The Mists Of Neptune Descend Upon Sanford

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Papa don’t preach.

I’d been tracking the role of Freemasonic connections in the Trayvon Martin case, starting with Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farakhan and even Spike Lee. In the newsletter, I had made a connection between Albert Pike and his end-time game plan, which would include the desecration of Christianity (Kony 2012 and the collapse of Jason Russell–with more to follow), WWIII (Syria/Iran) and race conflict and strife in the USA, something that Pike as founder of the KKK would know all-too-well. We can see the racial fires getting stoked in Sanford, thanks mainly to the aforementioned agents of chaos pouring gasoline on the smoldering beach fires.

Well, it seems like those fellows weren’t alone. Here’s Trayvon Martin’s father, “Tracy” clearly displaying his fraternal colors.

Once again, the mists of Neptune and Chiron circulate and swirl around the edges of our perception. Based on this, I am going to throw something out there that might seem radical. Maybe as radical as Jason Russell really being a christian. What if what was purported to take place between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman didn’t really happen the way either party has portrayed it? Could we be witnessing some sort of scripted drama? I’m just putting it out there in the interest of the surreal nature of our times, at the risk of being sacrilegious, which I humbly apologize for in advance.

If indeed the official story is real and Trayvon did indeed die due to George Zimmerman’s gunplay, its a tragedy that still needs to get uncoiled with cool heads and open hearts.

The stakes here are clear and very high. The fuse of a nation has been lit by this incendiary event and we need to explore ALL facets and possibilities before we rush further and further into the rapids of judgment and mob justice in the twittersphere and beyond.

14 thoughts on “The Mists Of Neptune Descend Upon Sanford”

  1. k

    It’s not such a radical thought, Problem Reaction Solution comes to mind here, and I’ve wondered what TPTB might be up to.. a Race war? Gun Control? False flag and Martial Law…
    and Jason Russell sounds like a MKUltra Mind control victim…. set on self destruct…
    another good article Robert… love reading your work!

  2. k

    but on a less conspiratorial, more spiritual note, maybe this is about disclosure, about looking closely at our own beliefs, judgments, and prejudices, and how they influence us in our day to day interactions and decisions. Maybe this is about forgiveness.

    1. a

      Who or what do we forgive? I was circling this concept a few days back. I’m not sure where forgiveness enters into this just yet. Its too knotted and tangled. I’ve done my best to be fair and compassionate, watch my own tendency to judge and draw conclusions on both sides. I really struggled with posting that pic for a number of reasons, but I’ve seen too much dis and misinformation come out of events such as these that I was compelled to go there.

      I was in Atlanta reading tarot during the Olympics, not far from where the bomb went off near the Olympic village. Richard Jewell’s life was ruined when he inadvertently stumbled upon the crude explosive device.

      On the heels of that, Clinton passed the first “Anti-Terror” bill at light speed (baked and ready to go).

      Maybe the Martin photos are just another layer at managing our perceptions around this. Maybe not.

      One of the things that is really challenging is questioning the so called reality of events in the early stages, especially if some tragedy ensues. This is exactly what happened with 911. Early researchers were shut and shouted down by people for being insensitive. Ironically the remains of the people that we were supposed to be sensitive about were dumped in a land fill zone on Staten Island.

      Not sure how much more time I’ll spend on this story.event.

  3. A

    Since we’re questioning reality here I have to wonder if this is a Photoshopped picture of Trayvon’s father. Maybe he belongs to a South Florida lodge or maybe he doesn’t (is is that easy to find lodge photos these days?). The whole “perception management” meme is relevant given that Tavistock has a significant and growing investment in a town not too far from Sanford. Tiger Woods, now re-emerging after his public humiliation, played at the 2012 Tavistock Cup in Lake Nona recently. About a year ago I heard one of the Tavistock principals talking about how they were planning to “get deeply into the psyche” of the Central Florida community ostensibly to promote goodwill and regional economic development. It will be interesting to observe how this all plays out.

    1. a

      Yes, Interesting how Tiger resurfaced at “Tavistock” at the same time Hank Haney’s book hits the stands. What is Tiger’s next match? “The Masters.” You could be right about perception management. Here is another photo of Martin that I do not believe is photoshopped.

      ” alt=”Martn.” />

  4. d

    Bullies grow up and buy guns…an intelligent media would be focusing on the gun issue or the bullying issue … … and not stirring hate

    1. a

      An intelligent media? Media is not capable of intelligence. It doesn’t have that capacity. Media is an agency of manipulation for those in the seat of power and control and they’ll use it for any damn thing they want as long as the agenda they have in mind is forwarded. If you believe that the media has skin in the fairness and the social enlightenment game, you’re simply deluded. Right now its been vested with the role of conquering and dividing on any issue.

  5. A

    Robert, I lived in Atlanta. I survived bartending on super bowl weekend (1994) but I was not going to be anywhere near there for the madness of the Olympics.

    This post is quite timely after listening to clif high’s recent “wujo” podcast where he talks about the space of real unknowing we have entered. He talked specially about the trayvon case and uses it as an example of how what we all rely on as facts can now be debunked, contradicted, fleshed out immediately with technology. That “facts” are only facts in the moment. (im referencing the 3/29/12 episode) Your posting this picture – which absolutely adds another layer to the story – makes clif’s point.

    I have for a while thought that seemingly happenstance news events are staged “false flags” so I respect your questioning what we are actually seeing on this one.

