The Melting Economy Part 11 — Headlines From The Frontlines Of Pluto In Capricorn & The Rise Of Monolithic Culture

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

10224_pyramids1main1.jpgThe proposed Dubai Pyramid, dwarfs Giza, a symbol of the rise of mono culture

In lieu of some mega-post, I simply wanted to make a quick laundry list of a number of early Pluto in Capricorn events with links that I think are valuable to look at an understand as the sub-textual underpinnings of the inherent movement in Pluto/Cap towards the ascent of the corporatocracy. If you are new here, I use that term frequently and pun not intended, liberally. In my definition of the word, it is a fusion of governance and business interests that has, at it’s core a mono cultural imperative.

It’s ironic that the term diversity is championed and vigorously encouraged, from curriculum to social programs, and yet, what we are and will be witnessing is less and less diversity in the private sector, as the big fishes swallow the little fishes. The most recent example of this trend taking place is in the banking industry where the big banks that were on the ropes because they were greedy and made millions of horrible loans during the housing bubble and got bailed out, are now buying other banks with that money and not releasing it into the private sector where it could be theoretically capitalized and stimulated. As a result, we’ll see at the most, 2-3 major banks, maybe the big one or big two in the auto industry and so on.

Best Buy just recently saw the decimation of the it’s competition with the demise of The Good Guys and Circuit City is hanging onto it’s survival by a fiber optic thread. So in the home entertainment market, Best Buy will in some cases, be the only buy. Part of the mono-tization of Pluto in Capricorn will simply be the result of attrition, while others examples will be much more machiavellian.

I recently had a conversation with good friend, a person who has undergone some serious, personal tragedy over the course of their life and as a result, was forced to develop some potent inner vision as a survival mechanism and we discuss the state of affairs frequently. Our last conversation touched on Argentina and how what happened to them in the eighties/nineties is now taking place, right here. John Perkins, Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man , a guy on the inside, has also come to this very same conclusion. The assimilation into social mono-tonomy (moneytonomy) is in some ways tied up into the unfettered, free-market capitalistic model, where the ultimate goal is not innovation through competition, it is domination of the marketplace, crushing any and all competition.

Is socialism the bromide for such a bitter diet of inequity served in increasingly obscene portions? I don’t think so–at least not here in The United States. While I would never compare us to the few remaining wild and untamed appaloosas that can be seen at times throughout the west, we have been indoctrinated, for better or worse with the concept that “we are free.” We were also turned into fat and unhappy consumers, versus accountable citizens and together, this is a very bad combination, creating a society of mostly complacent and insulated people with the assumption that because they live in The USA, they are free. When the curtain is pulled back and people will have both their creature comforts and their freedom curtailed by a more socialistic model, I don’t think they’ll be that complacent for much longer. In essence, despite the fact that we are already for the most part, living in a socialist paradigm, relatively cheap money and loose credit have kept socialism mostly in the background. But when it disappears, it will rapidly surface.

I have written about this before as part of “The Melting Economy” series and Barack Obama has already stated that he will create a new, uber, WPA style program and put Americans back to work. He will save the day at the expense of the private sector and the upward mobility we’ve seen in The USA will grind to a halt. People will be able to choose from either the new social economy of Obama’s great work, or join the military in order to put food on the table. How will americans respond to these alternatives? If it comes down to eating or putting on a green jump suit and working at wind farm for minimum wage, will americans say, “gimme the jumpsuit,” or have we been so conditioned to the fact that not just freedom, but the economic freedom to pursue our own livelihood, will be curtailed? Will having our options limited and choices narrowed will be an anathema to us, despite the efforts to re-direct us from such natural expectations? In essence, is the water getting too hot? This is why I don’t think a bare naked model of socialism as it relates to a mono expression of the corporatocracy can be successful here–it’s just not a part of our collective DNA.

So here is a linked list of recent headlines with a brief description of the earliest signs and manifestations of Pluto in Capricorn:


Only Safe Brains Can Travel.
A disturbing look at new trend of airport security that will incorporate brain scans as a means to determine who can fly or not. Remember that little rant by Joe Biden when he vetted John Roberts about having to rule on chips and brain scans?

Swat Team Raids Family Who Started A Private Food CO-OP
This goes back to my post on “Thrival” and how one of the things that people can do to live better during the hard energies of Pluto in Cap was to create community arks and local co-ops, buying in bulk. Well apparently, that’s not encouraged. Heavy handed tactics were employed to promote fear.

The Rise Of Cyborg Armies, Conscience Free Mercenary Enforcers
Terminator isn’t just a movie anymore.

Liberals Voice Concerns Over Obama
You’ll hear more and more griping from the hard left as Obama moves closer and closer to a centrist government that will look a lot like The Clinton/Bush model.

Obama Announces Massive Public Works Program
This is what I was referring to earlier in this post, the creation of the capital/socialist state, the bureaucratic assemblage of the corporatocracy.

That’s all from the frontlines of Pluto in Capricorn . . . for now.

