The Melting Economy Part 3 — Mercury Retrograde, Settling Inner Debt, Jiu-Jitsu For The Soul

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

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RedbeltA Metaphor For Our Time?

It’s fascinating theater to watch Mercury Retrograde at play during the big bailout. Libra is about balance and finding mutuality in all things. It is also the scales of justice, which represents the reckoning of debt, and the balance of acts and deeds.

In the mythopoetic realm, the scales are what awaits each of us as we pass from this world to the next as Peter stands at the gates of judgement, gently placing a feather on one side of the scale, and your soul on the the other. This is a metaphor for our time and place as our debt is not just what we owe China or Rockefeller or The Bank Of England, is a conglomerate ledger sheet of our actions and deeds in the world and with each other.

The outrageous demands that are being placed on the populace for the wreckless and conscious malfeasance of financial black magicians cannot be met by our own collective wealth, since The US has been off of the gold standard since the Nixon era, our ability to meet the demands of the debt and the scales of compensation is much more etheric. It comes down to questions like; What has The US as a nation wrought abroard? How much have we taken and given back? For each of us individually, what have we done as well? Do we take more than we give? Can our own personal value and self-worth be leveraged against the enormous mountains of nearly worthless green paper in the hands of foreign governments and investors? How are you stacking up internally against the credit and debits to your own soul? These are the questions that are paramount now for each of us as the scales of balance and justice are being brought into foreground for us to go through our own inner-audit as well.

So how do we impact the consensus reality that seems so incredibly abstract to each of us in our own ways of perceiving the world?

With the power of Mercury Retrograde and the fresh, new moon, it’s time to go back and re-trace what made you happy and joyous without the complexity of consumer credit and material crush that’s devoured many of us. Find what is simple in your life, what has value, what brings you back into your own internal sense of balance. If enough of us do this consciously, and then take the spirit of fairness, equality and justice out into the world, we can bend the dark curve back towards the light and impact how events unfold. No matter what the pre-destined arc of the stars might prognosticate, there is always the ability for each and every one of us to grow and unfold to higher levels of complexity and novelty.

I recently watched David Mamet’s latest film, Red Belt. it’s not perfect by any stretcth but stars one of my favorite new actors, Chitiwel Ejiiofor as Mike Terry, a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jistu, who teaches his students that there is no hold that you cannot get out of, that “there is always an escape.” Martial arts is a very Libran exercise as it almost always requires the other to be practiced and performed. MMA in it’s own way is also a very symbolic artform for our time, a no-holds-barred competition that features the viper-like grips and holds of The Gracie clan. The gloves are off.

In the time of Libra, when Mercury flies backwards in the sky, bringing your life into balance while seeking the key to forgiving your own inner debt will provide you with the moves you need to make in the days, weeks and months ahead.

2 thoughts on “The Melting Economy Part 3 — Mercury Retrograde, Settling Inner Debt, Jiu-Jitsu For The Soul”

  1. e

    thank you for your words, they are inspiring. i was thinkng about how i could return to the simple joys that once made me feel glad to be alive. without that there is nothing. for some of us, fighting the good fight here on earth with the reptilian power brokers seems like a daunting effort. good to know there are others out there who think like me. peace.

  2. a

    Thanks for stopping by Ellen. I really feel like the stage is set for our graduation into the next level of our human experience and the current reality is the test set before us, both individually and collectively. In Red Belt, there is a sub-theme that runs throughout the movie. Mike Terry, Ejiofor’s character uses a technique that the Japenese jiu jitsu masters would employ before a match. They would have three marbles in their closed hand. Two would be white, one would be black. One of the fighters would have to pick a marble. If he chose the white one, then the match would take place as scheduled. If he chose the black one however, he would be forced to endure some sort of limitation, such as one or both hands tied to his side, or perhaps even being blindfolded. But the masters would not generally employ such a technique if they did not feel that the student could rise to the challenge. We’ve pulled the black marble. Our struggle ultimately is with ourselves, our own doubts, fears and limitations, even ones that are “imposed” upon us. Keep the faith. It’s the one thing that will always be yours.

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