The Melting Economy Part 9 — Mercury Goes Direct, Reviewing Bailout Denial, Catalytic Change And Revisiting America’s Dirty Laundry

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Mercury/HermesMercury ponders his next move.

Well it’s over. One of the most volatile Mercury Retrogrades in recent memory, probably since the 2000 presidential election when Mercury was Retrograde in Scorpio has ended. The most historic economic collapse in modern history began during “MR” and is still imploding around us with its devastating effects still to be determined and measured. The fallout of this money bomb will last for decades and shape the course of our social (de)evolution in deeply profound and often discomforting ways.

While the historic and precedent setting bailout took place, what might have been even more important than the bailout itself was the effort by citizens of The US, passionately pleading with their congressional and senatorial representatives to not rescue Wall Street, burning up the phone and fax lines, scorching the internet with incendiary emails demanding that the bailout not take place as scheduled. With the threat of martial law (and perhaps their seats as well) being held to their heads, congress and the senate rapidly circled the wagons and overcame not only their hesitance, but overrode the wishes and dictates of the electorate. This is an incredibly blatant example of Mercury Retrograde in Libra, where the populace is clamoring for fairness, for their voices to be heard and they were denied. The ramifications of this major disconnect between the people and those that represent them is enormous, heaping yet more frustration onto a towering garbage pile of denial and complaint. Since all of this happened on Mercury Retrogrades watch, the bailout itself is flimsy, will be challenged at some point in the future on it’s legality and as result the accumulation of powers by The FED, heretofore never exercised to such intrusive proportions will also be under the microscope of the American public.

From a spiritual standpoint, Libra demands equality and fairness and just because the demands voiced by the vox-populi went unheeded, it doesn’t mean that they have gone away. A tear the size of the country ripped across the fabric of the democratic process and as a result, people will not forget. Mercury Retrograde in Libra portends a time in the future where accountability for not listening to the people will powerfully impact the next mid-term elections. I can easily see a new level of citizenry responding by running for office, forming new parties, getting more involved from a grassroots level, this being supported by the opposition of Pluto in Capricorn opposing The US Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Cancer. Note, the key word here is “opposition.”

In addition to the bailout debacle, other salient items, all centering around fairness, justice and equality also surfaced during Mercury Retrograde in Libra.

From Sarah Palin’s “troopergate” to Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayres (more on him later), to McCain’s connection to The Keating Five SNL scandal and even Iran/Contra, to the latest hot button remark by Jesse Jackson (Libra!) that Israel (zionism) is in trouble with an Obama election, our national past has been resurrected during this Mercury Retrograde. In the case of Jackson, is this a contretemp engineered in conjunction with the McCain team in order to trip up Obama who has already transcended and trumped Jackson’s place in the hierarchy of African-American political leadership? Or is it the plain truth of a man who has had his own controversial past with Israel? Does Obama’s relationship with Z Biggy, who has been openly supportive of the Walt/Mearsheimer book, The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy support Jackson’s claims?

So we had a look into America’s radical past (Ayres), revisited the first raid on public dollars and trust (SNL scandal), along with the covert machinations of The Reagan era (Iran/Contra) and the power of the Israeli lobby and it’s mix in the middle east (Jackson’s comments) all within a three-week-period. Unfortunately, we don’t have the luxury of having a more restrained and patient discussion of these events, which get all-too-quickly buried in the noise of the news cycle, and yet these treks back into time during Mercury Retrograde can be very useful for all of us to re-visit .

Bill Ayres might come out this regurtitation of history, even better off than had he not been held to the spit. Ayres appears to have been exonerated in the court of public opinion, thanks in part to John McCain’s inability to contextualize Obama’s relationship with Ayres and Ayres’ role in The Weather Underground. He is a Capricorn, (12/26/44) with his Capricorn Sun at 3 degrees. As Pluto moves into Capricorn Ayres’ Sun will be augmented by it’s early conjunction with Pluto. Since he’s basically been cleared by the public, look for discussion regarding an Ayres position in The Obama cabinet to begin to take place or at the very least, his political interests in his native Chicago will be mightily fortified by Obama’s role as the next president of The USA.

It’s been a powerful Mercury Retrograde in Libra and it’s not done working it’s magic. On October 28th, Mercury returns to it’s station at 18 degrees in Libra, when Bush signed the bailout bill package on October 3rd. Revelations regarding the bill and the economy will begin to come to light in blazing, ten-commandments-like fashion, culminating on Friday, October 31st, when Mercury returns to where it went Retrograde at 22 degrees. Friday is usually when poor economic news is unleashed so that the markets don’t get rocked as severely and have the weekend to soften the bludgeoning the world economy will no doubt experience.

Ironically, the seventy-year-anniversary of Orson Welles’ radio broadcast of War Of The Worlds takes place this year, and even the terror unleashed by that meme may dwarf the panic that’s triggered when Mercury returns to the master number degree of 22, on All Hallows Eve and the truth about the economy will finally come to light.

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