The Real Robert Phoenix And Introducing Dominmatrix

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

DominmatrixWhen I was back at emusic, in the early days when I did everything from signing labels, to writing newsletters and reviews and managing four separate genres–all the good old days–I got a curious email one day.  It went something like this: “Hey Robert, how the hell did you get such a cool gig?” Now, I’m not surprised that I would get an email like that, but the name was unfamiliar and I rarely forget a face or name for that matter. It wasn’t until about six months later that I found about my doppleganger; Robert Phoenix.
This Robert Phoenix is apparently English and ironically enough makes/produces trance music, hard trance music. I’m actually surprised that we haven’t met or at least exchanged emails. Maybe if we did, Project Cern would most certainly blow a hole into the fourth dimension, which it just might anyway. Now to make it even more complicated, I am now making music and I don’t feel comfortable using Robert Phoenix as my handle.

It’s okay as it’s forcing me to re-create myself yet again. Thanks to the “other” Robert Phoenix, I have committed to my new musical personae, “dominmatrix.” Yes, that’s me. I know you’ve been over to My Space and been one of my 124 viewers and you were trying to put all of the evidence together. However, if you haven’t, I invite you to come check out the sounds of dominmatrix over at Myspace.

As far as the “other” Robert Phoenix goes, I might ask him to be my friend, a first step towards daring the physics of two selves occupying the same space/time location.

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