The Melting Economy Part 2 — Libra and Scorpio Conspiracy in Time, The US 12th House Of Secrets

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

Great DepressionI was going to look back at the so-called debate and attempt to make some sense of the affair through our astro-lens, but the economy seems to be much more pressing than how many times Obama said, “you’re right John” or how few times McCain actually looked at Obama. We’ll leave that behind for now and try to drill down into the muck and mire of the economy.

The first thing we’ll look at are the aspects for the first crash, “Black Monday” (10/28/29) as it is known. When the shit hit the fan and The Bankers called their margin loans all at once, forcing the hands of investors who couldn’t make good on the percentage loans that banking houses made available to fuel the market. It was like an apartment building on fire. The dirty little secret was that after the market was in rubble, the self-same bankers that called the margin loans, had pulled their money out months before the crash, then went quietly went back into the market where they basically bought millions of penny stocks, which would eventually rebound and helped make the likes of The Kennedys, Rockefellers, Morgans, Mellons and Rothschilds titans of The 20th century. It is a fact that Winston Churchill sat in the rafters of The NYSE where Bernard Baruch told him to watch the crash on cue.

When it all broke down, The Sun was in Scorpio. Mercury in Libra, Venus in Libra and Mars in Scorpio. Fast forward to 9/29/08, today, this Monday and The Sun is in Libra, Mercury in Libra, Venus in Scorpio, while Mars is about to leave Libra and will enter Scorpio on the 5th of November. The same planetary elements, a combination of Libra and Scorpio will be at play within the next ten days, ironically, the second Black Monday occurred on 10/19/87, again with many of the same Libra/Scorpio aspects in place.

Mars in Scorpio is critcal as it will transit the 12th house of The US chart, where cladestine activities, Machiavellian machinations and backroom deals get done. Mars in Scorpio is dramatic and driven in it’s quest for domination and a controlled acquisition of power. As I have tried to illustrate earlier in the post about what a prominent role astrology has played, in not just The Reagan White House, but reaching back into court of Queen Elizabeth The First and her relationship with astrologer/magus/spy, John Dee, the cycles of major events seem to be tied to and planned around key astrological aspects. One doesn’t have to believe in astrology in order to understand this, but simply acknowledge the fact that those in power, do as part of their own matrix of shaping consenual reality.

The controversial researcher/speaker, David Icke has done a lot of work on astrology, symbolism and cycles as it relates to events on the world stage. His deconstruction of Princess Diana’s death and how it relates to The Moon, where she died, and her own Sun sign Cancer is provocative to say the least. If those in power not only take astrology seriously, but even incorporate it into their plans and decision making process, then waiting until similar condtions that existed during the 1929 crash, especiall the powerful presence of Mars in Scorpio in The US chart would make total sense.

While the roar of the debate to bailout or simply bail goes on, quietly, below the radar, on October 1st, The 3rd Infantry, “the most blooded” of the units in Iraq will be deployed for action in The US. It’s the first time in the history of this country, outside of the national emergency that brought them to the streets of New Orleans, that American troops will occupy US soil.The question is why?Does the coming transit of Mars in Scorpio in The US 12th house not only augur massive financial change, but also possibly social unrest as a result and the means to deal with it is being put into place as I type? Are we on the cusp of a monumnetal crash beyond our most morbid fears?In the next few weeks, we’ll know more about the future than at any other time in recent memory and insight into revelations of the years to come, might be more startling and alarming than even the most prepared might be able to forecast and respond to.

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