The Rise Of Meta Psychology Part 2 — Social Progressive Programming, Obama As Secular Christ, Neptune In Aquarius/Neptune In Scorpio Dream Theater

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

cannon1.jpgToday is the day of days

As Saturn moves into its final stages of its epic opposition against Uranus, the moon stands still, stationed between Capricorn and Aquarius. For those unfamiliar with the void of course moon, here is a brief description of it from

When the Moon makes its final aspect with another planet before it enters the next zodiac sign, a phase which we call “Moon void of course” begins. The aspects used for the calculation of the void of course Moon are conjunction, opposition, square, trine and sextile. Aspects to the Moon’s Nodes, Lilith and Chiron are ignored. This phase ends with the ingress of the Moon into the next zodiac sign.

Some astrologers assume that the time of void of course Moon is best used for taking a rest, relaxing, meditating, turning inward, or simply for enjoying oneself. In any case, this is not a good time for important decisions or actions which require a positive outcome. The American astrologer Donna Cunningham, for example, advises to use this time for undemanding routine work like housekeeping or organising your desk. She even goes as far as to say that this time can be used for issues which you would prefer to remain unresolved.

I think its critical to anchor a positive and affirmative stance within ones self, however, unless you are channeling the archetype of the fool at all costs, I wouldn’t advocate a pollyanna attitude. That said, there are reports of riot police armed and ready to roll, should we experience the negativity of the void of course moon and the unbearable tension between Satun in Virgo (conservative and careful) vs. Uranus in Pisces (radical dispersal) should they manifest in voting improprieties, glitches, or foul play in general. The overall is mood is strained, an uneasy mix of utter ebullience and bottled-up, fist-clenching-rage, stuffed and buried after two, stolen, elections and close to 200 years of racial tension. Should the system beak down or fail us yet again, the opposition of two, major planets could polarize the populace in ways that will have not just immediate, but deep, and long ranging consequences for the entire world.

If you have any spiritual faith, invoke the highest degree of peace and sacred balance to be with you and others throughout the day.

In the last post, we looked at how modern psychology has played a tremendous role in shaping public opinion, from the marketplace to the voting polls, understanding the american psyche has been mission critical for those that wish to sell, govern and rule. We looked at how Reagan and his team framed his candidacy to appeal to “self-actualized” boomers as well as his conservative base and how the “Inner Directeds” were a key faction that swung the election Reagan’s way. We also touched briefly on how Bill Clinton and Tony Blair both took similar approaches to reaching into the minds the masses and getting elected. But we mostly looked at how GWB worked in concert with fundamentalist christian leadership to source a language and begin a meta-dialog that spoke directly to millions of rapturous, dispensationalists across the country.


He liberally used phrases from The Bible, which were also heard throughout the mega-churces and the cable networks around the country.

Phrases like, “works of wonder” were command codes, post-hypnotic suggestions that were linked up to feelings of connectedness and heightened, peak, emotiinal experiences experienced in numerous congregations. Bush and company not only formed and moved a voter base, which had grown in disenchantment (remember this piece) during the eight years of the socially liberal Clinton era, but bulit upon what was sparked by Newt Gingrich and his “Contract For A New America” during Clinton’s first term. They had inflamed a spark into a holy fire that would rage with intensity once Bush and his team began to fuel it with language and imagery that moved the far, christian right deeper into the political arena than ever before. But these weren’t your garden variety conservatives–these were rabid troops-cheering hard for the apocalypse. Bushco, in conjunction with large numbers of christian zionists moved not only to help determine the outcome of the election, but the obedience preached on Sunday came in very handy when all of the voter irregularities arose in 2000 and 2004. They did nothing.

Fast forward to 2008 and let’s take a quick look at the social disconnect and barely-bridled-rage that has been boiling ever since. Just like the conservative christian community reviled Bill Clinton, thanks to his assault on Waco and other abuses of power, the progressive, social justice, left-leaning electorate has been waiting for the one that will remind them that they are “the ones that we have been waiting for.” That person of course is Barack Obama.

