The Q ANON Chart, Alex Jones And The Russians, Part One

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

infowarsIt’s an odd scene. Alex Jones sits alone at the desk of the new Infowars studios, something he’s been teasing, bragging about and hyping for the past six months. It was part of Jones’ big push, going all in on being the “tip of the spear” for alt-media, positioning himself as the next version of Fox News for the great awakening. Jones had accrued some serious momentum by jumping on the Trump train on its full speed journey to the White House.

Everyone who has followed Jones for a while has witnessed drama after drama unfold, from Jones’ messy divorce, to growing accusations that he’s a Zionist plant with links the Israeli based intelligence outfit, Stratfor, based in Austin, not far from Infowars studios. In the past year, he’s been sued dozens of times, by people who claim that he defamed them. One of those suits was filed by Chobani’s CEO, Hamdi Ulukaya. Jones claimed that Chobani wasn’t just a company, but a network that was bringing in Muslim infidels under the cover of capitalism. Ulukaya wasted no time, hit the legal switch and Jones was settling out of court.

Bogged down by the chains of litigation, Jones has been devoting more of his time defending himself than tearing down Soros, Hillary, and the Globalists and now there are new allegations. Just as Jones and his freedom brigade are settling into their new digs, encamped as the new ministry of truth, Jones, in the aftermath of the Santa Fe, Texas shooting, sits alone, assuring his shrinking audience and Info Warriors that he is not a Russian spy, while also breaking that up to eight people, including Roger Stone have been picked up by the FBI for deep interrogation about their connection to Jones and ultimately his connection to Russia. It feels almost like he’s giving a eulogy for himself in real time. He mentions that Stone, whom Kelly Jones claims is Jones handler will be placed in a walking boot, ironically similar to the one worn by Hilary Clinton. Apparently, Stone is going to be placed on some form of house arrest.

Jones then goes on to say that he has no desire to kill himself, then points both barrels back at Robert Mueller and opens fire, accusing Mueller of being the mastermind of 9/11. Jones has been in the sunken place well before his Syria missile meltdown, but this was darker, more ominous than his Sandy Hook plea to the divorced parents of Noah Pozner, to drop their suit against him.

What’s really going on here? Is Jones about to be busted and outted as some Russian agent? Is Russia and collusion just a cover for some other unholy alliance? Or is Jones trying to reclaim the truth narrative in what appears to be a turf against Q Anon and the Q Army?


When Michael Flynn was forced to step down in the early days of the Trump admin, it signaled what would be a signature and in some ways, oft repeated moment. Flynn was caught lying to Mike Pence about a trip he had made to Russia before Trump had been sworn in. Crazy? Right? Politicians never lie!

Flynn had asked permission from Obama, then still the standing president if he could make a diplomatic journey to Russia on behalf of the incoming president. Obama gave Flynn a green light. What most people didn’t know, was that Flynn was going there for Jared Kushner to ask how the Russians were going to vote in the UN on an upcoming UN vote on Israel–was Flynn being set up by the Machiavellian Kushner? The piece that was being covered up wasn’t the connection between Fynn/Trump/Russia, it was the connection between Kushner and Israel, with Flynn playing message boy.

This bait and switch also seems to be in play in Jones’ latest drama, now accusing Mueller of being the point man of 9/11, when anyone who has spent a credible amount of time dissecting 9/11, ultimately comes to the conclusion that the forces behind 9/11 aren’t the ones that are doing time in Guantanamo and are the same ones that sent their message boy to Moscow.

The latest chapter in the Infowars, Wagnerian opera, involves a disincarnate prophet, that has gathered millions of devoted and zealous followers. From the trip codes of 8 Chan, Q Anon has issued biblical style prophecies in thunderous tones, and Jones was hit by one of Q’s flaming arrows of truth. On the heels of Jones being branded as a false prophet by Q, Russia Gate, with Jones now in the crosshairs has him right at the center of the storm. Is it all part of the plan for Jones to reclaim the truth narrative? In any case, we’re seeing Jones, Stone and Infowars in the indictment stage with Mueller and Jones has made the battle personal.


astro_2gw_qanon.2881.49997While Aquarian Jones has been running the gauntlet, taking fire from all sides, Q ANON, the new franchise for truth seems to be growing exponentially with each day. On my show on Friday, someone suggested that I do Q’s chart. Ask and ye shall receive.

