The Passing Of Nick Adenhart, Predictive Astrology And More

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

nickadenhartThe eternal gaze of Nick Adenhart.

While some astrologers base their careers on predictive astrology, in many, more modern circles, it’s become an arcane sideshow, where the exploration of personality and psychology as it relates to signs and angles is much more open ended, positive and broad. The days when Jeanne Dixon and Sydney Omar ground angels and aspects into the ethers to come up with a fated moment, have faded from the American landscape and yet, there were two events that took place recently in the baseball world that has caused me to look deeper into the astrology of destiny.

On early Thursday morning, young Nick Adenhart, a pitcher for The LA Angels was traveling across town, from one club to another. Adnehart had just held The Oakland A’s scorless for six innings, making a spot start for The Angels, before he would likely be sent back down to Salt Lake City. Originally from Baltimore, the young pitcher had fought back from adversity in high school, having injured himself as a senior and eventually became a 14th round pick for The Angels. He worked hard and rapidly rose through their farm system to become one of their top prospects. He was called on to face The A’s in the Angels third game of the season. Adenhart was excited and had invited his family out from Maryland to watch him pitch. he made them proud, standing down the likes of Jason Giambi and Eric Chavez. In one of life’s most cruel ironies, it would be Adenhart’s shining moment, six shutout innings. No doubt, there was plenty of goodwill flowing. he had exceeded the team’s expectations and brought smiles to his parents faces. All those little league games, had paid off. Nick was dealing in the show.

Just hours after his parents went to bed, savoring their son’s shining moment, Adenhart and three others in the car they were in were killed by a drunk driver (Andrew Gallo) in a mini-van, who ran a red light, plowing into the Eclipse that Adenhart and his friends were in. Gallo fled the scene and was later apprehended. Adenhart’s parents went to bed dreaming of their only child’s bright future. They awoke to find that his future had been cancelled. Was there an astrological connection related to Nicke Adenhart’s death? Could we somehow draw some conclusions regarding the vertices of heavenly bodies in motion as they wheeled and turned against the inner landscape of Nick Adenhart’s chart?

I did a brief scan of the ephemeris at the time of his birth and there are some fairly unusual transits that stand out. Adenhart was born, 9/24/86 and was a Libra Sun, 0 degrees. His natal Neptune was in Cap at 3 degrees, squaring his Sun. Pluto, which had just turned retrograde was in an exact conjunction with Adenhart’s Neptune, at 3 degrees, again, squaring his natal Sun. In addition to these two, powerful squares, Venus at 0 degrees, was opposing his natal Sun and the waning, Libra full moon, The squares of the two titans of the transpersonal sphere against Adenhart’s Sun, speaks to me in some way. We can attribute the usual qualities to the two; death and transformation with Pluto, return to the source and slipping between worlds with Neptune, but what makes them them even more powerful correspondences is their placement in Capricorn; chronos, karma, the wheel and time. Saturn and Cap is the scythe that prunes our pious attitudes, false assumptions and almost any area that is considered dross, grist for the goat’s mill. Add those elements together and tie them sideways against Nick Adenhart’s Libran Sun, then oppose that very same Sun with the swift and sudden energy of Venus in Aries, relationships, friends, and the odds just got a little higher that something could happen in the wee hours of Thursday morning, as a carload of “friends” met their demise, along with Adenhart.

I don’t want to trivialize this in the very least, especially in the light of the fact that I have no birth info on any of his friends or Gallo, but Adenhart’s chart/transits does have some cosmic confluences that could be seen as complicit in his tragic end.

Another baseball tragedy happened on the same night San Francisco Giants pitcher, Joe Martinez was pitching against Mike Cameron of The Milwaukee Brewers. Martinez grooved one and Cameron hit a rocket, back to the mound, off Martinez’s temple. Unlike Adenhart, who would never pitch again, Martinez was conscious and taken to a hospital, where he got CAT scans, etc. I looked at Martinez’s chart/ephemeris and he has Mars in Aries, at 0 degrees, which was conjuncting transiting Venus at 0 degrees. Aries of course, rules the head and Venus, rules relationships. Ball meet head. Now that’s a quick relationship. Mike Cameron, whose bat the ball came rocketing off of, has Pluto in Libra at 4 degrees, opposing Martinez’s Mars in Aries at 0 degrees. Are there any correspondences between these numbers, angles and phenomenon? I don’t have any specific answers and there are a lot of astrologers that stop by here. If that means you, have a look at both charts/ephemeri and tell me what you think. My gut says that there is, and if so, what does it mean for predictive astrology?


While I was writing this post, from The Hotel Mac, in my new home of Pt. Richmond, the lights flickered on and off. The Hotel Mac has a history of ghostly sightings and I couldn’t help but wonder if someone was trying to get my attention. My move is nearly complete and I’ll be updating much more frequently in the days to come.

3 thoughts on “The Passing Of Nick Adenhart, Predictive Astrology And More”

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    I know exactly nothing about sport, Robert, but it doesn’t matter in this case. Not that I know a lot about astrology!

    First – condolences to families and loved ones of those killed (not that they’ll read this, but I feel it’s necessary to say it. ) Dreadful tragedy!

    What struck me, as I read your piece, was that if Nick’s friends were all of roughly the same age, they’d all have Neptune in a smilar position, and all would have been subject to Pluto’s conjunction. Just a thought.

  2. a


    This was one of the most heartbreaking stories inrecent memory for me. Nick’s father went out to the pitchers mound the day after his death to touch the earth that Nick had stood on the night before. I can barely hold back my tears as I ponder this reality.

    You might be onto something with the others in the car all sharing the Pluto/Neptune conjunction.

    My deepest sympathies go out to The Adenhart;s and the families of the other young people lost in that terrible event.

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