The Lunar Eclipse Takedown, The Fall Of Flynn & The Rise Of Jared Kushner (and his rectified chart)

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Robert Phoenix

Robert Phoenix

journalist, blogger, interviewer, astrologer & psychic medium

161117201720-02-michael-flynn-1117-exlarge-169Monday, Presidents day will mark the first thirty days in the Trump presidency and they have been unlike any other thirty days we’ve ever witnessed.

The eclipse that just passed was on Donald Trump’s ascendant (Leo) where his Mars in Leo also resides. The simple, astrological math is that Mars is action, will, violence and war. Trump’s love of veterans and law enforcement can be seen with Mars on the ASC. This eclipse however brought darkness to that area of his chart with the resignation of Michael Flynn from his cabinet, a resignation that Trump accepted, amidst chatter and voices on the wind who thought he should have rejected it.

Eclipsing the energy of Mars, the shadowy Moon leads us to uneasy questions ranging from leaks inside the White House, to whether or not Flynn was set up, to if Trump has been castrated by the deep state. In the shadow of the Moon, there are no clear answers save the resignation of one man’s official relationship with the country he has served.

It’s difficult to track any astrological info on Flynn. He was born in December of 1958 and that’s all we really know. He’s likely a Sag going through his second Saturn return and Saturn brought the clampdown. Contacting the Russian envoy, Flynn discussed the lifting of sanctions with Russia. While he had some bizarre compulsion about going to war with Iran, he was clearly on the side of cooperation with the Russians. This is a direct conflict now with the US’s and Trump’s stated position that the Russians need to give Crimea back to the fascists in Ukraine. The Ukrainian revolution was conceived and funded by the Neocons in the USA, with Victoria Nuland leading the charge. Trump’s stance on Ukraine is a clear sign that the Neocons are now fully in charge of the Trump presidency and calling the shots, while the Neolibs are doing everything in their power, 24/7 to take down Trump. Michael Moore has been tweeting that Trump should be arrested and Hillary Clinton installed as the new president. What universe are we living in?

In earlier posts, I have made references to the Kennedy timeline and the recent events surrounding Trump confer this even more. Kennedy’s downfall was the collection of enemies and rivals that turned against him, these ranged from the mafia, to LBJ, to Israel and lastly, the CIA. It was all of the above which staged a coup on 11/22/63 and has been running the country ever since. Embedded in that coup of course was the Bush crime family, who have not been idle in the days after the election.

Trump ousted former CIA head John Brennan, not only an ally of Obama, but also a Muslim, having converted during his time in the Obama administration. It was Flynn, who opposed and ultimately won out over Obama over ISIS strategy, which basically was to stop helping ISIS in their effort to overthrow Assad and take Syria in a regime change.

Flynn was in the process of taking back intelligence and bringing it into the White House, instead of having the power solely rest with the directors of the deep state at the CIA, NSA, and entrenched pockets of the state department. This was similar to what Kennedy attempted to do. It cost Kennedy his life, Flynn his position and one of the few voices of independence inside the White House.

Flynn was one of Trump’s truly mots trustworthy aides, and one of the few people that managed to survive Jared Kushner’s purge of Trump’s original cabinet choices (more on Kushner later). He is a master of game theory, a seasoned vet that understands the labyrinthine political and tribal structure of the Middle East and now he’s gone and in his wake, the left smells blood in the water.

Like clockwork, they will go after Trump’s foot soldiers, one-by-by-one, denigrating them, humiliating them, harassing them and even suing them if needed. Next on their hit list is Kelly Anne Conway. Conway, the feisty Aquarian (1/20) has defended Trump like a blonde pit bull. The media and the left is doing everything in their power to discredit her. Steve Bannon is right behind her. The color revolution (Purple) is very much on.

kushnerSitting right next to Trump is his son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Kushner might be the most powerful millennial on the planet. Without his birth time, it’s difficult to cast a chart for him, but if I had to guess his ascendant, it would be Gemini (see below for rectified chart). Kushner is a Capricorn Sun and his softer, metrosexual vibe doesn’t match up with Cap’s often earthy and craggy physicality. He has the sort of youthful puckish look that Gemini rising sports and most importantly, the first house is where Trump’s Sun, Uranus and TN reside. Gemini is the sign of duality and as such has connections with the world of spy craft. There are rumors that Kushner doubles as an agent for the Mossad, has connections with Chabad Lubavitcher, a very powerful, orthodox sect inside Judaism that is deeply devoted to the Jewish people, culture and the sustenance of Israel as a nation state. In 2006, Chabad became more or less allied with Zionism in a statement that bridged the political gulf between the two. Kushner has donated over $300,000 to Chabad.. While it appears on the surface to be a spiritually based charity/community center, Chabad Lubavitcher is much more than that, its an organized that network of deep influencers and perhaps even darker ministrations. Brian Davis’s piece on CL at Henry sheds some light on this shadowy organization.

