The New Moon, Revolutions, Iran, Chaos Theory, Bombing The Lunar Surface

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

mooni_bomberBomb Iran? Why stop there? NASA has bigger plans.

The Cancer new Moon, conjunct my natal Mars at 0 degrees Cancer had me fidgety, edgy and nervous all day yesterday. I couldn’t fall asleep till past 3am. All I wanted to do was crawl back into my shell, but I seemed to have the left said shell elsewhere. But as Steely Dan once wisely and presciently penned;

“Any major dude with half a heart would tell you my friend, any modern world that falls apart comes together again, when the devil is at your door, in the morning light it won’t be there no more, any major dude will tell you.”

There’s something to chaos theory. You know, like when a lobsterman passes gas in Maine, there’s a coup in Honduras, that sort of thing. It’s the theory that seemingly unrelated and random events are tied to other events that erupt and occur around the planet. Let’s take what’s happening in Iran for instance. This is no mere dust up, some contentious turf war between various sects that rises from tim-to-time. Nope, this is full on chaos, or so it seems on the surface. Nothing is as it appears to be in the nights where the moon casts no shadow. While The US media, including revolutionary technologies such as Facebook, Twitter and Google were up to their eyeballs in the story, portraying, hyping, enabling, are we seeing the full picture? Is the dark moon truly illuminating what’s taking place, or are we projecting what we’re being told believe on the surface? Is this a case of sheer lunacy or is there something deeper at play? Deciphering the full picture in this case is like the three blind men all touching various parts of an elephant and describing it differently, but not one of them identifying the elephant as it is.

Let’s peel back the layers.roguesgallery

• There has been rumors of war with Iran for the past four years, with Israel growling and The US, baring it’s incisors, but nothing more.
• Ahmadinejad is constantly the brunt of demonization, like Bin Laden, Hussein and Khaddafi, and while no one would ever confuse them for Nobel laureates, the marketing of demonization in these cases usually precede some sort of action and or conflict. Edward Bernays was the first to develop this tool for driving mass psychology when United Fruit hired him to deal with General Arbenz when he took over in Guatemala and was threatening nationalization of that country’s fruit industry. Bernays staged a brilliant psy-op and forced Arbenz to leave the country, and in his place, more business friendly leadership was inserted. Here is Ahmadinejad on a recent cover of “Newsweek.”

• Rumors abound that Bushco floated over $400 million into Iran through those alphabet agencies to grease the wheels of chaos and turmoil and in effect, help stage a coup.
• Noted hawk, Benjamin Netenyahu begins to talk nice, even considers a “two-state-solution” with Palestine, just as things are about to go haywire in Iran.
• Then, as I have covered in the past is the shadow that Ahmadinejad, might actually be a deep plant with connections to global intelligence.
• How can we not forget the last coup we helped stage in Iran, inserting The Ayatollah (another known asset) into a leadership role, when The Shah actually believed in his divine right to rule, not simply dance like a marionette for The Seven Sisters. This one seems like a replay, but instead of going from the 20th century back to the 15th, this is a putsch forward, to empower Mousavi to install a west friendly system and keep using the dollar as the petroleum bourse.
• Whether it succeeds or fails, it has a bit of Saul Alinsky’s spirit in the affair: “The end is what you want, the means is how you get it.”

One cannot deny the violence taking place, but would this be any different in any other country in the world? What about here in The US as Barack Obama wrings his hands about the violence and rule of law being afflicted on the uprising. How would he respond if Americans had gotten off their lazy and uninformed asses when the banks had their huge bailouts with almost zero oversight? obama_dd I doubt that he’d be passing out Dunkin Donuts to the protesters. Support democracy and elections, but only if your guy wins, Again, much of this has happened under the darkness of the moon, a time in ritual where the seeds are sown for manifestation to come to fruition when the moon is full. So we’ll see in a couple of weeks where this is all headed.

