The Melting Economy Part 8 — Jupiter In Aquarius To The Rescue, Brave New World Vs. Inner Unification, Lucifer Rising

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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By Jove Its Jupiter!

Some of my friends view my site as dark and negative and hesitate to recommend it other people, especially if it is part of their email blasts. So in order to address their concerns (I’m not concerned), I’m going to look at some of the more positive aspects of what’s happening astrologically and socially.

We have focused a lot on the power of Pluto in Capricorn and what it represents as far as it’s impact on the global economy and governance. It cannot be underestimated as to how powerful this alignment is and how it will shake the very foundation of world and how we inhabit it. A dear friend sent me a copy of Ken Kalb’s latest newsletter. Kalb is a fine astrologer who takes in wide and deep perspectives when it comes to looking at astrological trends. Kalb notes in his newsletter that based on Pluto’s move into Capricorn, coupled with the Uranus/Saturn opposition, that we are in uncharted territory, out in the void of space with no previous, historical reference point. In essence, the ability to create something new has never been greater. Enter Jupiter in Aquarius.

Jupiter moves into Aquarius on January 6, 2009, just two weeks prior to the next presidential inauguration. It will enter stage left in a conjunction with Mercury in Aquarius. This will set the tone for Jupiter’s year-long-stay in the sign of the water bearer. The key date to keep in mind regarding Jupiter in Aquarius is May 21st, that is when it will move into an exact conjunction with Neptune already in Aquarius. This bodes well for dreamers and visionaries as the energy to bring new forms and visions into shape, for the greater good will be heightened. When Jupiter enters Aquarius, it will also form a semi-square to Pluto in Capricorn, which will be at one degree. While this is not an adversarial relationship, it promotes a healthy dynamism, enough friction to create sparks, but not start a five-alarm-fire.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, good will, enthusiasm, representing law, philosophy, higher learning, religion, love of nature, animals and sports. Aquarius finds a natural resting place when it is stationed in Jupiter, allowing the aquarian ideals of social justice, unity, progressive thoughts, high tech, utopian dreams and visions a place to live and breath in the most expansive of atmospheres. We will have the opportunity to tap into this magical energy on a broad social scale. Look for tremendous breakthroughs in computing and high tech to take place, potentially empowering more and rapid positive change to manifest. We’ll also see the beginnings of true-micro cultural movements taking place in response to the will of the dominant paradigm that will be exerting it’s force through the gravity of Pluto in Capricorn. Some of the radical ideas in play will be local currencies, digital barter economies, resource based economies and the gathering together of tribes resonating with the sounding of a particular note and purpose. My sense is, is that we will begin to witness the birth of a new world in the guise of many new worlds, like cells forming the basis of a larger embryonic being. The key will be to focus and work towards these possibilities rather than being defined by what could be very strenuous and psychically draining external realities that are casting a much different light on our world. To be “truly in this world, but not of it” will the hallmark of Jupiter’s stay in Aquarius.

There is a shadow side to Jupiter in Aquarius as well and that could easily manifest in the manufactured and pre-fabricated version of the type of world I am referring to. Jupiter in Aquarius would be an ideal launching pad for a version of Huxley’s “Brave New World” or a new order that is cloaked in the robes of sacred traditions which promise to be a panacea for the ills of the world. It can also represent the expansion of technology in our lives to empower a counterfeit vision of spiritual concordance and new social structures. In previous entries, I have looked at “The Chip Economy” and this is one potential manifestation–there are others that point towards marketing a more totalitarian agenda with the ease and convenience of technology.

Post HumanRay Kurzweil and his merry band of singularity agents will be on the forefront of promoting the digitally enhanced post-human, embracing bionic elements to extend life, increase intelligence and augment physical capacities.

When Jupiter hits Aquarius, we will be forced to address such issues and make choices that challenge our very notion of what it is to be human and the types of societies we will inhabit as a result of those choices. Compare the length of Jupiter’s stay in Aquarius to it’s stay in Pisces, which occurs in January of 2010, where it will only be in Pisces for part of the the year. Somewhere out there/in there, we are making sure we have enough time to plant the seeds of the future in such a way that they will sprout and grow into possible worlds of imagination that we will creatively steward into being. This involutionary synchronization of Jupiter/Aquarius is the beginning of a year-and-a-half cycle that erupts on 4/4/11 when Uranus moves into Aries just days before, joining Jupiter, Mars, The Moon and The Sun in the sign of the ram, while just a day later, Neptune moves into peace loving Pisces, signaling a massive shift in awareness, taking the visionary ideas and ideals implanted during the Jupiter/Aquarius phase and making them very real, demarcating the worlds in which we choose to dwell in, once and forever.

From 2010 to 2012, these are prophetic times envisioned by everyone from the ancient Maya, to Arthur C Clarke. In the novel and movie, 2010, Clarke postulates Jupiter becoming our second sun. Perhaps this is a metaphoric abstraction set forth by Clarke as Jupiter attains it’s supra-natural status as our inner beacon, or it might actually re-assemble itself as “Lucifer” the second sun, artificially illuminating a very modern take on ancient prophecies.

