The Penn State Scandal, 11-11-11, Leo/Aquarius Mash-Up and The Grandest Deception

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Imitation of Christ devoured by a lion.

The Moon was big and fat, full and round in Taurus. Sort of like the Sophie Tucker of the skies. If she’s a bit before your times, I would have said like the Jennifer Hudson of the skies, but that was before she lost all that weight and started prancing around in those animal-print MK-Ultra slave minis. You get the picture.

That synthetic goddess up there was one ripe and sassy mama in close proximity to the Falstaffian Jupiter. Think Chris Farley or maybe John Belushi, both of whom, I recently discovered were Aquarians. I was going to post this on the Full Moon, but in the spirit of Taurus, was a little lax and lazy. Let’s cut to the skinny on this zaftig Moon.

It was opposing the Scorpio Sun.

Can you say illumination?

Man, some real down and dirty has hit the ceiling fan. I also think that Merc/Venus in sagacious Sag and the ongoing hard angle between Uranus and Pluto have a little to do with what’s going down. This column is going to veer a bit now that the Moon is in Gemini, so hold on.

Fall Of The Lion King

If you haven’t seen what’s happening at Penn State, you’re living under a rock. It might be the worst scandal ever to hit college football. It makes that booster banging Notre Dame thing pale in comparison. Long time defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse, endangerment of a minor, molestation, you name it. Sandusky was lauded for his ability to crank out NFL stars at “Linebacker U,” like Matt Millen and Lavar Arrington. He was considered a key member of Penn State’s perennial powerhouse standing. Head coach, Joe Paterno got the press, but Sandusky was considered the brains of the defense. While he was scheming against opponents offenses, Sandusky was also scheming to violate young men through his “Second Mile” foundation that was established by Sandusky to help the youth of Pennsylvania. Sandusky used it as a means to seduce and violate them. Many times. “Second Mile” was named one of George H. W. Bush’s “1000 Points Of Lights.” It also had deep ties to wealthy Penn State boosters. Mark Madden, a radio talk show host has been working on the Penn State scandal for a while and intimated that it could get very ugly for the regents and alumni of Penn State. Remember, they are “The Nittany Lions.” Keep this in mind. The Penn State campus is in “Happy Valley.”

Just a few weeks ago, Tim Tebow (Leo), played against the “Detroit Lions” in Denver, on the same field that saw Barack Obama give his acceptance speech as the democratic party’s nominee for the presidency. The Lions “slaughtered” The Broncos and Tebow, the “Imitation of Christ” in the gladiators coliseum. It was a ritual of grand proportion and now we have the “Nittany Lion” scandal.

“Nittany” is the anglicized version of Nit-A-Nee, an Algonquin term that essentially means “single mountain” and also “barrier against the wind.” The lion theme is quite prevalent here though and pretty interesting as it relates to “abandoned male progeny.” From Wikipedia on the legend of Mount Nit-A-Nee;

“Nit-A-Nee, which means “barrier against the wind,” was an Indian maiden whose lover, Lion’s Paw, was killed…

Nit-A-Nee enfolded him into her arms and carried his still erect body back to a place in the center of the Valley where she laid the strong Brave in his grave and built a mound of honor over his strength.

On the last night of the full moon (the Full Moon is when Penn State essentially fired Joe Paterno), after she had finally raised the last of the soil and stone over his high mound, a terrible storm came up unleashing itself with thunder and lightning and the wailing of a horrendous wind from the depths of the earth. Every Indian in the Valley shuddered and all eyes were directed to the Indian Brave’s high mound upon which the strong maiden Princess Nit-A-Nee was mounted with arms outstretched to touch the sources of the lightning bolts in the sky.

Through the night they watched with awe as the Indian Brave’s burial mound grew and rose into a Mountain penetrating the center of the big valley between the two legs of the Tussey and Bald Eagle Ridges. When the dawn finally came, a huge Mountain was found standing erect in the center of the Valley.

A legend had been born. The mound and the maiden had given place to a Mountain, and standing on its summit was a Lion surrounded by eleven orphaned male cubs, each of whom had the courage of the fearless Indian Brave and the heart and strength of the mysterious Indian Princess. From this day forward every place in the valley was safe, and the wind wrested nothing from the fields on which these Lions strode as fearless heroes from the Mountain.”

In an odd ritual of sorts, Joe Paterno’s wife, Sue, once painted the Lion Shrine, the statue of one of the mountain lions said to roam near Nit-A-Nee, orange before a game with Syracuse also known as “The Orangemen.” The Nittany Lion scandal happened just at the end of Mars in Leo (Lion) at the anoretic, 29th degree (11).

Today, “J Edgar” starring “Leo” Di Caprio opens on 11/11/11. Early in his career, Di Caprio was cast as Jim Carroll in “The Basketball Diaries.” One of the undercurrents in the movie and the book is the sex between basketball coaches and boys. Leo’s birthday? 11/11. Jim Carroll’s astrological sign? Leo. What is the most controversial aspect of “J Edgar” ? Its Clint Eastwood’s portrayal of him as a closet homosexual cross-dresser who was blackmailed by the mob with pictures of J. Edgar in women’s underwear. On October 4th, Disney re-released “The Lion King” in theaters. What is the theme of The Lion King? An abandoned lion cub, whose father/lion was killed. Mars had just moved into Leo on October 4th (8 degrees). I won’t go into trivial details about the Lion King’s homosexual undertones. Michelle Bachman has already gone there. But if you wish to find out more just google it.

