The Progressed USA Chart Part II, Exploring The Virgo Ascendant And The Pisces Sun

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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fishtomatoVirgo Rising, Pisces Sun. Welcome to the New America

Well, I suppose we had to have the dramatic Pluto/Uranus square step in before I did part two of this. Well, that and I had a big baseball weekend for my son, so here we are looking int the future of the USA. One of the things that really jumped out at me from this chart is that early on in Obama’s first term, he made the proclamation that America will lead from behind. There were a lot of ways to interpret this declaration. His critics suggested he was weak and that intention would lead America to be bullied by any number of forces or nation states throughout the world. His supporters applauded the sentiment, having tired of wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The embarrassment of Abu Ghraib and the ongoing defilement of human rights at Guantonomo. Bush’s Texas styled global justice and the “spreading of democracy” had left many Americans weary, shame riddled and powerless in the face of Neocon, full spectrum dominance, who were high off the 911 ritual, flush with cash and armed with Patriot Act, which gave them permission, to preemptively dec;are war without approval, spy on potential victims and torture without reprisal. The mood of the country was dark, depressed and hollowed out. The financial crisis of 2008 wasn’t just a material bankruptcy, Americans had been left with little hope and their emotional and spiritual bank accounts were equally drained.

When Obama came in and intoned that we would lead from behind, it was in many ways a sigh of relief. Leading from the front didn’t look that good anymore. The Virgo Ascendant reflects not only that sentiment, but it’s actuality. The Sag ascendant of the original chart, which has expansion as it’s energetic expression, has given way to a more conservative and service oriented nation. With this ascendant, the USA should not be in the business of spreading anything, let alone democracy. The thrust here is to serve and come to the aid of others. Healing is also an aspect of this ASC.

One could make a case that the latest foray into West Africa to deal and heal with Ebola could very well reflect this ascendant, if the intention is to actually heal, versus using it as a pretext for other covert acts and means. This can be seen with Leo in the 12th House. While Virgo on the ASC appears to the world as helpful and ready to meet the needs of those around them, Leo in 12th can indicate a very different agenda. Leo here is most certainly the power behind the humble front. Think of modern nobility, who have abdicated their formal rule in favor of the nation state, while still exerting control from behind the scenes, posing as mere figureheads. With this chart, it’s also interesting to note that Obama’s supposed Sun sits in the 12th House, which means that not only is he fully seen, but his own identity is a mystery, shrouded in the vast oceanic space of rumor, intrigue, controversy and his nebulous origin.

While the ascendant looks out to the world, it also determines what types of experience the individual or the entity with the ascendant will have. With Virgo, the entity in question, in this case the USA would be engaged in a quest for health and physical perfection. Inside the country, we are awakening to the horrors of GMO foods, fracked water, mutant gluten, chemical skies and electronic smog. These issues will become even more important as the years progress. In a time where the world is expanding into the so called global village, and one world data grids, unless there is a call to serve, the energies of the country need to will trend towards issues like conservation of resources and conservative acts and deeds at home and abroad.

While the ascendant is the face and the trajectory of the individual/entity, the descendant is the shadow of the ascendant. It’s where we hide out and work on this shadow of our selves in relation to others. In this chart, the USA not only has Pisces dominating the seventh house, but the USA is now a Pisces Sun. This could be interpreted as an evolution through the water cycles as the country started in Cancer (roots), transitioned through the intense and secretive, Scorpionic phase and now rests in ten degrees Pisces. One of the things that Pisces is, is that it’s all inclusive. Pisces can embrace it all. There is no separation with Pisces. This can be seen in the country’s current stances on immigration and same sex marriage, especially when we look at the grand water trine that it’s connected to with Jupiter in Cancer in the 11th, and Moon in Scorpio in the 3rd. Pisces wants to accept and admit all. So it’s easy to see why there is such a loud volume around these issues. The affliction to Uranus corrupts the purity of intent inherent in this powerful trine. Uranus is in the 10th and here it is in Gemini. Uranus in the 10th is an erratic, yet brilliant energy that the country brings to the world at large and yet, it is in Gemini, which of course represents duality. Uranus/Gemini is the crazy matrix that potentially melds the darkest and most distorted elements of both signs. Air is the element of magic and magic is the art of illusion. Sun/Uranus square, with Sun in PIsces can indicate both deception and manipulation. Using the purity of intent with Pisces, tapping into it’s all inclusive nature to merge, Uranus becomes the broadcast antenna of the media in the 1Oth House. Playing on peoples sympathies, whether it’s the collective emotional heart tug of the latest false flag, or some hyper conflated story about some selected groups misfortune, the Uranus/Sun square can twist and distort that message, and instead of creating a unifying message, Uranus in Gemini in the 10th fractures it and creates the potential for even more duality, which serves the divide and conquer strategy which dominates the current, political landscape. What begins with purity of intent, mutates into media manipulation. We have to look no further than the Fox News/CNN, false conservative/liberal dichotomy. Another interesting aspect to the Piscean Sun are the Sabian Symbols associated with 10/11 degrees Pisces. Here they are:
Men Traveling A Narrow Path, Seeking Illumination
and In The Sanctuary Of An Occult Brotherhood, Newly Initiated Members Are Being Examined And Their Character Tested. These are clearly indicative of an occult order which is emerging, not just in the halls of power, but in the national psyche. This Pisces Sun/Degree is symbolic of the externalization of the hierarchy . The conflict with Uranus in Gemini could also indicate that there are two opposing forces that are vying for both symbolic and actual dominance.

In the next chapter, we’ll explore the complex male/female dynamic of this chart, the potential for a true, Aquarian age and the potential danger of transiting Saturn and the restriction of freedoms and travel as it will oppose the progressed Uranus, early next year.

7 thoughts on “The Progressed USA Chart Part II, Exploring The Virgo Ascendant And The Pisces Sun”

  1. S

    You are right on that the elite, nobility, whatever they will be named are still in firm control of the globe… for some reason they are given this power, likely to further our individual and collective evolution… merging of the spiritual and material may be the ultimate goal

  2. M

    Fish with a tomato soup label..interesting choice. Is it a fish in a soup can? Or is the soup can part of the fish? Mutated manipulation. I get it.

    1. a

      The very first, commercially modified vegetable was the tomato. It was crossed with an Atlantic Cod (fish) gene so that tomatoes could withstand colder temperatures and thus more of them can make it to harvest. So, in essence, you are getting a tomato fish.

  3. t

    “Men Traveling A Narrow Path, Seeking Illumination and In The Sanctuary Of An Occult Brotherhood, Newly Initiated Members Are Being Examined And Their Character Tested”

    we are seeing this energy play out in the music industry. Through images of the “illuminati” and how it is cool to be in this brotherhood.

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