The Sag New Moon, The Moon Hoax, Kubrick, John Trudell And Holiday Specials

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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zenThere is no target.

As the Moon moves into Sag and transits towards Saturn, an unusual video has surfaced about the validity of the Moon landing. The video supposedly shows a slightly drunk, Stanley Kubrick from fifteen-years-ago admitting that the Moon landing was faked and that he was the one that directed the fakery. If you’ve followed this blog, you’ll know that I have a connection with Jay Weidner and Jay was one of the first guests on my radio show, five-years-ago and to this date, I think it’s one of the best interviews Jay has done on the subject. His work on decoding Kubrick set the bar for any serious, outsider research about the validity of the Moon landing.

What’s fascinating about this video is that it comes out on the Sag New Moon, and Sag as we know is invested in truth and the Moon, the new Moon specifically opens the possibility of something new emerging. Sounds good, right? Like this is some form of essential disclosure. What’s next?

Paul McCartney? JFK? 911?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Neptune is lurking in the wings, squaring the Moon, pouring the illusion into the mold of the moment, the temporary void of light.

If I were simply using astrology, I would say that this is a hoax. If I were simply using my eyes, it would confirm it. I would love something like this to set the world on fire, but sadly, it will only engender more sideways glances, raised eyebrows and chuckles over the greatest movie ever made.

This New Moon is challenging in some regards and while there is always the promise of emotional expansion with the Sag New Moon, Saturn’s proximity to it makes it more defined, disciplined and less celebratory. It’s a sober Moon, but that’s not a bad thing, especially in square to Neptune. We want our truths to have emotional awareness, to resonate so that they form a holographic relationship to our cells, because without that, they are simply thoughts that sound right.

The most profound truths work their way from the inside out.

Saturn acts as a seal and while it doesn’t provide the wild expansiveness of a conjunction with Jupiter, there’s something of a sacred bond that occurs with this Saturn/Moon.

It’s a type of dark alchemy as they are opposite planets/forces (Cap/Cancer) but when opposites come into play and contact one another, one aspect changes the other and vice versa. The Moon becomes less fluid and unpredictable, while Saturn’s stodginess softens up, and things hierarchies become more feminized. Intimacy becomes more formal and ritualized. Structure becomes magnetized to emotional context.

The image of this Moon/Saturn conjunction is that of a Zen Archer who has practiced her art again and again and again to the point where it becomes almost mechanical and yet where is the joy in such an operation? The joy comes when there’s an emptiness, and a fullness, present, together. That’s a cultivation of emotion, and emotionlessness, form and formlessness.

That’s the personal operation of this, specific, New Moon/Saturn conjunction.

On a collective level, well, that’s a different beast altogether, as the Moon represents home, while Sag rules foreign countries and different cultures, yes, religions too. Saturn is constraint and limit. See where this is headed? Been following the news much lately? And this specific conjunction is taking place in the USA 12th House of mystery and fate. These are classic forces burning and churning in the collective furnace. On one level, it’s karmic. Are the conjured forces of ISIS and the waves of refugees the reincarnation of ghost dancers?

It’s deeper than you might think.

Native poet/activist/musician, John Trudell just left the Rez. One night when Bush was busy snatching rights and relics, I was at a theater in Marin County, where Tru told a group of wealthy lefties in that they were the new Indians, that they were now the hunted and persecuted. He got a kick out of that

John Trudell was a complicated man, but there weren’t many of his contemporaries that could talk about machine consciousness, historical precedent and personal truths all gained through activism that was roots centric. AIM was no BLM. There was no Soros, or CIA backing the takeover of Alcatraz. That was pure spirit and John was right at the center of reclaiming the rock for the first people.

When the shoot out went down in San Bernadino, it took place at “13 Waterman.” Thirteen is the number of death and “The Waterman” is Aquarius. John Trudell was an Aquarius.


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Below is a radio show I did with John Trudell just over two years ago. Enjoy the emotional structure of the New Moon.

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