What a ride we’re in store for. And we haven’t even mentioned Niburu yet.

3 thoughts on “The Melting Economy Part 8 — Jupiter In Aquarius To The Rescue, Brave New World Vs. Inner Unification, Lucifer Rising”

  1. D

    As a self-taught astrology student, I’m very happy to see that you show the contrast

    between the constructive and non-constructive energies in your analysis. I wonder, though,

    if you could make it more personal, showing how these energies may affect the individual,

    perhaps also with reference to how they (the energies) would interact with individual birth

    and various progressed charts and configurations.

    For example, Jupiter entering Aquarius and conjoining Mercury and Neptune simply begs for

    an analysis of it’s own. Yes, Jupiter does represent expansion and good will. Mercury

    deals with facts and observations, and Neptune represents dreams and visions. But Jupiter

    also represents faith, which can (and often is) blind. It can lead us to Utopia, or to the

    edge of a cliff that we could happily step off of, without regard to the fact that there is

    no bridge there. And while Mercury energy enables us to gather facts and observations, it

    also enables us to rationalize them as well as our choices and responses. On top of that,

    Neptune energy is fully capable of allowing us to hide from Truth, to swim blithely down

    that river known as denial of Reality. And this choice is further enhanced by Neptune’s

    entry into it’s erstwhile “home” sign, Pisces.

    But this is just the beginning. The conjunction, as you will know, is a blending of

    sometimes dis-harmonious energies into a single, over-arching, energy, for the length of

    time that the aspect is in play. Of itself, it is neither constructive nor destructive,

    yet depends entirely on how we, as a society and as individuals, respond to it.

    As I see it, you are correct as far as it goes, that this could be a time to usher in

    either a a revolutionary new era (Aquarius) or a Huxleyan “brave new world”, and the

    combined energies of these three planets are capable of supporting either of these choices

    or anything in between. This is further enhanced by the semi-q\square to Pluto you

    mentioned, which puts this vast energy firmly into the realm of societal change of

    potentially historical significance. However, the semi-square can also herald a very

    temporary effect with probably long-lasting repercussions.

    But how does this affect us on an individual basis? As I understand it, the most immediate

    effects will be felt by those whose birth charts show an affinity for this type of energy.

    And again, as with societal responses, it depends entirely on whether our individual

    choices correspond to the societal paradigm for change. Do we, as a society or as

    individuals, become more rebellious, or do we simply accept the arguments and rationales of

    those who seek to control events and directions? Will we begin to truly change our society

    and our lives for the better, or will we lust walk off that cliff?

    How will this melding of energies play out? Only time, and our choices, will tell.

  2. a

    Hello Don,

    Thanks for dropping by and throwiing out some great lines to latch onto. I try to provide the big picture in most of my posts, because if I got granular, these little forays could go on for a very long time.

    So here is how I see it shaking out from the collective on down to the individual. With the Jupiterian/Neptunian/Aquarian energies at play we’ll see everything from maverick ideas, many of them technological, being implemented by the populace at large, tired of waiting for the gatekeepers to release the dribs and drabs of sophisticated technologies they’re currently sitting on. I also see more social movements heading in the direction of alternative communities, for the sake of shared resources, survival and simply being exhausted by the old economic paradigm, while being hesitant to enter into new ones that will be provided for us. I can easily forsee the formation of apocalyptic cults and communities as part of this splintering off from the dominant paradigm. Endtimes energies will be rampant. Perhaps this is one version of the cliff you are referring to.

    Individually, the obvious receivers of these forthcoming aspects would be signs that reflect the qualities of lateral thinking, flexibility, employ chaos as energy for opportunity, and willing to take risks in order to move to higher levels of novelty, complexity, creativity and imagination. Aquarius, Sag, Aries, Libra, Gemini and Pisces show up as signs that will be able to go with the flow slightly better than other signs. So wherever those signs and or amalgamation of planets, houses and angles appear in your own individual chart, that’s where the inspiration and genius will manifest. I see Leos really being challenged during this period as their natural inclinations to lead won’t be the correct response at every turn. Learning to surrender will play a large role in their life lessons. Cancers will have a tough go as they’ll be acclimating to the intesnity of Pluto in Capricorn and then they’ll to deal with the nutty, zealous, anarchic and visionary energy. Its not something that they are naturally responsive to. But I truly feel that people with Cancer heavily accented in their charts, or experiencing major transits in their fourth house or Cancer ruling house will definitely feel the pressure. Their role will be to hold a safe space inside of themselves for themselves and then anchor it for others.

    On a progressed level these new energies might be truly strange to some who are not accustomed to the intensity that they’ll experience. Here’s where it could get very weird. Imagine taking mushrooms for the very first time. It won’t be that extreme, but it will defitnitely cause people who are having progressed aspects impacted by this period to go through a major learning curve, very, very quickly. This could take many forms, from walking away from ones former life to going completely nuts, to finally feeling like a veil has been removed for the first time in their lives.

    I hope that this answers some of your really fine questions.


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