The Melting Economy Part 10 — The Venus Project Trine Jupiter In Aquarius, Welcome To The Future

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

FrescoDoes this man hold the key to our future?

As the final days of Libra fly off of our Gregorian calendars, I want to re-visit the economy, especially following up on my post regarding Jupiter’s forthcoming arrival into the sign of Aquarius and how that relates to The US chart.

As the goddess of beauty and the scales of justice wheel across the heavens, I became aware of something called The Venus Project for the very first time. The Venus Project is a visionary, grand scale transformational undertaking that involves our entire infrastructure, from resources, to transportation, to economy, to esthetics, to energy. to living spaces, to even ultimately, space travel. It’s the breathtaking concept of designer Jacque Fresco.

Fresco has been literally working on The Venus Project his entire life, whether directly or indirectly. He has studied everything from the economy and high-tech, to economics and his conclusions are the visions of The Venus Project. His model for the planet is the ultimate in sustainability, working in concert with the elements and energy sources in new and profound ways. Supporting Fresco’s findings that the current version of capitalism is not only a closed loop endgame that is rapidly drawing to a close, but a system that has specific rules of engagement as a result of it’s spoken and unspoken bylaws. Fresco notes that under capitalism, we will always be pitted against one another and that competition leads to totalitarian control of markets and economies. Unbridled, the current model does not support innovation and efficiency. Taken to the extreme, the only thing that matters is the bottom line and as we are currently witnessing in the melting global economy, those that have been running this model at a high level have done everything in their power to feed their bottom line at the peril of all else, including pensions, 401K plans and even the very resources that you and I take for granted, like public water and open space. Realizing this, Fresco understood that the real culture shifters are neither the politicians or the bankers, the ones that can bring long lasting and sustainable change are the technicians of the planet. Only the geek squad has the real power to make any vital and meaningful dent in how we live our lives.

Empowered by such knowledge, Fresco has set out to create a totally interdependent eco-system that not only uses groundbreaking materials to build and construct with, intelligent design, burrowing living structures partially into the earth where they can retain heat or cool themselves much easier, but views the economy in terms of being resource based, meaning that the only thing of value, the only thing of true worth in Fresco’s emergent reality is what we can tap, extract, harness and channel from the planet by any number of means, from highly efficient solar, to geo-thermal, to radical new forms of tapping into zero point.

Venus one

In Fresco’s world, the need for all of the various markets and jobs associated with those markets would vanish with that type of broad scale energy available to all. Freed from the burden of having to work in professions such as marketing, law, accounting etc, which currently support their current economic model in vast numbers, people would then learn new skills, have new goals to attain and work towards even more creativity and imagination being unleashed into the world. In other words, it’s so Libran, so Venus, where we are rewarded for esthetic and kinesthetic participation in the creation of our society. In Fresco’s world, everyone is an artist adding their newly acquired creative license onto the evolving re-design of our world.

While some may not fully agree with how the world will look based on some of Fresco’s designs, which strike me a little of how the future was going to look back in sixties and seventies, in some ways, it doesn’t matter. Fresco’s designs are simply the fluid blueprints of a much larger order at work and as he is clearly stating on his website, this order has very little to do with any pre-fabricated version waiting to be hatched at the moment of our carefully engineered economic demise. Here is what Fresco has to say in regards to a new, organic and internally arrived at order:


“We must emphasize that this approach to global governance has nothing whatever in common with the present aims of an elite to form a world government with themselves and large corporations at the helm, and the vast majority of the world’s population subservient to them. Our vision of globalization empowers each and every person on the planet to be the best they can be, not to live in abject subjugation to a corporate governing body. “

This is resource based democracy, liberating the vast majority of the public from their yoke of survival, calling forth a new way of interacting with the planet, sentient life forms and even in-organic elements. Fresco’s vision thoroughly embraces the qualities of Libra/Venus through esthetically enhanced design, citizen as participant/artist, true equality for all, and a relationship based on equilibrium with the elements and our environment. In Fresco’s vision of the world, we live in balance with one another and the planet. What can be more Libran or Venusian than that?

So is The Venus Project merely a pretty abstraction, a gilded vision that has no basis in reality? Is it merely the vanity project of a man that wants to somehow be immortalized? Or is it the seed of possibility that we all need to begin to hold within ourselves, nurturing a portion of it each and every day in our own lives? And even if “we the people” decided that The Venus Project is our last, best hope, would the powers that be submit so easily to it’s egalitarian structure and implementation? Ownership takes on a whole new meaning in Fresco’s world and the old model is antiquated in a world where possessions no longer adhere to the current rules of economic gravity.

When Jupiter moves into Aquarius in January of 2009, the window of opportunity for Fresco’s Venus Project and others like them will have arrived. To make these dreams and visions real, and manifest, we must commit to them, employing the transformational and long range planning energy of Pluto in Capricorn in our favor. While Pluto in Cap augers a time of intense power exchange between governments and corporations, it does not exist in a vacuum. solely to serve the rising corporacratic agenda. We can also get tough, wise, and plan for the future we want, not what’s given to us.

In name alone, The Venus Project is trine Jupiter in Aquarius and as Jupiter moves into The US third house of ideas and communication, we will be abuzz with visionary solutions to the world we live in and where we want to take it.

What do you deem important and how do you want to CREATE YOUR life? Are you willing to be your own best agent of change? Do you have the audacity to not just “hope” but put your dreams into action? Do you have the courage and love to do it in the face of a discouraging dominant paradigm who wants to do it for you?

The rest is up to you.
Venus 3

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    what is the best way to unite with other visionaries to share information, reasources and technology, and begin creating the future we want now?

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    I think you have to follow whatever inspires you and let it be a beacon to others so that whomever else is inspired in kind can reflect, support and potentially join you, or you in turn respond to another’s vision that resounds with your own.

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