Q Anon’s first words surfaced on 10/28/17 at 4:15 PM. Where they emanated from is anyone’s guess. Since Q has been focused on swamp draining, I chose the nations capitol.

Here’s the chart.

I’m not going to use this chart to prove or disprove the existence of Q, though some of it my come through naturally, but what I want to focus on is the cultural impact of the chart and the hidden mystery inherent in it.

The first thing that jumps out is the Piscean Ascendant. There’s a number of aspects here that make a lot of sense when looking at the Q phenomenon from this perspective. With Pisces on the AC, Q can be anything you want it to be. It can be an avatar, a savior, a collective voice that’s uttered every day with new drops. It can also be a scam, a con, a scheme and like any entity with Pisces on the AC, the mythos ranges from hero and godlike to scapegoat. Interesting that as we move away from the Piscean Age, Q is a Piscean voice, one that has sounded a clarion call of hope for many, but for others Q falls into the tar pit of false prophet, like Ben Fulford, The Nesara Crew, David Wilcock and to some extent, the aforementioned Jones. Pisces evokes inspiration and devotion, but it also sends the natives scurrying for hammer, nails and crowns of thorns. That’s how Pisces on the AC rolls. Second coming or the Anti-Christ.

Dropping down into the first house, Chiron is there too, clouding the picture even more, offering the potential of healing, but with Pisces there’s always a sacrifice of some sort. In this case it’s the nearly exact square with Saturn in Sag, which is really the lord of this chart. Saturn is demanding and in Sag, it feels like YWVH, casting down sacred law from the apex of the chart. The square to Chiron is interesting because there’s a challenge that’s connected to belief systems, the background program that’s always running with Sag. Saturn is hard though, Chiron in Pisces gets back into the sacrifice archetype, but who’s being sacrificed or what? Sag 24 is very close to the Galactic Center as well, and from an astrological perspective, let’s just say that it gives this Q phenomenon some extra punch. But the Chiron square challenges people suspend disbelief of who or what Q Anon is. If you want the benefits of the experience and get with the Saturnine program. The square also gets into the various of versions of Q Anon, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 etc, since both Pisces and Sag are mutable. If they are, then why not the entity itself (at least that’s what the Qids will say).

Dropping down deeper into the first, we see Uranus in Aries in the final degrees. Here’s where it gets interesting. After seven years of Uranus shaking up the individual and the individuals of any number of groups getting woke or red pilled, or illuminated, an amalgam of individuals having a radical awakening, from the Q-tip, are being organized (Saturn). Saturn becomes the organizing principle for a startling initiation. Every revolution, whether it’s political or personal, needs an organizing principle in order to motivate people into a single purpose, a collective act. It’s clear, whether you think Q Anon is real, bullshit, a scam, a false messiah, whatever, it’s an organizing principle. It’s a religion, a political movement, and it’s growing. This is a function between Uranus and Saturn. Uranus is the revelation, Saturn is the order, structure and law.

Another interesting piece around the Q phenomenon, is that it has swept up a wide swath, people ranging from patriots, to Christians, to ex-New Agers, to mainstream moms, to symbolic decoders. That’s another effect of the Saturn/Uranus trine, bringing disparate and eclectic parts, back again into the unified whole and mainstream vector of Saturn. It’s this trine between Uranus/Saturn that I believe is the major force and social driver in the chart and the collective Q experience.


2 thoughts on “The Q ANON Chart, Alex Jones And The Russians, Part One”

  1. J

    Excellent analysis, Robert, and I’m looking forward to the second part. And the plot does continue to thicken….

  2. S

    Nice. Appreciate the chart. Just read through the Sabian symbolism and WOW. They way I read the nodes is that the comfort zone of Aquarius 21 leading the way forward to the self expression and embodiment of the message into Leo 21.

    The Venus degree is very informative, also. No spoilers.

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