The Power Of Zero And Early Degrees In The Outer Signs And The Upcoming Eclipse

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Know a way out?

I know, I know. The world is ending. The Missouri is rising and flood waters are threatening the Fort Calhoun nuke plant to such an extent that they are now beginning to evacuate people in a ten-mile-radius. It threatens to become America’s Fukushima. Speaking of which, massive amounts of radioactive water have leaked into the Pacific as the French filtering system has failed. What hasn’t failed in Fukushima? I’ll tell you; TEPCO’s continued malfeasance, which looks so awful, that one has to begin to think that there might be something far more sinister to their gaffes than just perpetual failure. They’ve lied from day one and everything they’ve done since then has just been one perpetrated false hood after another. They should have entombed as many of the reactors at Daichi as quickly as they could. Instead, they continue to bleed and here, it’s raining again, bringing more of Fukushima’s poisonous tears to the US. where we have our own, slowly unfolding disasters.

Basic astrology suggests that the power of a planet and a sign are at their most potent in the early degrees. When we look at the outer planets, the trans-personal orbs, Pluto, Neptune and Uranus are at 6, 0 and 4 respectively. In essence, we’re experiencing some of the most potent energies of these planets right now.

When we look back at Pluto’s entrance into Capricorn, in no short order, the economy went to hell in a hand basket as all that toxic debt suddenly had to be accounted for. Conveniently, Bush was AWOL and Obama was still mastering the teleprompter before the bemusedly bungled inauguration. It was a no mans land, a desperate interzone, a wild-west of no-fence-economy. Bernanke and the Olson clone muscled congress and the senate for the now infamous bailout. I saw the bailout as being the last sequence in a chain of economic events that started in 1913. Later this week, I will be posting links back to my series of articles from 2008/9 on “The Melting Economy” to see how close to the mark we are right now. But the point here is to establish the power of the early degrees of the outer planets.

Pluto in Capricorn is the rise of “The Corporatocracy,” the raw and naked fusion of big business and big government. Obama promised transparency and he was not lying when he did. It’s become transparently clear that this has been taking place at an accelerated pace since 2008. On July 1st, the debt ceiling deadline will arrive. While it’s not a drop dead date (that takes place in August), if the debt issue is not resolved, it will have a trigger effect on markets. The eclipse in all it’s enormity, even though it is partial and only shaded parts of antarctica will see it, it will fall on the US Sun and Mercury in Cancer, both of which are in the USA eighth house, which traditionally represents banks and lenders. The eclipse will land squarely on the US Mercury in Cancer, which is about communication and news. We’ll get it on the 1st, a Friday, a day typically reserved for dumping shitty financial news.

If you have not seen it, I suggest you watch the movie, Rollover, starring Kris Kristofferson and Jane Fonda. It’s about the collapse of the monetary system and it’s inching closer and closer to the gloomy inevitability portrayed in Rollover.


The watershed event, the one that will be forever linked to Uranus in Aries at 0 degrees won’t be The Egyptian revolution (real) or the other revolutions in North Africa and The Middle East (mostly fake), it will be Fukushima, which four months later, continues to bleed cesium, strontium, hot particles, you name it. Something incredibly violent hit that reactor. Some say it was a nuke. Others Stuxnet. But we can all agree that there was a quake and a powerful one, one that actually changed the orbit and the speed of the planet. Aries was the bolt of lightning that shook the Uranian powered reactors. O degrees. It’s an open portal now, spewing isotopes across the northern hemisphere. As Uranus moves backward, we’re re-visiting “The Fukushima Effect” in action at Fort Calhoun (floods) and Los Alamos (fire). That’s retrograde action for you, pointing back like a cipher through time to Fukushima and the event that will impact our planet for years to come.


Well this is one isn’t rocket science. We’re talking abundance of water in places where it’s not needed. We’re talking The Mississippi and The Missouri river basins. Soon to be, The Central Valley of California. The world is fraught with disasters. It’s the nature of being here and in some ways, real or synthetically driven, it’s a manifestation of our consciousness, so whether these events are natural or the byproduct of good technology gone bad manufactured by “them”, it is only a case of “they” on the surface. “We” are ultimately “them.” “They” may have land grabbing and subjugation as a central theme in their narrative to rule the world along with a lot less of us in it, but at the end of the day, we have to allow that we are all connected, all one, even the most cynical, dark and manipulative aspects of this holographic exercise, in will and authenticity is us as well. Now, if that’s the case, then what are you going to do about it?