In a weird, very weird twist, Barack Obama was in Yeadon, Pennsylvania as the Penn State scandal was erupting, promoting a stricter pre-school curriculum. Obama’s sign as per his document of birth? Leo.

The sign of Leo has been quite prominent in the last three presidencies. Including the aforementioned Obama, G.W. Bush was a Cancer, with Leo Rising and Bill Clinton of course was also a Leo. This month, the Leonid meteor shower will be most visible between November 15th through the 20th. The peak will be on the 18th. Ironically Amy Winehouse’s Lioness: Hidden Treasures was just posthumously released

Let’s look at Joe Paterno. He is the winningest coach of all time in college football. He passed that mark, just last week, winning game number “409” which encompasses the “Emperor,” “Fool” and “Hermit” all three court cards, all of which appear as characters in King Lear. Paterno is the “Paternus” of Penn State, so in some sense, he is the aged “Lion King.” He took the record for most wins from “Edward Gay Robinson” aka Eddie Robinson the long time coach of the mostly black college, Grambling, whose mascot is “The Tigers.” Eddie Robinson is an Aquarian, opposite Leo.

I had originally and mistakenly pegged Paterno as a Capricorn. I was wrong. He’s Sag, 28 degrees with Mercury in Sag at 9 degrees. On the day that that the scandal really broke and calls for Paterno’s stepping down were taking place, Mercury and Venus were exactly conjunct his natal Mercury. The truth had to come to the surface. Transiting Mars sat on his natal Neptune in Leo at 26 degrees, opposing Jupiter in Aquarius. Exposing illusion. But the most potent aspect was Pluto in Capricorn conjuncting his natal Venus in Capricorn (5/6 degrees). The darkness of Pluto exposing Venus.

So we come to the “What does it all mean?” part of the post. Besides the fact that there is a vile nest of pedophilia that’s about to be uncovered in “Happy Valley” Leo is the opposite of Aquarius. Leo is the old age. It is the sign of kings and sovereignty. Aquarius is the new age and sign of the collective. The imagery of lions, Leo, death of lions, sacrifice, et al, are all part and parcel of the passing of the old age of kings (see Gaddafi) into the new age of Aquarius, but its shadow Aquarius and ultimately it represents “The singularity,” the virtual organizing principle of the hive mind.

Now before you jump on that light worker scooter and start doing figure eights in the Whole Foods parking lot, when you see the word new age, realize that the end of one age and the beginning of the next is usually marked by war(s) and not just any war(s). We’re talking big wars. World wars.

When we look at WWI, we saw the birth of the “League Of Nations” which ultimately became NATO. The League Of Nations was supposed to be the birth of “A New World Order” only the United States did not join in. Now I’m skipping over many details here, but WWII did what WWI did not, with the formation of The United Nations, which succeeded where “The League Of Nations” failed. It has become the de facto ruling body of the world, especially since treaties like NAFTA and GATT have been signed. The first NAFTA trucks from Mexico are now rolling through the USA, yet we still have this sticky country, sovereign thing going on, keeping us from a one-world government, which is the geo-political end game for the new age.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am all for a global conga line, it is 11/11/11. Perceiving our commonality amongst one another is something we can organically do, especially if we have enough emotional, spiritual and physical resources so that we aren’t turning on one another which is particularly challenging, but not impossible at this point under Pluto in Capricorn. It seems like an awful long way to go in order to bring people into some kind of universal, organizing principle. Left to our own devices, with the immense amount of planetary intention towards this end, we could achieve this relatively quickly. So the question we must ask is, “Why is this not the case?”

Today, on my show, I interviewed Dr. Jack Pruett, a long time friend and co-worker of Ron Paul. He is the author of “The Grandest Deception” which leap frogs off the work of Zecharia Sitchin and our Annunaki origins 450,000 years ago and then goes into how we are still being manipulated by the very same Annunaki forces to this very day. Click on the player below for my interview with Dr. Pruett.

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2 thoughts on “The Penn State Scandal, 11-11-11, Leo/Aquarius Mash-Up and The Grandest Deception”

  1. D

    Does anyone really think Paterno and the authorities would have so quickly swept this under the rug if Sandusky was molesting girls? It is but one manifestation of an entire culture that regards males as sex beasts who always “want it.”

    Male schoolteacher has sex with high school girl = Rapist! Castrate the bastard!

    Female schoolteacher has sex with high school boy = Lucky Guy!

    Men who are victims of rape even still have to pay child support if his rapist gets pregnant from it.

    Because you know us men. We always “want it.”

    1. a

      While I think you’re right about the male/female dichotomy, I think its really pretty simple. its a perp network. That’s why it was brushed under the table for so long. Lots of enabling and complicity.

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