The Neptune/Virgo Opposition, 1849, The California Gold Rush And Shemitah

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

zsacred-hearts-jesus-and-mary-401x330Neptune (Pisces) and Jupiter (Virgo) in sacred alignment.

As we wind through what is surely going to be a challenging time for many of us in the weeks, months and years ahead, it is essential that we find inner strength through a deepening of our faith, our love for one another and a kindness that is almost a luxury in the world that we know. Slowly, but decidedly surely, we are being indoctrinated into a world where everyone is supposedly equal. This is the message of the Aquarian Age, but it’s being done by lowering the standards of equality. That which is equal is only equal as it is prescribed by the shrill voice of a collective nanny state. Your morals and standards are being shown to you through PSA’s and television shows which reinforce a broad, generalized view of what’s akin to secular humanism and if you don’t agree with the talking points, you can be persecuted financially and ostracized socially. These are some of the exact same trials and tribulations that Jesus/Sananda/Yeshua was put through during his walk on the planet. One not need believe in religion or God or the bible to see this dichotomy at work. The rejection of materialism was illustrated when the merchants tables were upturned in the temple. The pressure to conform, either professionally or even in the sphere of love has distorted our direct connection to the divine. Once we make choices outside of our knowing we are compromised at every turn, thus life becomes a series of trade-offs and justifications. At some point the path loses it’s demarcations and we become lost.

In the flux of rapid change it is easy to succumb to confusion and a sense of hopelessness. Perhaps this is part of a greater plan both for the individual and the world.

Many months ago I did a post of the birth date of Jesus being 9/11. I did a video representation of this on Gaiam and to date, it is one of the most popular shows on Gaiam. When I was a child, I had a very difficult time staring into the pictures of Jesus I would see occasionally in a public or private space. Certain churches would evoke deep anxiety within me. It would take me many years to understand the source of my anguish in this very strange and disturbing moments. In the interim, I became a heretic of sorts and identified with rebellion at every turn. It’s no coincidence that the area that I grew up in had Uranus on the ascendant through the relocated chart. I was always ahead of the curve and loved hacking the immediate world around by turning things upside down, inside out. From an astrological perspective, understanding the relocated chart, especially for children is of great importance.

My mid-life phase shift occurred when I moved from the Bay Area to Austin and with the move, my chart changed as well and now instead of Uranus on the ASC, I have Pluto which is not a subtle shift by any means. Time here is highlighted by facing the ominous intensity of Pluto on a daily basis. If you want to deal with confronting your fears, Pluto on the ASC will gladly be your teacher.

In the world, Pluto’s force is dominant in Capricorn because Capricorn is the world. It is the sign of the 10th House and the Zenith of the chart. It doesn’t just rule governments and big business, it’s the entire top down domain. The surging forces of transformation are relentless as Pluto literally destroys the historical markers of the last 2,000 years. From Confederate flags to ancient statuary, a process of eradication is at work, because in order for the new world to emerge, the old (theoretically) must die. But who are we apart from this process? Where is our eternal spirit, our souls, which are timeless in the mix?

kurt-cobain-604-tt-width-604-height-400-crop-1-bgcolor-000000Again, astrologically we can see the deep influence of Neptune and Chiron at work. Neptune in Pisces has the potential for the most deep, profound and intimate understanding of source creator within us as well as the false personification of that energy. Pisces is easily the most mis-understood sign of all the signs as it has all eleven signs before it as part it’s energy. This is why Pisceans have such a difficult time. They are the receptive point of all that is. Never, ever think you have a Pisces figured out. They’ll always surprise you. But it is the most compassionate and loving of all the signs with the potential to unconditionally love and forgive.

In the Bible, both Mary’s are representative of Piscean consciousness. Mother Mary is the pure vessel that gave birth to Yeshua. Edgar Cayce (Pisces) claims that Mary was an Essene and was chosen by the Essene high priests because of her vibrational purity. Some claim that she would be akin to Virgo, but the virgin birth likely has more to do with the month of September, or Virgo. Out of her womb she gives birth to Yeshua/Virgo and hence the 9/11 date. Mother Mary is the sacred expression of Pisces.

Mary Magdalene, pardon my expression, was a whore and she is the personification of the profane aspect of Pisces and it is through her unconditional love that she moves from the profane into the sacred. So we see the two Marys as the totality of Piscean consciousness through purity and redemption.

With Neptune in Pisces and the upcoming opposition of Jupiter in Virgo, we will be witness to the cosmic link between Mary/Mary and Yeshua. Many astrologers downplay the influence of Jupiter and would rather spend time and energy focusing on Saturn. I completely understand this. But Jupiter hints at potential and expands the opportunity for it. This Jupiter/Neptune opposition is quite rare. In fact, the last time it occurred was in 1849. An event that while quite not as Earth changing as the birth of Jesus, yet one that caused a seismic shift in Western expansion took place. On August 19th, 1849, the New York Herald made it official and formally announced the California gold rush. Jupiter was at one degree Virgo, Neptune 3 degrees Pisces and what’s also interesting is that Chiron was also in Pisces.

