The Melting Economy Part 4 — Saturn vs. Uranus, Newton vs. Einstein, The New Quantum Values

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

“The meek shall inherit the Earth, but not the mineral rights” J. Paul Getty

While “Anti-Mater” continues to charge and direct our attention, and Obama continues to evade the birth certificate issue as his team has struck back at the latest judicial ruling by issuing their own filing, all of this intrigue and subterfuge is flying around as Mercury continues it’s backwards dance. And then there’s “The Melting Economy,” heating up, getting even more vulcanized as Pluto draws nearer and nearer towards Capricorn, where it will reside for the next sixteen years. The government is rapidly mutating into a quasi-corporation with the bailout, Warren Buffett, front man for the uber-rich is now going in and buying up reduced shares of companies like GE and California at the behest of The Governator is also reaching out for a cool $7 billion. What is the collateral for this exchange of zeros and ones moving from one folder to another across the world wide web?

It’s me and you.

If you could have the choice of zeroing everything out, debt and assets alike and starting over, being free, without the shackles of indebtedness, would you do it? Would you have the courage and the fortitude to rebuild your existence and help others do the same? Or would you sacrifice the opportunity to emancipate yourself from debt, to continue to buy into a financial system that is going to ask more of you than it ever has before, with no promise or guarantee that it will get better anytime soon? These are questions that each of us are going to have to ask ourselves in the days, weeks and months ahead. This is the power of collective transformation that is operating in our lives at present. As Pluto shifts into Capricorn, opposing The US stellium in Cancer and the bleak forecast drives people deeper into fear and despair, we’ll witness the system collapsing around us. However, we will soon have an opportunity to begin to make bold leaps in our consciousness and understanding as spiritual beings having a material experience. Energy is energy and while it is manifesting in breakdown on the screen of consensus reality, it is popping up somewhere else as potential ready to be manifested in new forms of novelty, community and inter-relatedness.

In the last post, we looked at the opposition between Saturn and Uranus and how it reflects in the widening gyre of the McCain/Palin dynamic. It also has clues for us on the economic front as well

Saturn in Virgo represents our past tied to the material world in very pragmatic and conservative ways. It’s a banking system backed up by hard assets and metals, a world-view supported by Newtonian mechanism and Cartesian dialectic. It’s empirical and rational. Uranus in Pisces is radical dispersion, fractional reserve banking, relativistic macro-economics reinforced by Einsteinian physics, which helped give us the hell bomb and now it’s economic equivalent. These two are in conflict and what we’re seeing is the result of the struggle, in some ways between the spirit and the will. And yet . . .there is another option.

Werner Heisenberg introduced a new model of viewing the universe and perhaps, how the universe views us. Heisenberg’s “Uncertainty Principle” opened the door to the quantum universe, where particles can be waves and waves can be particles as we seem to be directing their manifestations merely by observing them in a laboratory setting . It’s a universe where particles blink in and out of time in space and can even influence one another, even existing in different parts of the universe. The quantum universe is filled with strange anomolies and rules that are constantly being challenged to be viewed as principles, not some cosmic gospel. This is the universe staring us right in our third eyes. It’s the alternative to the push me/pull you dynamic of Saturn/Virgo vs Uranus/Pisces, conservatism vs. relativism, security vs fear.

Imagine if you can a world where there is only perceived value attributed to zeros and ones and your so called life is dependent upon you believing that the zeros and ones are real. Then imagine, if you can, where real value is brought forth by how you relate to another, how you value your own dreams and visions and how committed you are to making them manifest and become real. Imagine a world where the majority of us are committed to that type of life force and creativity manifesting though us. What kind of world would we be able to create as a result? We’re talking about a spiritual economy for a quantum aware populace, ready to accountably co-create with the infinite force of the quantum universe. Are you ready to embrace such a positively charged reality? When the full force of Pluto exerts itself on the pull of Cancer in The US 8th house (death, resources, legacies, transformation) you may have only a brief period of time, both collectively and individually to make a choice. Where will you choose to reside? On the side of love, accountability, authenticity and infinite expansion or fear, confusion and conditional love and security, cleverly cloaked in hope and hype? Soon, we will all have to choose to cross our own personal Rubicons.

Once the choice is made, there will be no turning back.

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