This exploration of psychological manipulation was triggered by a look back at Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius and Pluto in Sag and how those energies formed the rise of fundamentalism and how those ideologies were broadcast through the internet and cable tv. From The 700 Club, to Al Jezeera, to World Net Dailey, the interconnected cross-platform-evolution of technology, typified by Uranus and Neptune played a huge role in the dissemination of faith, especially in regards to the delusional side of Neptune in Aquarius, expressed in the unshakeable variety placed at the feet of St. George.

I hate to break the news to the “intellectually enlightened” social progressives, but the Obama team has employed the same tactics, used the same technology (only better) and played upon the polarized disenfranchisement of the left over the past eight years.

Obama and his team, backed by huge sums of money and influence from Soros, to Ziggy B, to Rockefeller, and there was no Skull and Bones shill like Kerry to pummel. No, they ordered up the perfect candidate to tap into the unquestionable devotion of the left. Obama came wrapped up and ready with two, hip, confessional memoirs, complexion light enough to not alienate the white-voter base, dark enough to engage the black-voter-base. His records were sealed, from birth through grad school and his voting record was scant or in line with the majority on key measures that he did have to vote on. Then there was the messiah effect.


If George Bush was John The Baptist, then Barack is most certainly Christ, at least on a symbolic level.

The same strategies that Rove and company used for Bush were also employed for Obama. The nimbus effect in photos, the swooning, revival like atmosphere of his campaign, the new age language and phraseology like the aforementioned, “we are the ones that we have been waiting for” a phrase which he copped from the title of an Alice Walker book, which was based on a talk/essay to black yoga teachers. The Obama campaign has used all of this to cast him in the light of not just a political leader, but a spiritual force that is perhaps our only and last chance for hope. Mark Morford, a columnist for “The San Francisco Chronicle” and 33rd degree Obama apostle claims that “some of his most enlightened, spiritual friends, swear that Obama is a Light Worker.” Since Obama is a Leo, he loves this stuff and no matter what chart you use for his rising sign, Aquarius is opposite his natal Sun and Neptune has been in Aquarius for all of Obama’s major moments of his political career, since 1998. He has involuted the energy of Neptune in Aquarius and evoluted it through his natal Sun. Tapping into the collective unconscious on a personal level, Obama has channeled the zeitgeist of the times, for a polarized populace that cannot be bothered with any past indiscretions or deviant behaviors. Just like the conservative christian community looked askance of the horrors of Abu Ghraib, Guantanemo and their boys and girls coming home in broken or worse in body bags, the social progressives will look past anything that might smack of cognitive dissonance when it comes to Obama, his past, present and the type of future that he projects. They are high on hope, horny for change, and seduced by the charismatic and glib Obama.


He manages to project not only an image of their own refined, multi-cutural, hipness, he even transcends it, hyper-potentiating into a spiritual dimension–Obama’s personal and political enlightenment is their very own. Opposing McCain and his anachronistic, tired, puffy and dottering self, along with the crazy moose hunting running mate, Obama rose to Olympian status right before our very eyes

Some posts back, I touched upon how Obama is the first candidate to be born under Neptune in Scorpio, a sub-generation of which I am a member. We’ve consumed drugs, probably watched far-too-much television, have a love for music and cinema and a connection to a psychic realm that gives us the ability, on a collective level to sense possibilities for the future and tap into feelings of compassion for the world at large. I have no doubt that Barack Obama, despite the fact that he is the point-man for a highly sophisticated and manipulative campaign/agenda, does have access to a type of psycho-spiritual dimension I am referring to–astrologically, it’s hard wired into his chart. Now what type of energy he connects with and allows to co-create with him is still up for review–according to Joe Biden and even Colin Powell, we apparently won’t have to wait very long to find out. I wonder how the unshakable faith of The Left will respond to Obama once he challenges their commitment and willingness to follow him wherever he and Biden take them? Will they fall lock step into marching orders, just like the fundamenatalists did under Bush, or will their superior intellect and enlightened perspectives allow them to make critical judgments based Obama’s course of action?

We are about to find out.

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    right on carnal. the pendulum has swung. i much appreciate your comments in this post. i’m not an astrologer but intuitively have come to a similar conclusion that obama is an extension of bush and that the powers bush aggregated for himself will be inherited and used by obama. The ultimate joke that life is playing is the very one you mention namely that the liberal community has and will continue to manifest the same uncritical thinking that characterized bush’s supporters.

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