The Melting Economy Part 5 — Negative Pluto In Capricorn Icarnates As The Beast, Scorpio Joe And His VeriChip Off The Old Block

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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The New EconomyWho needs those pesky pay stubs?

Well after yesterdays post, some of you might be scratching your heads and saying to yourself, “What the hell is this guy talking about?” Soooooo, in order to cure your curiosity somewhat, I’m going to continue to plumb the depths of Capricorn ascending towards Pluto and why this is relevant and vital to understanding what type of transformation we are in the midst of.

If you haven’t already noticed, The US isn’t the only country that’s in deep sheep dip. As these things almost always do, they reveal themselves on a meta-level. The first country to be on the brink of bankruptcy is “Iceland.” Yes, “it’s just the tip of the iceberg” literally and metaphorically. England, Spain, Italy and Germany are scrambling to cover their own cash shortfalls, since their fall back currency is the dollar, which China’s newly minted class of billionaires have lost 1/3 of their wealth and stories are starting to appear of financiers killing themselves and their families, no doubt aware of the fact that they are ruined and they are more concerned with saving face than facing the music. These are troubling times. But it’s important to note that this is not simply endemic to The US, we are facing a crisis of global proportion unlike any of which we have ever witnessed.

Pluto in Capricorn can be ruthless and we are just beginning to see the unfeeling and calculated machinations of the alignment rearing it’s ugly head. When Bernanke and Paulson came to Congress and The Senate, their $750 billion bailout package consisted of a two-page-line item request. Once it was turned down, they quickly re-submitted a 450 document while exerting intense pressure through House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi to urge both sides to get it past, or declare martial law. The whole event is eerily reminiscent of what took place in the days and weeks that followed 911. After the dust of The Twin Towers was barely settled, The Bush Administration was ready and rarin’ to go with The Patriot Act, which, we found out later was already baked and ready to serve. The 450 page bill, a combination of The Fed’s over-cooked goose, filled with pork additives, seemed all too stuffed and seasoned with such little prep time, which suggests to me that while Bush was telling everyone in between episodes of Idol and the triumphant return of The Celtics that the economy is fine, they were busy in the kitchen, waiting for the oven to get hot enough to pull the dirty bird out of cold storage and say, “eat this or go hungry.” This is the coldly calculated aspect of Pluto in Capricorn. Very little happens by chance and those that are employing their imaginations towards the accumulation and increase of untold power and wealth are far from finished. Remember, Pluto in Capricorn is long range planning and power at all costs manifest. In essence, we are just seeing the beginning of something which has been in the works for quite some time as illustrated by Pluto in Capricorn, just begin to take shape.

Yesterday, I posited the scenario of what if you could be debt free but broke, but ultimately free and then start from zero? What if someone else came along and offered you the same deal, only they were going to promise you that everything would be fine, that you would never have to worry about something like this ever happening again? That everyone would have an equal stake in things and all would be taken care of. What if this offer was worldwide and tied along with it, a new form of global governance that eliminated the illusion of threat from our lives? And all you had to do was sign up for a new form of currency, one that would be backed by the aggregate wealth and resources of participating countries, by accepting a small, harmless, sub-dermal chip that would allow you to participate in this new digital economy? Sound far fetched? Here is of all people, Joe Biden, yep that Joe Biden dressing down Supreme Court nominee, now Chief Justice, John Roberts on the chip issue Wonder why Scorpio Joe is having this little one-on-one with Chief Justice Roberts? His son, Hunter is one of the three foundoing partners of Oldaker, Biden and Blair. Guess who one of their clients is? VeriChip, a division of Applied Digital. Guess what VeriChip does? They are the industry leader in implantable chips. This association was begun in 2005 and it’s now 2008. This is not some one night stand, by a long standing relationship with an obvious goal in mind, finding ways to introduce VeriChip to various lawmakers and establish a beach head in the beltway.

Pluto in Cap

One of the symbols that I have used before for Pluto in Capricorn is that of Baphomet, aka The Beast, as it appears in all of it’s goat teed glory. And as we all know, dear old Capricorn is as goat as it gets. One of the other names/codes/memes for the chip is also . . . envelope, please, “The Beast” an obvious reference to the mark of the beast and all of it’s biblical connotations. Will this come to pass? Will we be herded into the acceptance of a global currency based on either chip or smart card technology?

In the widely distributed internet movie, Zeigeist, the late Aaron Russo is interviewed in regards to his relationship with The Rockefeller family and the chip. In this brief, five-minute-clip from the movie, Russo reveals that this is the ultimate endgame. Astrologically, the negative manifestation of Capricorn in Pluto incarnates as “The Beast.”

Tomorrow, we’ll see that not all is doom and gloom when it comes to the goat’s ascendance.

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