If we put Gemini on Kushner’s ASC, that puts Taurus in his 12th House, where his father, Charles Kushner’s Sun in Taurus would reside. Kushner the senior was arrested, tried and convicted on a number of charges ranging from income tax evasion to tampering with witnesses, to bribing political figures. He spent two years between a Fed prison camp and a halfway house under surveillance. That would place natal Chiron in Kushner’s 12th where the shame of Chiron secretly resides. His father’s Sun in the 12th would surely fit Kushner’s chart in that institutional regard.

While Ivanka Trump is a Scorpio, she has both the Moon and Venus in Sag, which would place it in Jared Kushner’s 7th House of relationship. This would fit the profile of the partner for a Gemini rising.
With Gemini on the ASC, it puts Kushner’s Sun and Mercury into the 8th house, where he assumes a power behind the scenes role in the Trump admin. His Moon in placid Pisces in the 10th house symbolizes the fluid and mysterious role he plays and is portrayed, outwardly to the world. Who is he? What does he do? Etc.. With Mars in the 9th, we see strong, ideological ties to other countries and governments.

How does this play out in Donald Trump’s chart?

With Kushner’s TN in Leo at 10 degrees, it sits in the deep zone of trump’s 12th house EXACTLY on Trump’s Pluto in Leo also at 10 degrees. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, I would submit to you, that the real president of the U.S. is likely Jared Kushner. If indeed this is even remotely the case, then I seriously doubt that Donald Trump will be impeached, because the removal of Trump would also likely mean the removal of Kushner and too many powerful and rich people have too much invested in Kushner’s eyes and ears. The most likely scenario is that Trump will continue to get more and more diluted until this looks like for all intents and purposes another Necoon driven White House, not too unlike that of the Bushes, especially Bush II. If that doesn’t occur and the media’s dogs aren’t called off, then we will likely have a bloody revolution on our hands.

Back to Kushner and his chart. Transiting Pluto is getting very close to his natal Sun in Capricorn at 20 degrees. This could mean an intense infusion of power and control, or it could wipe him out as such in the nature of Pluto. In late January, it was revealed that George Soros has real estate holdings with Jared and his brother Jordan in a company called, Cadre, in which Soros invested over $200,000. While it might shock most people that are hung up on concepts like loyalty, fairness, and scruples, it comes as little surprise to those of us that have seen the world through those special sunglasses. George Soros, Jewish, sold his own people out during the war. There are no allegiances when it comes to money, capital and partnership.

. Jared Kushner is not only the most powerful millennial on the planet, he might be the most powerful person sitting inside the oval office.


7 thoughts on “The Lunar Eclipse Takedown, The Fall Of Flynn & The Rise Of Jared Kushner (and his rectified chart)”

  1. S

    Can you elaborate on Soros “selling out his own people”? He was 9 years old when the war started and 14 when it ended, a child.

  2. p

    WOW mililoho – someone else knows about human design! nice!

    another view on the masterful orchestration of the choir boys…

    a snip: Even before Flynn’s fall, Russian analysts had been avidly discussing whether President Trump is the new Viktor Yanukovych — who failed to stop a color revolution at his doorstep. The Made in USA color revolution by the axis of Deep State neocons, Democratic neoliberalcons and corporate media will be pursued, relentlessly, 24/7. But more than Yanukovych, Trump might actually be remixing Little Helmsman Deng Xiaoping: “crossing the river while feeling the stones”. Rather, crossing the swamp while feeling the crocs.

    Flynn out may be interpreted as a Trump tactical retreat. After all Flynn may be back — in the shade, much as Roger Stone. If current deputy national security advisor K T McFarland gets the top job – which is what powerful Trump backers are aiming at – the shadowplay Kissinger balance of power, in its 21st century remix, is even strengthened; after all McFarland is a Kissinger asset.

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    1. a

      Doesn’t have the hair or flamboyance of Leo Rising. Very secretive, but also doesn’t have Scorpio Rising vibe either (though I wouldn’t rule it out). I might go for Libra or maybe even Pisces if not Gem.

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