3 thoughts on “The Melting Economy Part 11 — Headlines From The Frontlines Of Pluto In Capricorn & The Rise Of Monolithic Culture”

  1. T

    Robert (please excuse if I sound cranky but I’m struggling with a heavy triple-sneeze-type cold -US germs don’t like Brits- and I’m feeling generally grumpy!)

    You feel that socialism , or any part of it, isn’t in the American DNA? I’d have to respond that it’s time for Americans to get real – and quickly! They have enjoyed the feast, it’s time to deal with the famine – and quite honestly, dealing with famine isn’t that bad, if people pull together. If they keep insisting on having what they consider to be “their freedom” in the way that spoiled children demand candy, they’ll end up losing their lives – literally.

    I’m speaking as one of the older generation who grew up in war-torn England, and in the lean years that followed, with absolutely everything (and I do mean everything) rationed, by government order. People managed and came out the other end all the stronger, and healthier, for the deprivations. This time around it’s not the Nazis and Japanese who brought it upon us, but our own greed and perception of a freedom to do whatever we felt like and buy whatever we craved. It isn’t possible to live like that for long, there’s an accounting, and it’s here.
    Americans will have to adjust, it’s past time.

    I’m not anti-American, but I do feel that there’s a need for many of them to grow up, grow some balls, and stop being so damned paranoid. (I’m not aiming this at you, Robert – you are reporting only !)

  2. a

    Hi Twilight,

    Sorry to hear about your heavy, triple-sneeze-type cold. A nice, warm, saline, nasal douche can do wonders for that. I actuallu use tea tree oil in my sinuses to keep them clear of any microbes and viruses–works extremely well.

    My view of reality is one that is heavily influenced by coldly calculated and often extreme, social engineering. I don’t think that things “just happen” through general malfeasance and the abject stupidity we often display. No, I believe that people in power crave more power and as a result, want to subjugate those with less power. For me, socialism places a codified lid on behavior and activity. It’s a cozy, Huxleyian, Brave New World model that is a manufactured leveler to bring the masses in order by tamping down the economic prosperity that would enable upward mobility and threaten the haves and their hold on power.

    In essence, socialism is just another tool to rule the masses, just as free market capitalism is/was.

    The failure of capitalism was unchecked greed and the seduction of the citizen to become a consumer versus an active participant in our schools, government and community. Capitalism failed because we got lazy. So perhaps socialism is the best model for a lazy society and while we have to do with less for the good of the whole, those at the top aren’t dealing with less–trust me. They in fact are now dealing with obscenely more as a result of us having less. The recent bailout is just the latest example.

    When I say it is not in our DNA, it’s because people have been led to believe in the illusion that we are free, America stands for freedom, etc. and people have bought into this fable at a cellular level. This is why naked socialism will not play here, despite the outward trappings of maturity that such system offers.

    I have faith that we are free, but this freedom is our cosmic birthright that no government or system, whether it is capitalism or any other “ism” can bestow upon us.

    It simply is.

    I am much more inclined to look towards Native American and other indigenous models of social order if I have to choose any.

    I have learned a great deal from Alinsky and one of the things that really stands out for me is his unwillingness to conform or mediate his values to fit in with the dominant paradigm to the extent that he and his rules would be subsumed. Alinky’s model of adaptation, of wearing suits and ties versus jeans and sandals was a cover and at the core, the mission and philosophy of rules was unchanged. He was clear that the dominant paradigm would ultimately conform to his worldview and not vice versa. While I think this borders on the facistic, I do respect the application of will that Alinksy used without deviation. Pir Vilayat, the Sufi master also conveyed a similar perspective years ago in a workshop I attended. I never forgot what he said and in the light of my understanding of Alinsky, et al, I am anchoring my faith, unequivocally in the prospect of an immediate and transcendant reality that is in the process of interpenetrating the one we currently inhabit.

    It is my perspective that we are ready to reclaim our positions as capable and multi-dimensional stewards of this domain.

    From emails that I get, I am heartened by the fact that I am not alone in this rather abstract position. 🙂

    I would ask you and others like you, dreamers, holders of potential, transformers, what would our world look like if we had the faith to anchor the very power of creation in every thought, act and intention? What would our world look like if we dropped labels and “isms” and the artificial demarcations that we all engage in? What if we did those things and did them without anyone telling us it was the right or only thing to do?

    I’ll leave that one open ended.

  3. k

    Enjoyed Both comments here. It seems we are coming back to balance, we can either do it in a very scary manner or in a spiritual manner, but the cycle is ending and balance is in order.

    What a fascinating question you ask Robert “What would our world look like if we had the faith to anchor the very power of creation in every thought” The interesting thing is We already have the answer… We are seeing the world we have indeed created, unfortunately we haven’t been paying attention, or aware that it was our thoughts and beliefs (told to us by the powers that be) all along creating… Now it is time to wake up and consciously create our future.

    Let the Balancing begin, but this time with our awareness, our conscious actions.

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