California_Clipper_500Everything changed from that point forward. California became a territory just days later and the westward expansion was on. The US and the world were never the same since.

We can also see some of that symbolism in the extraction process. The process of getting gold is quite Virgo in some ways. Panning starts in silted mud and through the sifting and clarification, the purity of the processed gold is revealed. It comes from water (Pisces) and Jupiter of course is the value.

So with the opposition, we see both the potential for spiritual and material gold. In the spiritual realm, Chiron can help us discern “Fool’s Gold.” In the material realm, keep your eyes on the gold market, especially with Venus having gone direct in Leo, and the metal associated with Leo is gold. Jupiter will be in opposition to Neptune on 9/17 with Neptune moving backwards at seven degrees. This also coincides with the Shemitah Cycle, which many are portending to be the next financial reset and while there are certainly signs that point to the seventh, seven-year-cycle of Jubilee, which ironically multiplies into 49, the same year gold was discovered in California, I have been and am still leaning towards next year and the culmination of the political cycle as well, just as it was in 2008/9.

On a mundane level, the positive expression of the opposition suggests expansive ways that you can practically channel the vast potential of your spirituality. On the minus side, Jupiter can expand Virgos latent neurosis, especially regarding Piscean sloppiness resulting in the proliferation of bacteria and viruses. We’re already seeing some of this with the outbreak of Legionnaires disease in New York City.

In addition to the opposition, Saturn comes into play as well at 29 Scorpio (Anaretic), forming a wide t-square with the Jupiter/Neptune. We’ll also get this one, more time in May of 2016. Esoterically, the addition of Sag into the Pisces/Virgo mix adds the orthodox administration of faith, the mid-point of the higher mind between pure consciousness (Pisces) and selfless service (Virgo). Here is where we have the potential to become our own administrators of heaven’s will.

How about a little music for the occasion. Here’s The Stone Roses with “Fool’s Gold.”

6 thoughts on “The Neptune/Virgo Opposition, 1849, The California Gold Rush And Shemitah”

  1. I

    “I AM is the Virgin of Mary who knew not a man- the word I AM is Mary within you which is capable of conception itself without the aid of any man. Luke 1:34
    I AM the reason I smile-Be still and know that I AM God-Psalm 46:10 If man would give up the belief of a living God separate from himself, he would recognize his own connection and transform from the baron waste to a fertile field of his own liking. And yet unaided by man conceived and bore a son, Mary the unconditional consciousness desired and then became conscious of being in the conditioned state which she desired to express and in a way unknown to others became it. Go and do like wise. Assume the consciousness that which you desire to be and you too will give birth to your savior.Lock your secret within you and magnify the Lord-Luke 1:46 What so ever ye shall ask in my name that shall I do-John14:13 -15:16/16/23 This does not mean to ask in words for millions have asked in this manner without result-I AM is the nameless presence-Affirm-I AM strong, radiant, inspired, illuminated, love-this is the real self. I AM the anointed one, the awakened, I AM Christ all day long. The Living God dwells within me-I Am Love

  2. F

    Everything you said about Pisces. I would have to agree with you Robert, I think you are spot on. I’m 0 degrees pisces ascendant, just like your photo there of Kurt, who is 0 degrees pisces sun. Didn’t buy many cds but I even purchased nevermind and in utero years ago, lol. Sometimes i think pisceans are rather plutonian themselves.

  3. p

    its quite funny when personal responsibility is a theme – yet we have middle men and intercessors speaking for some…this coming from one – who wears a mask of fish…

    hey rp – so r u saying when you relocate from the birth territory, the birthchart interacts with the new territory differently? never thought about that if so, but man – that is interesting given the military brat background landing back in the territory of my birth without (higher) support to relocate anywhere else (i’ve tried twice)…wow!

    btw – too many people are staring at this years sept/oct down finance cycle – its probably muted a bit for now until some macro polar story can unite world emotion…(u see japan has a mega laser on que for 10 ufo’s flying around?)

    peace in one love…

    PS – why is the comments box text SO SMALL!? 🙂

  4. C

    WOW! Pluto on your ascendant in your relocation for Austin! That’s intense! I would love to talk in private about that sometime, and also how the move affected your son’s chart. I haven’t seen your Gaiam show about 9/11 being Jesus’s birthday. Would love to check that out. My teacher who studied with Rodolph Steiner, Willie Sucher, also said that Jesus’s birthday was in Sept, but it wasbefore 911 when I studied with him, so the date didn’t stick in my mind. I would love to hear why certain pictures of Jesus and certain churches deeply disturbed you when you were young. I had profound memories of Jesus when I was very young, like 5 or 6, before I could really think. Love you Robert, carol

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