    1. a

      The media is losing its power to control and manage reality. That doesn’t mean that there can’t or won’t be the dissemination of information–that will always occur. But now its different. The consensus narrative cannot hold sway the way it used to, which is ultimately a good thing, even if it makes ones perception of events, slightly less sure in the initial stages.

      I think that the next wave we’re going to see is disinfo whistle blowers, in a very big way. Its been happening for a while, but its going to get thick fairly soon. In fact, I have a hunch that someone who is perceived to be very credible is going to appear to “jump ship.”

  6. k

    Forgiveness always is a personal and inner journey, All of us see the world as we judge the world, from the perspective of our beliefs and limited understandings.
    Forgiveness as I mentioned it previously is for me, about the ability to See the world as a stage and all the men and women players…(Shakespeare)
    or understanding the degrees of polarity and duality, that within the light exists the dark… As the sun shines it casts shadows, and Carl Jung asked us to expose the Shadow side that exists in
    all of us to better perceive the experiences we focus on and are presented to us in our lives. Or maybe as the Hopi suggest that WE are the ONES we have been waiting for… or in other words in every drama that plays out before us, for us, and by us… Is US showing ourselves the way, showing us Who We Are… Or like in Zen Buddhism when we realize or come to the understanding that we are all connected, that we are All the One, or even in Quantum physics when we understand the Holographic nature of the Universe that the All is in all the parts, that we are all playing the parts, We are the playwright , the play, and the actors…When you realize That you are the playwright, the play and all the players, there is no one to forgive but yourself.. and really no one to forgive at all because Ultimately it’s all not Real…

    I do agree totally with your point about how out of tragedy comes more manipulation, When TPTB or the Dark side of US have your attention, your emotions, and then use this attention and energy for their benefit.

    also I read your Super bowl half time show, fascinating. much of what you covered was familiar to me ,I was stunned myself at the blatant show of symbolism and you explained it all the best, by far, yet I still do not completely understand this whole satanic and Lucifer worship.. Are you familiar with Santos Bonacci the Astrotheologist?, My Understanding is that Saturn is Satan our First Son/Sun. I’m not the best at articulating but I would love to understand better who these people are and what they really think they are worshiping. I’m not sure exactly what questions to ask you about this…but as I was explaining what I meant by Forgiveness in my earlier comment and some of the teachings/philosophies that I am aware of, I was recalling the whole New Age movement the ‘players’ gurus, Enlightened/Awakened people… who are they really? Chopra? ACIM? Even Carl Jung, the concept of Oneness? I think that in each of these players and their message the Dark and light exist, truth and deception. Maybe you can point me in the direction of some good writings on these thoughts.

    1. a

      Great comment. I think conspiracy or alt research as I like to call it, only truly serves a purpose when it allows us to see how a particular slice of reality has been manipulated and tragically so. What we do with that info is ultimately up to us. When you discover that history is a lie, it can be fairly liberating, once of course you’ve gotten over the whole betrayal part. Remember, history is almost always written and recorded by the so called victors, hence since the allies won WWII, we got their, Hollywoodified version of it. Does it serve us to see who is behind it all? Once we get to say the Rothschilds or the Hapsburgs. of the House of Hess, then what do we do? Who is behind them? And who is behind them?

      Ultimately, I think we’re in some interdimensional game of high stakes actualization and there’s lots of players in the mix good and evil. Evil is gonna a take one final whack at things here, but it risks rousing the good in proportion to its efforts, so in some ways, it will ultimately be defeated not by good, but by its own energy.

      I also believe that God/ creation has an interest in a novel and complex universe that ultimately affirms its own expansion and not a closed circuit of inertia and some final entropic solution.

      I have heard Santos’ radio show and know a little bit about Astrotheology, which comes out of Jordan Maxwell, who was a pupil of Manly P. Hall’s. The leading proponents of which are Michael Tsarion and Archarya S. I’m not that fond of it to be honest with you. I think its incredibly reductionist and I don’t like how it was used by Peter Joseph to set the table for Zeitgeist and the communitarian, Venus Project, which feels a lot like a 70’s Revell model version of Fritz Laing’s, “Metropolis.”

      I also find Archarya S. (DM Murdoch) to be cold. Her research is single focused and grim.

      I liked Santos’ radio show though. He has heart.

  7. K

    Great article Robert.
    I hesitate to mention yet another blogger for you to check out, but I think you might like
    Really gets into the NLP programming we are all under as well as staged events, all with the idea of manipulating the masses. Been going on a long time, he digs deep.

    1. a

      Thanks Kitty. Am aware of his site. The awakening is on. What’s happening now though is that as we get more hip to the symbolic entrainment, technological entrainment is going to a whole nuther level. Shades of Atlantis.

  8. l

    I think Trayvon was targeted because he did look like Obama.
    The message is “because he was black he must have broken into the gated community, he does not belong here”
    Narrative for Obama “because he is black he has broken into the White House, he does not belong here”
    I think we are looking at a coming false flag, Obama himself which will kick off chaos in America.

    Zimmerman had Mars 3* Virgo, when the shooting occurred Mars was at 3* Virgo
    in the retrograde phase it was back at 3* Virgo when Obama said Trayvon looks like himself and all hell broke loose.
    Obama has Mars 24* Virgo, first hit was when the man fired shots into the white house, the rx pass will be late June, as Mars does not pick up full speed until about 25* Virgo.

    Thats what I think is going to happen

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