The Melting Economy Part 7 — Pluto In Capricorn Taps Pantheistic DNA, Triggers Eco-Meme, Entrains That Less Is More And Al Gore As Eco-Pope

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

GoracleBlessed be The Eco-Pope.

One of the things that I mention on a semi-frquent basis is the concept of memes. I use memes in the context of symbols, events, movements, etc that are inserted into the consensual reality matrix and then begin to take on a life of their own. They’re almost always distractions or run interference to some other event taking place. They are the forces of re-direction, employed by the dark wizards of social-engineering. The traditional meaning of a meme is simply an idea or behavior that is passed from one person to another and then the ideas take on a life of their own. The idea and term was coined by Richard Dawkins in his book from 1976, The Selfish Gene. He uses the word and concept as it relates to evolutionary principles that are critical to the survival of the species. One of the most potent memes circulating through our collective nervous system is “The Eco-Meme.”

First of all, we should all be in agreement that the environment and it’s status to support and nurture us is on the brink of no longer being able to do so in a way that promotes a homeostatic relationship to all living organisms, but what’s contributing to it and the call to alarm and response needs to be more thoroughly examined–especially in the light of Pluto’s advance towards Capricorn.

When Al Gore (moon 3 degrees Capricorn) was appointed The Eco-Pope after he rolled over like an obedient porch hound after the 2000 election, the most commonly held position that came from his award winning book, movie, etc, was a combination of global warming, green house gases, the end of petroleum, etc. The result being the gradient rise in temperatures across the planet, heating of oceans, melting of ice caps, etc. You know the drill. I am not going to devote a lot of time towards refuting the claims laid down by the man that invented the internets, there are other people out there who have done so if you choose to seek them out, but what I will look at is some of the real threats to the planets viability to sustain us and why “The Eco-Meme” was put into play, especially with Pluto in Cap staring down on us.

Perhaps you have heard the dire and deep tones of Campbell Scott lending his voice to ads that are being run by Chevron. He wrenches every single bit of emotion that he can to implore us to be more conservative and get by with less. Barack Obama has repeated this mantra this as well. The Eco-Meme is conjoined at the hip with what is happening with the financial markets, a perfectly timed collective movement that entrains people with the idea that having less is a good thing, a responsible act for the sake of the planet. Devoid of any type of religious iconography or tradition, it’s a perfectly formed secular faith that resonates with our pagan roots, twisted and burrowed, down in our DNA. We respond to The Eco-Meme because of our relationship to living and organic matter as well. We buy into it because it is essentially who were are by biological inheritance and proximity. We are nature. Pluto in Capricorn also supports the meme through it;s relationship of being connected to pantheistic traditions. The image of Pan, Baphomet and and Capriconius The Goat, are all part of an ancient Earth energy matrix. However, once the meme is inside of us, much like a virus, then conditioning begins to manifest and take shape.

We are being asked to live with less, do without for the sake of the planet, thrive in simplicity, have a lighter foot print etc, all while huge sums, unfathomable sums of money are just being sucked into a black hole, where on the other end, the rich and powerful feed their insatiable need for more and more. Can you begin to grasp the disparity? We are being asked to live lighter, conserve, do with less, because we are being subtly conditioned to do so, all because there will be less for many of us, but not for those that are pulling the levers of the meme-machine. They’ll have plenty, more than plenty and you and I are being asked to make sacrifices.

The years ahead in Pluto and capricorn will highlight this even more as the corporate state fuses with the government state and the whole concept of citizenry is replaced by conscious consumerism. That’s what will be asked of us–to be conscious consumers–not co-participants in a partnership of true self-governance and limited bureaucracy. The Eco-Meme is like an enzyme, breaking down our resistance so that we will have fewer objections to embracing that we don’t need cars that can travel over forty miles per hour, or live in concentrated urban zones where we can walk, bike or use vehicles with limited range, or willfully embrace a role in a socialistic caste where everyone is more or less the same, lapping up the scraps of what’s left for us after most of our capital has been sucked through that vortex. The Eco-Meme supports Pluto in Capricorn’s accumulation of power by the few, giving us a ferverent cause to believe in. That’s not to say that we don’t have environmental issues that are threatening our survival–we do–it’s just not the ones making the headlines. Little if any is said about the levels of depleted uranium circulating the planets atmosphere, with more and more accumulating each and every day (just wait until Uranus hits Aries and the truth about DU comes out). DU doesn’t go away either. It’s here for a very long time. Dead zones are proliferating in our oceans, killing off plankton and algae, organisms that are crucial to the delicate environmental balance. More and more of the rain forests are disappearing and with it, the planets lungs. Genetically modified foods threaten our very ability to digest and process their vitamins, minerals and nutrients, potentially altering our own DNA as a result, thus becoming genetically modified beings in the making. Chemtrails rain down on us and our children all across the planet and creepy X-File diseases like Morgellons are starting to plague millions. HAARP and other ionospheric heaters are cooking the atmosphere and as some even suggest, altering the weather. These are real and vital concerns that should be sounding a greater alarm than what is being promulgated through the soft Eco-Meme, but that’s not what is being shaped and supported to divert our attention and have us more willingly buy into a system where we will eagerly accept less than our share.

The irony of the illusion being perpetrated is that unfortunately, we might have to deal with less than we’ve ever had before, but it will have little to do with the programming being asserted. It will have more to do with the Marianas Trench-like gulf between the haves and the have-nots and the haves cleverly disguising the true shift in the balance of power, by propagating a green religion, replete with self-denial as a core component.

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