The Melting Economy Part 3 — Mercury Retrograde, Revisiting Pluto in Cancer Circa 1776, and Helio In Chains

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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Aber LetterThe document that you see pictured here is a letter from Congressman, Neil Abercrombie, “representative” of the good people from The State of Hawaii. Since you probably can’t the fine print, let me extract the most important line from the letter.”I will vote not to bailout the people who committed massive fraud on the American public. Instead, I’ll vote to rescue the taxpayers from it’s consequences.” Rep. Abercrombie flipped his script to “yes” as did the majority of The House and The Senate amidst the fury and the furor of that same, American public. While the DC phone lines and servers nearly melted from outrage channeled via email, fax and phone call, the representatives of our public trust chose to ignore the rather vocal protest of the masses and reward those who committed “massive fraud” with a financial get out of jail free card. By passing this spending bill, those whose fingerprints are smeared on the bludgeoned body of capitalism are exonerated from their consciously manipulative gaming of the system at the expense of generations to come.

What makes this letter from Rep. Abercrombie so important and how does it relate to astrology?

Let’s go back in time, the year is 1776 and The United States is about to become a Republic on July 4th. As we were all taught in school, one of the key factors leading up to the rebellion of the colonies was the whole concept of “taxation without representation.” Sound familiar? You see Capricorn was in Pluto at the time the colonialists threw down against all the king’s men. Pluto in Capricorn represented a revolt by the masses in order to establish a government that would allow them to be “independent” and “free” from the dictates of the crown. It wasn’t a perfect model as we are now seeing it’s cracks and fissures in plain sight, but it was historic and monumental when it came to the evolution of consciousness on the planet. And it all happened when Pluto was transiting Capricorn as it is about to once again return to it’s same place in the sky in just little over a month.

I have focused in prior entries about the government becoming business and business becoming government under the influence of Pluto in Capricorn and we are all witness to that major shift now taking place. It’s not “We The People” any longer, it’s “We The Indebted.” Our voices are now on mute as The CEO consciousness in place is calling the shots–not you or me.

But as “The Corporatocracy” grows, Pluto will begin it’s epic opposition to The US Sun, Mercury Venus and Jupiter in Cancer and some very interesting things are going to take place. Imagine Pluto being a powerful magnet, sweeping across The US chart, pulling and tugging on those planets, activating long dormant energies. Cancer in those signs, in the 8th house of The US chart, represents self-reliance and interdependence, the death of the consumer and the ressurection of the individual. We are already seeing these long dormant attributes being awakened by the massive response against the bailout. As more and more controls, financial and quite possibly otherwise are exerted as a by-product of this version of the bailout and whatever future versions of a similar crisis take place, people are going to begin to explore what it is like to do things for themselves. In some cases they might have to if they choose not to agree with the coming decisions of the next CEO of The United States.

What does the activation of Cancer in The US chart look like?

People will have to forge sub-communities if they are not in agreement with direction that The US Inc is headed. Sub-communities that are focused on helping one another acheive a form of self-reliance, which could include everything from a barter economy, to finding ways of living off the grid, to growing ones own food and even ressurecting such lost arts as sewing, carpentry and canning. These are just some of the very domestic activities that are ruled by Cancer and highlighted by a populace that will be determined to retain whatever amount of autonomy is still available to them.

The implications of the bailout are staggering and beyond the comprehension of most people, when it comes to the sheer numbers, it’s so abstract that only the dark wizards of Wall Street, who have been playing with quantum figures for years can grasp the complexity of dollars to debt in a literal fashion. We are a now on a new path, in a dark and unfamiliar forest and we’ll have to rely on one another to get through the strange and alien landscapes we are about to traverse.

Helio CastronevesHelio just got the memo that the party is over.

As we have seen, there are usually meta-events that accompany such massive changes in the matrix and this time is no different. Our archetypal scapegoat (Capricorn again) of the moment is Helio Castroneves, who was just arrested and put in chains for tax evasion. Let me repeat that with emphasis PUT IN CHAINS for tax evasion. Castroneves (Venus and Saturn in Cancer) a race car driver by trade, won “Dancing With The Stars” and is clearly a very public symbol for the party being over. The Castroneves arrest neatly coincides with the bailout and the economic maelstrom, an overt message being sent, just in case we missed the subtext ourselves.

But whether it’s Helio’s incarceration, or the bailout itself, it’s all happened on the watch of Mercury Retrograde and we have all seen MR in action at one time or another in our lives. Compacts and contracts signed under MR usually fail at some point down the line.So rest assured restless public, that even though Bush has signed the bill, it will have trouble maintaining it’s legtimacy over the long haul, when the crab finally leaps out of the rapidly boiling pot and digs it’s claws into the ground it stands on.

4 thoughts on “The Melting Economy Part 3 — Mercury Retrograde, Revisiting Pluto in Cancer Circa 1776, and Helio In Chains”

  1. S
    Susan from California

    Does this mean that we will finally take back our government or form a new one? I am a Cancer with a Virgo rising and quite frankly, my skin is crawling right now. I don’t think I have ever been so riled up and anxious of politics. Obama terrifies me… I see nothing but a black aura around the man everytime I look at him.

  2. a

    You most likely have Uranus in your 7th house, which is pulling intensely on your asecendant, making you all kinds of nervous. Cancers crave stability and if Uranus is in your seventh house, you’ll also be experiencing erractic energy in relationships as well. Saturn is also likley in your first house as well, opposing Uranus. This opposition will be a major player on the night of the election, so what you are feeling is not only the intensity of this transit personally, but collectively as well.

    Double whammy.

    Take heart though, as the saying goes, “only the best students get the toughest assignments.”

    Go to the head of the class.

  3. S

    Funnily …I see blackholes of nothingness around bush chainey rice etc…all I see around Obama is an increasing grey cloud of emotional blackmail…

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