Let’s use the body as a metaphor, I am technically a Virgo, so it does give me the birthright to indulge in biological analogies. So let’s say there’s a virus or a bacteria in your body and it was wreaking havoc. Would you allow it to further damage your body? Out of love for your body, you’d deal with it. Treat it. If not eradicate, then reduce it’s numbers to a manageable ratio of parasite to host so that the overall immunity of the body prevails. In that moment you and the virus or bacteria or the parasite are one. They’re bringing attention to the overall health of the body and making sure that you as the general operating director of the body, aka GOD stay healthy. The problem is, is that if the body, both literally and metaphorically is being super-inundated with viruses and crisis like events, the body’s immunity and ability to deal with chaos and confusion, hits full tilt. The body then goes into a healing crisis and radical measures need to take place in order to save the body. Luckily, we are becoming more and more aware of quantum healing, spontaneous energetic response and so on.


The plagues of cynicism, manipulation and deceit, coupled with parasitic life forms bent on devouring their host and ultimately themselves, will trigger a radical healing response. It’s inevitable. Whether it’s riots in Greece or Spain or some other less overtly revolutionary expression, the body of the planetary human will send out spiritual antibodies to maintain it’s homeostasis and hopefully become healthier and immune to the assaults on it’s life force. The so called “other” is “us” pushing us to wakefulness and healthy life. Ironically, It supports our total well being.

The other side of Neptune 0 Degrees is Virgo 0 Degrees and Virgo is the aforementioned, sign of the healer. The Neptune cycle we are currently in is activating the Pluto in Virgo generation, coupled with Pluto in Cap trining Pluto in Virgo. This is the generation that will lead the radical recovery of the body of man on all levels.

I recently hooked up with Bobby Williams and Mariel Hemingway at Harmony Fest. They’re getting ready to re-launch their website, They’re both born in Pluto in Virgo and their website reflects it. It’s about having commitment to healthy living and authentic expression. The latter is key and perhaps one of the greatest mysteries when it comes to our operating systems, because when we are living a truly authentic life, we are expressing and manifesting God’s will, the divine nature within and as I have already stated, any God that is worth it’s salt in worship would be deeply invested in the beauty, splendor and health of it”s own creation. While destruction is a powerful aspect of nature, there’s always a sense of balance at work. Nihilistic destruction on it’s own will ultimately not be tolerated–there’s too much stake in the cosmic game. AND in spite of what appears to be blitzkrieg of system failure and collapse, the balance lies in the great awakening which you are now taking part in.

If you are not aware, The Freedom Flotilla is about to set sail again. This is yet another example of Neptune/Chiron/Pisces in action as people from around the globe attempt to bring supplies and goods to Gaza, The big story is that there’s a blockade on Gaza, theoretically for keeping arms from Hamas. The problem is, is that very little gets through to the Palestinians or out of Gaza. A more humane scenario would be to lift the blockade and allow goods to get through, which are then inspected by Israelis and maybe even Egyptians. Then there’s no need for high seas drama and political saber rattling.

Joe Dana is an Israeli/American journalist who is going be on the flotilla. He’s taking an incredible risk by doing this. He’s certainly aware of the Israeli dictum that was laid down about journalists on the flotilla not being allowed entry to Israel for ten years and he’s VERY aware of the violence that took place on the MV Mavi Marmara on the 31st of May, last year. He’ll be tweeting in real time as long as the satellites aren’t jammed. You can follow him on @ibnezra.

Lastly, when we think about our antediluvian past and how it’s in some ways being reflected in the rising tides of these turbulent times, we can’t help but allow Noah and his menagerie of two by twos to wander into our collective memory. Well, one man is doing more than just think about it. Johan Huibers had a nightmare about his native Holland flooding. The next day, he set out to build an ark. Three years and $1.6 million later, he’s nearly finished. He’s even decked it out with fake animals, including a life-sized replica of an elephant that cost him $11,000. No one know if it will be seaworthy or survive any kind of real oceanic apocalypse, but while Huibers collects a few guilders from tourists, it serves as nonetheless a symbol of the imaginal input of Neptune in Pisces. In essence, we’ve all got water on our brains.

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    What’s Israel’s chart, Robert? There’s bound to be some clues lurking in 8th and 12th house, with most probably something powerful in the 5th; Disraeli didn’t choose the date without due consideration. Psychosis revealed.

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