But perhaps even more disturbing lunacy and new moon news is that of NASA wanting to actually bomb The Moon! This was announced, just as the New Moon in Cancer was taking full effect. Michael Tsarion over at Red Ice thinks that this is part of a process of creating a star gate. Can things get any more stranger than this? Hold on kids. I think it can and will

So what does this all mean? New Moons, pseudo-revolutions, moon bombs, chaos theory? I’m not really sure, but I was definitely cranky yesterday and more than willing to blame it on any one of those factors; the butterfly effect of psychic disturbance across the skies of my mind.

3 thoughts on “The New Moon, Revolutions, Iran, Chaos Theory, Bombing The Lunar Surface”

  1. Hey Robert!

    So intersting… well, the link (–may-cause-conflict-with-lunar-extraterrestrial-civilizations) there is a part where:

    “In a 2006 television documentary, ‘Apollo 11: The Untold Story,’ Buzz Aldrin admitted for the first time publicly that the astronauts saw UFOs on their trip to the Moon, but they were not allowed to discuss this information on the live audio feed to NASA. He stated that he felt it would have caused a ‘panic.’”

    Haha “not allowed to discuss”. Anyway… the world is already in panic too moons ago, war and hungry people all over the world, and they say it would cause panic… mmm sht***! Are we really in prison here on planet earth or what?! Hello! There is definitely life outhere, moon or not, there is… Manipulation by information in the media is a great brainwash they can do for you to believe who are your enemies and who are not (a cliché, but true) that’s why it is hard to believe in sincere plans for each government in the world nowadays, don’t want to sound in panic or too paranoid, but hey, the world is in this state already, this information wouldn’t cause panic, but open minds of those who believe they are here for just a merely coincidence. Lets look to those who remain/will in power on earth, accepting and doing things far more egocentrical for personal objections in the position of power, and part of the society who believes in a near (or not) freedom know this as well, evil has its plan, but the good has it too! The chaos is getting hush for those who does not have ears to comprehend the manipulation and lies behind it, that’s the job. Sometimes I think about a far more intelligent society, in other place (or here someday maybe?) and think how they ‘cured’ the chaos that walks within the collective and personal when everything seems to be in the dark. I mean we are great brainy people, just learning how to use it, and it seems we are low yet, but my Uranus in Sagittarius force (just for note) really makes me incredible optimistic about society getting a higher vibration, manifesting a broader perspective in human life.
    And my guess is that we as society are living in a silence revolution. Who to believe? Who to trust? That’s a very personal answer as it answers the questions.

  2. Forgot to mention about the moon conjunction my natal moon in cancer, the sense of security is getting strong in a personal and collective level. A new beginning and concept for people who loves their home and their planet earth and whishes its best were born at this new moon. Cancer is the strongest when wanting to conquest its home.

  3. R

    Well, I don’t know how credible this is – but this is what the Zeta’s say: (channeled) – or Michael Tsarion might be right…

    “The sudden interest in the Moon is not due to a long range plan to create a Moon base, but is to prepare for the immediate exit from Earth of the planet’s elite. How can this be occurring you might ask, when Obama is in the White House? The layers between a Chief Executive and the projects undertaken by a contract corporation, projects often on the books and approved for years, are such that Obama would have to induce Congress to terminate NASA in order to stop this operation. It is what he inherited, and can only do so much.

    We have often alluded to the plans of the elite to escape to Mars, living there until the pole shift had passed and they could safely return to Earth as kings. This was all to be assisted by Service-to-Self aliens who would transport and house them. Of course, the Service-to-Self lie and when pressed refused to transport the elite anywhere. Then there was the hope of bunkers on Earth, which have proven to be a disastrous plan as rock under pressure emits lethal particle flows. Crews sent underground to test this out died. Forced to contemplate enduring the hour of the pole shift on the surface of the Earth with the common man the elite so much despise, they desperately cast around for alternatives. Man can go to the Moon, and private funding abounds for private space travel.

    The bomb is to dig a cavern that will presumably protect the elite in their erected structures from debris in the tail of Planet X. How will all this fare, in the short time between now and the pole shift? Poorly, but the details of their failure is something we prefer to withhold, less they learn from our warnings. True karma is prevailing on Earth, with the elite not faring any better than the common man. “

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