The Sag Full Moon Of Authentic Expression

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

wolf_moonGet out tonight, just for the howl of it . . .

The Moon is full in Sag and the call of the wild is sounded throughout the planet. The Sag Moon draws out the most authentic and raw parts of our nature, both on a personal and collective level. In many cases, it impels us to act first then review our actions later, from a higher perspective. This moon is instinctual and favors acting from the most natural parts of our being. When I think of the tale of “The Werwolf,” it reminds me of The Sag Moon, where a man, guided by his rational mind for most of the month transforms into a beast that is one with nature, and is in fact “super natural.”

The werwolf is a reminder that we are indeed part of nature and the bi-furcation, or split from out natural state makes for an imbalanced expression of our primal energies.

In the movie, “Wolf” starring Jack Nicholson, we see more of a conscious integration of the wild man in Nicholson’s fur-free-state. The qualities of loyalty and leadership transform his life in very significant, if not always polite ways. During this full moon, how can you give yourself over to your natural state? How can you surrender without giving it all away? Let’s look at all the signs.

The Sag full moon takes you to another plane–literally. If you’re not off somewhere far away from home right now, you’re missing out on a real adventure. But fear not dear ram, get yourself out in nature, out away from the dim glare of city light that steals the glow of stars and soak under the radiant moonbeams, raw, naked and exposed. Let the energy draw you out and away from your relative comfort and safety and experience the fullness deep in every cell. You won’t regret it.

This moon has a rather compulsive quality to it for you. While Venus and Mars are giving you some solid ground to stand on, the full moon wants to take you down into the nether regions of your psyche. This cave dwellers and cave art. Lascaux. Picasso’s primal, animal art. Myths of man animals and hybrid beasts that still roam free in the archetypes of our psyches. The weird world comes alive for you on this full moon and if you go far enough and deep enough, you will experience some form of integration with thee energies. Make a myth come alive. Be creative. Dream.

That howl you hear is cutting right through your relationships. It’s not time to play nice anymore. If you don’t, expect others to readily display their own brand of restlessness when it comes to relating. What are you going to do? Whatever happens in your one-on-ones, don’t expect any kind of resolution, only more choices and options, which in reality, you actually love. So the drama is just a drama, but somewhere inside yourself, you’re going to have to let go of control and surrender. It’s the most natural thing for you to do at this time.

I have a friend who is attending a raw food fest in Santa Barbara this weekend and she happens to be a Cancer. This is the perfect spot for her and others of your sign. Find the connection between wild and raw, especially as it relates to healing. If you can’t attend something like this, go buy yourself a new book on how to prepare raw foods and create delicious new recipes that feed mind, body and spirit. Oh yeah, don’t forget to share the fruits of your labor. You crabs hate eating alone.

The archer’s full moon has an arrow waiting for you ion the bulls eye of your heart. Bow and quiver. Here it comes, flaming through time and space, ready to pierce every level of your being, from flesh to soul. You can certainly use this energy, since you’ve been dealing with much larger issues and forces with Chiron and Neptune opposing your natal ruler. Time to let go of those weighty, transpersonal lessons that are supposed to make you a better person. Sit back and simply enjoy the attention and feeling you’re about to receive.

If I were to check the listings of all the U-Haul rentals across The US for this weekend, I bet that I would find that the majority of the movers are Virgos. With the full moon rising in your root cellar, you’re off and running, making tracks for a new place to hang your hat, and in many cases, much further away than anticipated. For Virgos that are moving back home to be with family, this can be a wonderful time as long as you can set boundaries in ways that are healthy for all involved. Praise and give thanks for the new opportunities to dwell in a new place of comfort and connectivity.

Literary driven Libs will find this moon to be a marvelous source of inspiration–a shining muse in the sky. Pay attention to it and don’t waste a wonderful opportunity to craft a plot treatment, outline for a novel, short story or at the very least, some saucy journaling. Getting out and about is also in your stars. Hit the local farmer’s market, get some delicious veggies, but more importantly, sit back and observe the people and the stories that they wear. Take notes and fill in the blanks with your imagination. You’d be surprised by how close you might come to the truth.

While I am not an ardent advocate of gambling (unless I’m the one that’s doing it), this could be one of those fated full moons for you. Buy a lotto ticket. Enter a raffle. If you’re going to Vegas, don’t be shy. Double down with gusto. When it comes to your heart, you can take some risks there as well, but only if you’re not attached to losing it to someone that might have the goods to make you see your life in a completely different. In any case, you’re playing with house money on this full moon. Just let it roll baby!

My oh my. Can you feel those canines getting sharper? The madness that you’re about to experience is far different than other moons, for you, especially the last Virgo full moon (March) where your very sanity was threatened. Nope, this is a madness on your terms. Get out and get physical. Play a sport, be a sport, give it ago. But remember to give others as much latitude as you’re wanting or needing. Knowing you, it wouldn’t work any other way. Just make sure that if you do cut loose and there is some libations involved, that you leave the driving to someone else. We wouldn’t want some cell bars curtailing your exercise in freedom and self expression.

Of all the signs this month, you’ve got the biggest issues with control. You like to be in command, stay on top, etc. Not this month though. You’re driven by compulsions that even you don’t fully understand. Don’t worry, it’s only a temporary insanity and if you’re really smart, you’ll retreat to a mountaintop, if not in real time/space than in your own psyche. Wherever the energy of this full moon takes you, it should be further and deeper than in other months. Some profound insights are your for the asking if you’re willing to let go of your rational explanation for things. We may never fully know the ultimate secrets of this reality, but you’re about to stumble upon some pretty pertinent clues.

If there was one full moon that could give you the inspiration and the impetus to save the world, it would be this one. Your powers of influence are at an all time high and you can really make some waves, which you almost always like to do. The one thing that you have to guard against is unrealistic expectations that you might project onto others. Not everyone is where you are at this time, so you’ll have to carve out some space for those that aren’t willing to get out as far on the ledge as you are. Don’t judge them or shut them out. They’ll be ready when it’s time. In the meantime, make a stand for what you know and party like it’s 1999.

Lucky for you that this moon falls on a non-workday, because if it didn’t, you’d be asking yourself, “who let the inmates run the asylum?” That said, there’s still email and text messages that can get to you. Turn off your tech toys and deal with the madness on Monday. This moon is asking you to expand the idea of what you do in this world for fun, profit and fame. How can you tap into that wellspring of inspiration that you have access to and share it with the world in the biggest way possible. We’re talking authenticity to the nth degree. The shcism between your current work and your true work might never be greater than this weekend. Build a bridge towards the future.

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