The Organic Roots Of Synchronicity–The Gift Economy–Lorin Kee’s Pepsi Challenge

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

synchSync this.

Synchronicity is bliss. If it is not bliss, then at least it is an amusing distraction/departure from the mundane law of linearity. But when it’s on, the acceleration of conscious awareness peaks at quantum levels. Let me give you a case in point:
Prior to yesterdays radio show, I kicked out a few Federal Reserve Notes to Willow, of Willow’s Web up in Canada. I love her blog. It’s feisty and whip smart. She knows her stars and pees all over New Age conventions. In essence, like what this blog attempts to do, she is taking back the power of the stars and recasting them without the yoke of all that Babylonian baggage and theosophical webbing. So I donated a little to her tip jar.

During my show, I had a really great caller, a fellow by the name of Lorin Kee. I think he had heard the interview with Jay and myself and called in. Like so many other Americans, Lorin is getting ready to stare down urn-employment and wanted to know what I saw with him, especially with Saturn in his 2nd House about ready to return to Virgo. We chatted a bit on the air and I offered to do a more detailed look at his chart off the air. He sent me not only his info, but his grand idea.

Lorin is into gardening–big time. It’s his dream to be able to help people with brown thumbs have their own, sustainable, organic gardens. He wants to help them from seed to fruit and he doesn’t want to get paid. What he’s looking to do is build his business on a trade/gift/barter economy model. This is exactly what I was talking about during the show and I even used a seed metaphor for allowing the perfect pattern within each of us to take root and flower.

When I saw Lorin’s chart his fourth house was chock full of Sag planets, a veritable stellium of goodwill, fair trade and philosophical application of ideas in and around the home. At the top of his chart. just past his mid-heaven, bountiful Jupiter in Taurus sprouts upwards, cracking through the topsoil of his chart and into the world at large. Jupiter in Taurus reaps the benefits of the Earth and the Earth reaps the benefits in kind. It’s an organic reciprocity that is thoroughly bio-dynamic.

As Saturn cruises through Lorin’s second house, it’s important and incumbent upon him to use all of his available resources, resources that might not include money or at the very least, his own. So what Lorin has done is entered his idea in “The Pepsi Challenge.” Pespi has offered to fund a great idea to the tune of $50,000 for someone to start their own business. Lorin’s idea was one of 400 accepted. Now, the voting commences.

After I gave Lorin a few insights into his chart, lo and behold, what shows up in my PayPal tip jar? A little token of appreciation from Lorin, roughly the same amount that I had passed onto Willow earlier in the day. Again, in the dynamic and whirling innerverse of synchronicity, we were all involved in the gift/barter/trade model, thus bearing out Lorin’s philosophy, even at a humble and small serious of exchanges.

What Lorin Kee is proposing to do is the inverse of what Murray-Hill see previous post is doing. One version is literally grass roots and organic, while the other is synthetic and completely top down. If you want to give Lorin and his idea a little love, do something incredibly empowering, go to his site and vote for his idea. It’s truly worthwhile and pass it along to others. Let’s support and empower a truly positive and sustainable idea, born out of the heart and mind of one individual.


6 thoughts on “The Organic Roots Of Synchronicity–The Gift Economy–Lorin Kee’s Pepsi Challenge”

  1. T

    Your blog came up in a Google alert for synchronicity. Love this post. Hope you’ll drop by our blog on sychronicity and if you have a sychro you’d like to share that involves astrology or anything else, we would be delighted to post it.

    Trish MacGregor

  2. B

    Synchronicity of the crapolic clutch and the pope being exposed as Pluto and Saturn square up in play with a hard Uranus is making me all warm and fuzzy.
    …and if it’s good ideas needed…I mean …call me british …but what about you yanks putting timers on your hot water tanks…and multi -level elements to heat half a tank…we in europe have used these devices very effectively …just a thought …as everyone stumbled around in the dark on the 27th while their hot water tanks remain at full blast 24/7…

  3. B

    The mis-use of power and bullying inspired this ditty a few years ago…
    ~Sloth, Greed & Reality TV
    The seeds of cruelty will only grow
    where bitterness and negativity show
    the sad fertility of a stunted mind
    a society that thrives on thoughts unkind

    How did we lose the virtue to give?
    the mindset of Love and live and let live
    those deep caring bonds of family and friends
    The Hope and the Trust that bridges will mend

    The answer is simple for all to see
    those seeds are planted by your TV
    the more you sit and watch that shit
    those seeds take root and gain firm grip

  4. d

    like yr ditty Badger.
    I have Saturn going retro in my 2nd house – 1st over my Jupiter Uranus conjunction in early Libra – was that tight trying to get dinner together. Now that that crisis is waning my water work is really coming together – a bit like my fellow gardener described above. So, I live in the third world – we have a mass of unemployment and an abundance of dead dirty water. Government is struggling to know what to do next as none of the previous rules and habits do anything anymore – the ruling class has amassed a gluttonous bank balance – and the only way for things to have a chance at moving forward are to include those who eek out their living. So, a new economic forum is open to the public here – my water work needs to go there….putting the unemployed into working the water, all being funded by big business who needs to be taxed for water use – the water disclosure project like the carbon disclosure project etc. Thanks Lorin Kee for turning fuzziness into function. I surely don’t want to be working big and government level as I would prefer to fuss over my veggies, but when it’s so simple to change things perhaps a sacrifice or 2 is required.

  5. Awesome…

    We’ve been doing a similar experiment in Oregon NORML for several years… Except our plant and seed giveaways are limited to marijuana plants, but it would be awesome to have something similar for food crops as well. In Oregon, we have medical marijuana but we don’t have dispensaries like they do in California, Colorado, and other states. We don’t have that gold rush here, instead we focus on self-sufficiency, knowing that otherwise many people would be left out and would not be able to afford their medicine. People who get a cutting at our meetings take them home and grow them, make more cuttings, and pay it forward by bringing more clones back to the meetings.

    We have nearly 300 people show up the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month for free clones and medicine at our cardholders’ meetings. Initially, it was hard to find a location that would allow us to gather there, but Lorin probably won’t have the same problem, since vegetable gardens aren’t nearly as controversial. It will probably take more planning so that the proper seeds and starts are handed out at the right time of year, though.

    If Lorin creates a 501(c)(3) non-profit, he could go after grant dollars in addition to going for the Pepsi money. He would have to get things off the ground and running first, however, since foundations like to support successful non-profits and help them grow. I believe he can do it, though.

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