrella of DHS, where the POTUS would have complete control over them, which leads me to believe that we are likely to have a deeply contested election on in November and potentially Obama serving a third term and beyond.

One interesting note, is that this day, 7/15 is fraught with not just violence, but battles of epic proportions. In 1099, Jerusalem was captured by Christian forces.–wouldn’t it be ironic if the losers in that battle are staging their own long awaited, retribution?

5 thoughts on “The Scorpio And Taurus Connection With Hilary, Comey and Lynch, Plus Days Of Rage Chart Breakdown”

  1. T

    For once, I hope you are wrong. I could not/ we cannot handle another 4 years or more of this administrations corruption / destruction of the U.S. But, if you are right, then I say, bring it on, let the games begin. Because something has to give, and no one will be playing nice. Time to section the U.S. into 4 zones for?

  2. J

    Excellent article, thank you. I would love to have been a fly on the wall inside that airplane! Fascinating about the scorpio moons. Almost like it was meant to be.

  3. A

    When Obama took office I said he would be the last American president. I agree that it appears that we are headed for a nationalized (and very pissed off) military police state. What they do to the least of us they will do to the rest of us. Once the line of human decency is blurred, it is easy to erase. Days of rage, indeed.

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